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Leather Knife Roll – A Guide to Buying this Chef’s Essential

Leather knife rolls have been a staple of the chef’s kitchen for decades.  The rolls are designed to function as a protective means of storage and transportation. A knife roll is a must have for any culinary kitchen.

Leather knife rolls serve to protect those items contained within. The knives are held snug in place so that when transported, they will not be able to bang and rub against one another.  Various styles of knife rolls also feature additional compartments for those much needed non-blade accessories.

When shopping for a knife roll, there are several areas to keep in mind.  Knife rolls vary in the number of knives they can accommodate and are made from different types of materials.


What is a Leather Knife Roll?

Much as the dog is man’s best friend, the same can be said when it comes to a chef and their knives.  With knives being the most prized tool a chef can have, they must be kept in pristine shape.

Leather knife rolls are the perfect addition to any kitchen in that they provide the knives that much need protection.  A knife roll can offer to:

  • Protect the knives encased within
  • Can offer a great money value
  • Lets others know just how serious of a chef you are
  • Age well and are long-lasting.


Leather Knife Roll - Liberty Leather Goods

Leather Knife Roll

Other Names for a Leather Knife Roll

Leather knife rolls are sold and marketed anywhere that you may find top-quality kitchenware.  When searching for a leather knife roll, many stores also refer to them as either a leather knife bag or a chef satchel.  The concept is the same, it is just that some have a different reference name attached.


Types of Leather Knife Rolls

Leather Pocket Knife Roll

These types of leather knife rolls are constructed with the storage of pocket knives in mind.  Typically containing 5 slots to securely hold the pocket knives and more square than long and narrow as a leather knife roll for kitchen knives.


Custom Leather Knife Roll

Some manufacturers offer the ability to customize your leather knife roll.  This customization may include more slots, fewer slots, or even broader and narrower slots.  Leatherworking may be included on the exterior or specialized decorative embossing.


Leather Knife Roll Made in the USA

Several companies offer leather knife rolls that have been certified to have been made in the USA.  These rolls are typically constructed of US farmed full and top grain high-quality leather.


Chef’s Leather Knife Roll

Made with the chef in mind, this type of leather knife roll is constructed so that the knives each have their own slot and remain in that slot.  There is plenty of room to accommodate any blade that the chef needs to have with them and close by.


Custom Leather Chef Knife Roll

A leather chef knife roll can be custom crafted to the chef’s specifications.  There may be a need for more or fewer knife slots, or even slots that are narrower or wider.  Whatever the case may be, the chef has the option of having one custom made to their needs.

Here is a close up look at a Full Grain Top Leather Dalstrong Vagabond Knife Roll



Japanese Knife Bag

Typically, this type of knife bag is not constructed from leather but from cotton.  The principle is the same, though, with several interior slots to hold the knives.


Leather Chef Bag

Typically fashioned in the same style as the leather knife roll, the leather chef bag is usually slightly larger and longer and accommodates several more knives.  Many are made to hold up to nine blades at once.


Leather Chef Knife Backpack

The leather chef knife backpack is the ultimate in mobile options for knives.  Because these types of packs are constructed with up to 30+ pockets for both knives and various kitchen utensils, they are constructed to be very sturdy and durable.


Chef Apron with Knife Holder

Chefs have an apron option that will accommodate and hold their knives, keeping them handy and close at hand.  With the apron constructed in the traditional manner of aprons, there is the additional convenience of a piece of leather with several slots that will hold the most essential knives that may be needed.


Chef Knife Bag India

These chef knife bags are constructed in much the same manner as the other bags listed here; only they are constructed in the country of India.


Boldric Leather Messenger Knife Bag

The Boldric leather messenger knife bag is designed and constructed with the modern chef in mind. The company touts that their product is “made to take you from the kitchen to the boardroom.”  This bag is excellent for those chefs that commute a lot or travel often.


The leather chef knife backpack is the ultimate in mobile options for knives.



Custom Leather Knife Bag

Although leather knife bags are available in multiple styles and sizes, there are still those who wish to tweak the knife bag’s design to suit their needs.  This reason is why some manufacturers offer their items customizable.


Personalized Knife Roll

Many styles of knife rolls can be personalized.  This personalization can include anything from embossing to placement of a metal tag to even leatherworking.


Custom Knife Bags for Chefs

Many chefs may find that the knife rolls they see for sale are either too big or not big enough.  For this reason, many manufacturers offer the ability to order their knife rolls customized to meet the individual chef’s needs.


Single Knife Roll

Many chefs prefer to keep their best knife separated from the rest.  This desire for separation is where a single knife roll can be a superb choice. The knife will nestle into the available slot and will have its own storage space.


Canvas and Leather Chef Apron

This apron keeps knives close at hand with its construction of washed canvas for the apron portion and leather waist and cross back straps, and its leather lap and utility pocket.


Here is a great leather knife bag with shoulder strap that is excellent for travel:


What to Look for in a Leather Knife Roll?

When looking into purchasing a leather knife roll, a few areas should be kept in mind.  When beginning your search, keep in mind to look for:

  • Style
  • Quality
  • Material
  • Compartments for your knives.

Along with these areas, there are a few other things to keep in mind as well.

  • Size and Capacity — not only do you want the roll to have enough space to hold your knives, but you will want some extra space to keep any other items you may wish to include.
  • Material — when it comes to the material for a knife roll, leather is hands down the best and preferred.  Leather is sturdy, well constructed, and stand the test of time.
  • Accessories — items such as clips, snaps, hook-loop fasteners, and zippers can prove to be vital in holding and removing your knives.
  • Price — a quality knife roll is an investment, and as such, be prepared to pay a bit for the one you purchase. Cost is typically based on the number of knives it carries, the material it is constructed from, any additional compartments, and the bag/roll/backpack’s overall style.


Popular Brands of Leather Knife Rolls

Wusthof Knife RollThe Wusthof knife roll is available in nylon with the capacity of either 8 or 12 knives.  It features a Velcro closure, with additional outside pockets for those items such as pens or small accessories.
Boldric Leather Messenger Knife BagThe Boldric leather messenger knife bag is the choice for those chef’s that commute or travel often.  For those individuals who find they need more than just a tool kit, the padded interior offers a unique compartment that is zippered.
Aaron Leather Goods Knife RollAaron leather goods offer a variety of knife rolls in various colors.  Each knife roll feathers top quality leather, a shoulder strap, and a handle.
Proper Apron Company Knife RollNot only does Proper Apron Company offer a knife roll that is guaranteed to lengthen the life span of your knives, but their rolls also provide easy portability in a stylish head-turning case.
Jende Knife RollJende says that if you are deadly serious about protecting your knives during transportation, their knife roll is for you.  The roll is constructed with a slight feeling of intimidation in mind and will appeal to even the most loyal of heavy music enthusiasts.
American Made Knife RollKnife rolls constructed in the USA typically feature US farmed full and top grain leathers.  Great pride is taken in the construction of these knife rolls, with great attention given to every detail.
Shun Knife RollThe Shun knife roll features space for up to 8 knives, with their secure elastic pockets, and offer an additional interior net pocket with a zipper, providing extra space for those non-bladed kitchen items as well.



Best Leather Knife Roll

Chef Knife Roll Bag Carrying Case

Holds up to 10 knives and features a zippered compartment for non-blade culinary tools.  Featuring a comfortable carry handle, with a shoulder strap for both portability and convenience.  This roll will accommodate knives up to 18″ long.


Chef Knife Roll Bag by Everprid

Conveniently accessible, holds ten knives and accessories such as paring knives, carving knives, and scissors.  It features a zippered pocket, as well as three small additional pockets.  Featuring a comfortable carry handle, with a shoulder strap for both portability and convenience.  This bag will accommodate knives up to 18″ long.


Shun Knife Roll

Accommodates most knives, including chef, Santoku, Nakiri, carving, and butcher.  Will hold up to eight knives, is fully zippered, and includes a convenient shoulder stray for ease of transportation.

Knife rolls constructed in the USA typically feature US farmed full and top grain leathers.



Where to Buy a Leather Knife Roll

Leather Knife Rolls on Amazon

Amazon, the premier online shopping site, offers what is unarguably the widest variety and selection of knife rolls available.


Leather Knife Rolls on Etsy

Etsy is the internet’s source for all things handmade and handcrafted.  If you are looking for a knife roll that is a little different or are in the market for something custom made, this may be the first stop choice for you.


Knife Bags from Walmart

America’s premier retailer offers a variety of knife rolls from various manufacturers.



Leather Knife Roll Care and Maintenance

It is easy to care for and maintain your leather knife roll.  When you see any dust, debris, or dirt accumulating, brush it off.  To spot clean, use a warm damp cloth.  It is never really advised to machine wash the knife roll, dry clean, or use any detergents, as that could weaken the leather fibers.

Some leather knife rolls have a wax coating that provides a natural protective barrier, and if improperly washed, this wax coating will strip off over time.


Want to make your own Knife Roll? Here is an informative video on how to do it





Leather knife rolls, bags, and backpacks can prove essential in the chef’s arsenal.  With the convenience of having the knives protected during transport and close at hand when needed, the knife roll plays a significant role in the culinary world. If you’re interested in other leather accessories, click here for my guide to leather iPad cases.




Related Questions

How Many Knives Does a Leather Knife Roll Hold?

Leather knife rolls typically accommodate anywhere from 1-12 knives.  It usually depends on the knives’ size and the number of slots needed and contained within the roll.  


How Long Does a Leather Knife Roll Last?

If cared for and maintained, the leather in a knife roll can last for decades and beyond.

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