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Liberty Leather Goods is an online reference resource that teaches people about leather working and leather craft. It provides researched and first-hand experience posts about leather tools, types of leather, and techniques for leather working.

Background Story

Hello, welcome to my nook of the internet and adventure into leather craft. I’m Dan, a maker guy that lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I recently got started with leather craft and thought it would be fun to share the journey with others that are interested too. Maybe my research and experiences will help save you time or provide entertainment along the way 🙂

I’m a bit of a history fan; living in Philadelphia it’s so easy to escape into imagining the conversations the Founding Fathers of America were having at the time. New ways of thinking, built on old-world experience, creating something new that would last generations, and be useful to the people that had it.

Great leather work shares a lot of these same values, and led to the name of this blog, Liberty Leather Goods. Great leather work should be timeless, valuable, crafted with the highest quality, and get better with use.


I have always enjoyed creating, taking classes in school to learn more about making and building things. My university college experience included earning a Bachelors of Arts in design. A lot of what I learned there helps inspire my interest in leather craft.


My career has involved several positions working with both visual and physical design. Leather craft is a natural extension of that, allowing visions for usable designs to be developed into useful leather goods. It is a new area that I really enjoy exploring.

Professional Affiliations

  • Member of the International Internet Leathercrafters’ Guild (IILG)

The International Internet Leathercrafters’ Guild (IILG) is a member guild of the International Federation of Leather Guilds (IFOLG)

  • Founder of the International Leather Club (ILC)

Leather Journals and Publications of Interest

I try to keep up with the latest developments in leather craft, and recommend these journals and publications:

  • Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal (Website Link)
  • ShopTalk – The Leather Retailers’ and Manufacturers’ Journal (Website Link)
  • LeatherMag – by Leather International

I’m always excited to learn, and glad that you’re here. Thanks for stopping by.

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