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Leather Drawer Pulls – Types and Options for a Stylish Touch

Do you find that you are needing a change in your decor but don’t currently have the finances to get it done?  Well, we have the perfect solution for the problem.  Take just about any style or type of furniture or cabinets, swap out their current knobs or pulls for leather ones, and you will soon have a new piece of decor to enjoy.  

Leather can be used as an accent for almost any decor style, including primitive, rustic, farmhouse, modern, and contemporary.  Because it is so versatile, leather is the number one choice for replacing drawer pulls, handles, or knobs on drawers, cabinets, or chests.

Let’s take a look at a the various styles available on the market today and get a better understanding of whether they will work for you and your needs.


What is a Leather Drawer Pull?

A leather drawer pull is a handle constructed for the sole purpose of pulling a drawer out of such items as a chest, a cabinet, or a variety of other pieces of furniture.


Black Leather Drawer Pulls on Wood Dresser - Liberty Leather Goods

Black Leather Drawer Pulls on Wood Dresser

Types of Leather Drawer Pulls

Leather drawer pulls come in various styles.  Some examples are those of leather drawer pulls that loop and those that are strapped in style.  There is one that is rectangular in shape and has pins on each corner.  Finally, there are leather drawer pulls for trunks that include a metal loop and those pulls that incorporate wood.


Leather Strap Handles

Leather strap handles are probably the most common style and the one that most have seen.  These are also commonly used on trunks as handles and not only as pulls.


Leather Drawer Handles

Much like a leather strap handle, leather drawer handles are usually seen in the more common primitive and rustic décor.  The handles attach, again much as the strap handles, by way of a pin or rivet on each end of the piece of leather.


Finger Leather Drawer Pulls

Finger leather drawer pulls are commonly fashioned by looping the leather piece and placing a pin or a rivet through the two ends.


Bar Leather Drawer Pulls

Typically, bar leather drawer pulls are used in more modern and contemporary décor.  The pulls most commonly incorporate the leather with either a wood or a metal component.


Brown Leather Drawer Pull - Liberty Leather Goods

Brown Leather Drawer Pull

Leather Door Knobs

Leather door knobs come in a large variety of styles.  They range from a strap style to that of the looping of a long slim piece of leather.  There are also leather doorknobs that resemble a traditional door knob only with leather covering a metal or a brass base.


Leather Knobs Cabinet

When many individuals want to take a decorative piece and make it appear more modern or contemporary, they will more often than not choose a leather knob.  This  choice can serve to change almost any cabinet’s overall look and make the piece they are adorning new again.


Cabinet Door Knobs

Kitchen cabinets look old and out of date way too fast to have to be replacing them.  However, with the addition of a leather cabinet doorknob, as well as leather drawer pulls, you will have a new set of cabinets in mere minutes.


Leather is the number one choice for replacing drawer pulls.

Leather Drawer Pulls DIY

As mentioned above, by simply changing our the handles or pulls on a drawer, or your doorknobs, you can create a whole new accent piece for your home.

Why not take a weekend, and make your own finger leather pulls for an item in your home?


  1. To begin with, you will measure your leather–measure twice, cut once.  Determine the width and the length of the piece of leather that you will need–remembering that the thicker the leather, the longer the pull will hold up.
  2. Next, drill a hole in each end of the leather piece.  By pre-drilling the hole before attempting to attach the finger strap to its new home, it will ensure that the hole is centered correctly.
  3. Apply a sufficient amount of glue around the hole at both ends of the strap, and folding it in half again, press firmly.  Continue to hold the ends together.
  4. Now place a screw through each end of the finger straps from one side to the other.  It is now that you will put your washer and nut on, tightening them down and allowing the glue to continue to dry.
  5. This next step is purely optional, but you can paint the edges of the looped leather the same shade as the piece you are attaching it to.  This will afford the piece a more upscale and custom appeal and look.  The loop pulls will appear as if they have always belonged to the piece or the cabinet.
  6. Once the paint, and the glue, have had sufficient time to dry, now is the fun part—attaching them.  If you have preexisting holes, simply remove the nut, slide the screw through the hole, and reapply the nut.  Make sure that the nut is sufficiently tightened so that the finger loop pull is adequately secured.


Leather Drawer Pulls with Metal - Liberty Leather Goods

Leather Drawer Pulls with Metal

How Do You Make Pulls Out of Leather for Drawers?

To make a drawer pull handle, you would follow the same procedure above, but with a few modifications.  Instead of gluing the ends together and drilling a hole through them, you would drill a hole through each end and attach the strap with a screw or a rivet on each end.


What Are the Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Pulls?

The four most common and most popular styles of kitchen cabinet pulls are those of modern, antique, nature-inspired, and contemporary.  All incorporate leather, ceramics, wood, or metal into their design.


How Do You Install Drawer Pulls?

Most commonly, drawer pulls are installed by placing a screw through the pull and then through an existing hole in the cabinet or drawer.  You will then add a washer and a nut to the fixture’s backside and proceed to tighten the nut until the fit is snug and secure.  Be careful not to overtighten as this may cause cracking around the hole through which the screw was placed.


Where to Buy Leather Drawer Pulls

  • Target
  • Ikea
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Walmart


If you are looking for a manner in which to dress up a piece of décor that is either looking a little bland or just needs a sprucing up, leather accents are a great way to go.

With the variety of items on the market today, you are sure to find just the right type of pull.  If you are more of the do it yourself type, you can easily make your own pull or strap.

The takeaway here is simple:  whether it be a pull, a handle, or a knob, you can’t go wrong with the primitive as well as contemporary feel that is achieved through the use of leather. For more on leather home decor accessories, click here for my guide to leather beds.


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Where do pulls go on drawers?

Pulls generally go on the front of drawers. This allows them to be pulled as a means though which to open the drawer. Leather drawer pulls could be placed in other areas, or on faux drawers, though will be usually found on the front.


Should I use knobs or pulls on kitchen cabinets?

This is a matter of personal preference. Knobs provide a solid surface that’s generally eash to grab onto. With wet or food-covered hands, leather pulls might require more focus to grab, and additional, more frequent cleaning. Though, pulls can look great, and they might be well worth using.

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