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Leather iPad Case – Buying Guide for Styles, Models, and Fit

A leather iPad case can help protect the device from common, everyday use. We often run into cases where they provide real benefits, I learned which are stylish and which work the best.

A leather iPad case is an iPad cover intended to protect the device from impacts, scratches, and abrasions. They are available in a variety of colors, materials, and sizes. Often, they also serve as a stand, allowing for convenient iPad positioning during use. They are both stylish, and functional.

Let’s explore more about what cases are available and which might be most helpful to use.

What is a Leather iPad Case?

A leather iPad case is a type of accessory that protects your iPad from drops. There are many different types of iPad case available. A leather iPad case is one that is primarily made of leather.  

The average prices can range from low (around $10) to high ($100+) and are available in all of the iPad styles. 

There are many different types of leather iPad cases including personalized cases, distressed leather cases, genuine leather cases, leather cases with accessories added, and many more. 

Black Leather iPad Case Above Table - Liberty Leather Goods
Black Leather iPad Case Above Table


Popular Types of Leather iPad Cases

Below, let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of iPad cases:

iPad Pro Leather Case

An iPad Pro leather case is designed specifically to protect your iPad Pro. It can come in the form of a sleeve, foldable case, or simply a back protective case. All three provide suitable protection for your iPad, however, the best is a foldable case as this stays on the iPad and protects it at all times and it also provides protection for the screen when your iPad is not in use. 

The best is a foldable case as this stays on the iPad and protects it at all times


Leather iPad Sleeve

A leather iPad sleeve is a simple slip cover that you can place your iPad in whenever it is not in use. This provides protection for you iPad whenever you aren’t using it. It’s great for people who would prefer not to have a case on their iPad when they’re handling it, but still want that level of protection from dust and other external factors when the iPad is not being used. 

Premium Leather iPad Cases and Covers

Premium leather iPad cases are generally more expensive and usually only offer the same or only slightly higher levels of protection than the cheaper versions. These are often cases that belong to luxury brands, and this is what makes them a more luxury item. Premium leather iPad cases are usually made from genuine leather. 

Leather iPad Case with Keyboard

Some leather iPad cases have a keyboard built right into them. This is beneficial for people who are using their iPad for work or who regularly need to type or make edits to documents on their iPad. It basically turns your iPad into a small portable computer than you can take with you on the go. iPad cases with an integrated keyboard tend to be a little bulkier than other iPad cases, but are great if you need a keyboard. 

Black Leather iPad Case with Keyboard - Liberty Leather Goods
Black Leather iPad Case with Keyboard


Genuine Leather iPad Case

A genuine leather iPad case is one that is made of genuine leather. Most of the case, if not, all of the case is usually made up of leather. These types of cases are generally higher in price than cases that are made from faux leather. 

Leather iPad Air 2 Case

A leather iPad Air 2 Case is made specifically for the iPad Air 2 model. Since this is an older model or iPad, these cases can be picked up relatively cheaply, and are available in many different styles.

Leather iPad Bag

A leather iPad bag makes your iPad completely portable. It is a bag that it designed specifically to carry your iPad, offering it the best level of protection for times when you need to take your iPad with you on the go. If you regularly take your iPad out with you, a leather iPad bag can be very beneficial for protecting it. 

A Leather iPad Bag offers the best level of protection while on the go.


Personalized Leather iPad Case

Some iPad cases can be personalized however you like. You can have specific designed made or can have things printed onto it such as your initials for a luxurious personalized look. If you have a specific leather iPad case design in mind, you might be best getting a personalized case so that you can get it to your taste as best as possible. 

Tooled Leather iPad Case

A tooled leather iPad case includes lots of pockets and sections where you can store additional items such as a diary or your credit cards. It’s sort of like a personal organizer with a specific section for your iPad. This is great for people who want to keep all of their important items together. It’s especially beneficial for those who like to take their iPad with them on the go. 

Distressed Leather iPad Case

A distressed leather iPad case is very similar to other leather iPad cases, only the type of leather that it is made up of is distressed leather. You can get genuine distressed leather cases or faux distressed leather cases. Each come with their own price points depending on the brand and type that you choose. 

Below you will see an American full-grain leather iPad Pro Case from Pad & Quill. This one works great with a keyboard.



Best Leather iPad Cases

Below is a list of the top 5 leather iPad cases:

Leather iPad CaseBrand
Apple iPad Smart CoverApple
Fintie Vegan Leather FolioFintie
Incipio Faraday Folio Incipio 
Moko Shockproof iPad CaseMoKo
New Trent GladiusNew Trent

Where to Buy Leather iPad Cases

Pad and Quill

Pad and Quill offer high-quality artisan leather iPad cases. The cases range from $70-$130 on average and there’s a wide range of styles and types available. 


Amazon features a wide range of iPad cases in all different sizes and types. Prices for iPads on Amazon range from $10-$100+ on average. 


Etsy is a great place to buy iPad cases if you’re looking for something unique that is not on the market. A lot of the products on Etsy are hand-made items that are unique, interesting, and different to those that you’d find in stores.  

Custom Made

A custom-made iPad case allows you to get the exact type of iPad case to suit your needs. If you’re looking for something specific or want something that is completely unique, a custom-made case is your best option. 

Standing Blue Leather iPad Case - Liberty Leather Goods
Standing Blue Leather iPad Case


Popular Leather iPad Case Makers/Manufacturers

Below is a list of the most popular iPad case brands:

AppleThese are cases that are made specifically by Apple for Apple iPads.
Harbor LondonThese are timeless products that are expertly crafted to suit your specific iPad model.
TorroTorro make genuine leather iPad cases with smart features and functionality benefits.
CaseMadeCaseMade make genuine leather iPad cases that are luxurious. There are many models available so you can find one that suits your iPad.
Colonel LittletonThese genuine leather iPad sleeves come at a high price point but offer great protection. 
Dodo CaseDodo allows you to design your own iPad case. This is a great brand for people who want a unique leather case to suit their taste.

Leather iPad Case Care & Maintenance

Leather iPad cases can generally be maintained similarly to other leather products. Let’s explore the common steps.

How to Clean a Leather iPad Case

Commonly, a damp, lint-free cloth can be used to wipe across the case and remove any dirt/debris. Too much moisture can stain leather, so ensure the cloth is just damp.

How to Condition a Leather iPad Case

For cases made from natural leather, application of a leather conditioner product can help restore moisture to the material. This helps maintain strength and flexibility of the leather fibers. Generally, apply the conditioner with a lint-free cloth, periodically throughout the year.

How to Store a Leather iPad Case

These cases will likely see frequent day-to-day use, though in general, keep them away from moisture and away from direct sunlight. This will help keep the case in good shape, while also likely being good for the iPad too.

As you can see, there are many leather iPad cases available in all different sizes and styles. If you are looking for an iPad case to suit your needs, we hope this buying guide has been helpful in letting you make the right decision.

From Apple to Dodo to Torro, there are so many brands available. Plus, from sleeves to bags to cases with accessories, there are many different types, you’ll likely be able to find one that looks great and is enjoyable to use. If you’re interested in leather accessories, click here for my article on leather backpacks, leather desk pads, leather knife rolls, or my guide to leather anniversary gifts.



Related Questions

How long does a leather iPad case last?

If properly cared for and maintained, a leather iPad case can last for years. While each individual will expose it to different environments, leather is a generally strong, durable material that can even look better with age.

What sizes are available for leather iPad cases?

Leather iPad cases are generally available is all iPad sizes. They include the iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. Features will vary by manufacturer, though it’s highly possible one can find a great looking case that fits their iPad model.

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