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About Author Dan Concord

Dan Concord is a professional leather crafter with 15 years of design experience and expertise. He is founder of the successful Liberty Leather Goods studio, and also a published author, speaker, teacher, and educator on leather working tools and techniques. He lives in the USA.


Professional Work Background Story

My work and educational background had a more formal path early on, attending university graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in Design. I would go on to:

  • Practiced visual design in professional roles
  • Practiced product design in professional roles
  • Learned and apply the Design Thinking approach for personal products
  • Managed and mentored design teams

Personal Background Story

I have always enjoyed creating things, and working with my hands. I’m also a bit of a history fan. It’s fascinating to imagine the conversations that shaped the early years of the United States. New ways of thinking, built on old-world experience, creating something new that would last generations, and be useful to the people that had it.

Great leather work shares a lot of these same values, and led me to exploring the craft, furthering my knowledge of it, and helping educate others.

Outside of leathercraft I enjoy reading, developing new skills, and great music.

My Qualifications and Expertise

My Collaborations and Associations

  • Was a Member of the International Internet Leathercrafters’ Guild (IILG) The International Internet Leathercrafters’ Guild (IILG) was a member guild of the International Federation of Leather Guilds (IFOLG)
  • Producer of the Studio Stories Leathercraft Heritage Video Series with Jim Linnell (previously Director of Operations at Tandy, and accomplished leather artist) and his Elktracks Studio
  • Reader of Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal
  • Reader of ShopTalk – The Leather Retailers’ and Manufacturers’ Journal

My Achievements and Awards

  • Helped build Liberty Leather Goods to earn the 2022 Best Leather Craft Goods & Education Company – North America Award – LuxLife Magazine

Publications and Media

Future Ambitions and Goals

Continue learning and teaching about leathercraft, making quality leather goods, and continue connecting with crafters around the world to enjoy and share this creative craft together.

I’m glad you stopped by, always feel free to reach out with questions or to get in touch and discuss leathercraft, an article you might be writing, or for insights into a new project.

– Dan