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About Liberty Leather Goods

Liberty Leather Goods is a leather working studio and provider of educational resources that help teach leathercraft. It is known for providing expert, first-hand experience on topics including tools, leather types, and techniques to crafters in over 175 countries around the world.

Story and Background

Liberty Leather Goods started with a curiosity for knowledge, learning, and growth. Its founder, Dan Concord, was looking for a new hobby. While exploring different ones, some were very complex, others required expensive, specialized tools, and others large amounts of dedicated workspace. Then, he found leather working.

It was simple, required just a few tools, and yielded truly useful items that could last a lifetime. The leather smelled great, and the skills used to make great projects could be refined and developed over time. What a fun challenge! I was game to try it, and did.

Then, my search for knowledge began. What tools should I start with? Why one instead of another? What does that name even mean?? 🙂 There was SO much to learn. I thought, “as I’m learning these things, maybe some other folks have the same questions and are looking for the same information. And maybe I can sell some goods to folks that would rather buy than craft, and want trusted, quality goods.”…

So I typed up my notes and put them onto this website, just to be helpful to fellow crafters, if anyone was even interested.

As it turned out, they were very interested! I was grateful to be able to offer something educational and truly helpful to others. So as I learned more, I posted more, and Liberty Leather Goods grew into a successful studio and provider of educational resources that help teach leathercraft.
It covers all sorts of topics including leather goods, tools, leather types, techniques, recommendations, insights, guides, tutorials, and stories about the craft.

Today, you can fill sports stadiums with the number of crafters and readers that have come by for a visit to read and learn about leathercraft. It makes that early vision a true pleasure to see come to life, and share the joys of leather working with others around the world.
So, welcome to Liberty Leather Goods. Hopefully you find it helpful, insightful, inspiring, entertaining, and fun. Always feel free to reach out if you have questions or just want to say hello.

Key Contributor and Author to Liberty Leather Goods

Dan Concord Liberty Leather Goods Author

Dan Concord – Professional Leather Crafter and Educator


Liberty Leather Goods has an audience of leather crafters, non-crafters, and everyday people that are looking for knowledge about leather craft. Men, women, people of all ages, cultures, backgrounds, interests, and skill levels are part of the Liberty Leather Goods audience.

Readers could be seeking in-depth crafting guidance, or even just want to learn about leather care and maintenance for someone that wants to clean their leather item. Some of their favorite channels include, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.


Liberty Leather Goods customers are creative and fun people! They come from a range of backgrounds and interests and share a joy of the craft of leather working, and finely crafted leather goods.

From physical leather goods, to our guides and educational resources, customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic. Customer service is very important, and this is very encouraging, inspiring even more resources to be developed and offered. You can visit the Liberty Leather Goods online google business profile to read reviews of happy customers.

Successes and Achievements

  • 2022 Best Leather Craft Goods & Education Company – North America Award – LuxLife Magazine
  • 2022 Developed and published the Leather Coach™ Program that has helped many new crafters start learning about the craft
  • Successfully helped crafters from over 175 countries
  • 2021 Published the Complete Guide to Leather Tools – 1st Edition reference book (highly rated on Amazon)
  • Collaborate with other industry experts, authorities, organizations, and publications, such as the International Leather Club
  • Liberty Leather Goods® is an officially registered service mark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office under Service Mark US Registration Numbers 7192265 and 7192936.

Very excited that you’re here, and glad you stopped by.

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