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Leather Anniversary Gifts – Great Ideas for Special Moments

Anniversaries are a special event. Most couples purchase each other gifts for the special day to commemorate their past and future love. Traditionally, anniversary gifts have a theme – a specific material for each year. The first is paper, the second cotton, and the third is leather.

Tradition dictates that the third wedding anniversary’s gifts should be made from leather. Choosing to go with tradition when choosing an anniversary gift is not nearly as restrictive as it sounds, especially for this anniversary. Leather is a versatile material perfect for any number of items.

Let’s explore some ideas and options for great leather anniversary gifts.

What are Leather Anniversary Gifts?

Leather anniversary gifts are anniversary gifts made from leather. Traditionally, each wedding anniversary called for gifts made of a certain material; the third wedding anniversary’s material is leather. Of course, leather gifts can be chosen for any anniversary if you choose not to adhere to tradition.

The Meaning of the Leather Anniversary

Leather Anniversary Meaning

The leather anniversary is the third wedding anniversary. For this anniversary, leather symbolizes protection, shelter, and safety.

3rd wedding anniversary symbol

The third wedding anniversary “symbol” is leather, symbolizing protection, safety, and shelter – making a home, a safe place, together.

Mens Brown Leather Watch - Liberty Leather Goods

Mens Brown Leather Watch

Why is leather the third anniversary gift?

No one knows exactly where this tradition began. Historians have guessed that the practice of giving anniversary gifts of a specific material began with ancient Roman or Germanic cultures, and there is evidence of this tradition being practiced as far back as the Middle Ages in Europe. Leather is the third anniversary gift because of what it symbolizes: security and protection, dating back to prehistory when early humans used tanned animal hides to make clothing to shelter themselves from the elements.

Leather symbolizes protection, shelter, and safety.

Types of Leather Gifts

Leather Anniversary Gifts For Him

The options for leather gifts for men are endless. Men’s leather anniversary gifts can range from practical to impractical. Leather jackets and wallets are easy to find leather anniversary gifts for him. Others, like leather work bags, belts, or shoes are also a great, practical choice.

Leather anniversary gifts from men can also be impractical or decorative. A leather paperweight, leather-scented candle, or leather keychain all fit the third anniversary’s leather theme. For the professionals, leather laptop sleeves, leather phone cases, or leather desk accessories are a perfect choice. 

Black Leather iPad and iPhone Case - Liberty Leather Goods

Black Leather iPad and iPhone Case

3 Year Anniversary Gift For Husband

The traditional third anniversary gift is leather. For husbands, there are a huge number of options for this particular anniversary. Typical men’s leather gifts include leather jackets and wallets. Other leather gift items for men include belts, shoes, and bags like messenger bags or briefcases.

Gifts for the third anniversary don’t have to be clothing or accessories. Leather desk organizers, planners, notebooks, or camera straps are all excellent gifts for the third wedding anniversary. Leather jewelry, home decor, or even leather-scented colognes or candles also fit the theme in a uniquely creative way.

3 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Girlfriend (3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her)

Third year wedding anniversary gifts for women are easy to find, but it may be hard to choose a creative, unique gift for a wife or girlfriend because of the wide array of options!

From clothing to accessories, there are countless gifts for her for a third anniversary gift. Working women will appreciate a leather work bag or desk set, while new moms may love a beautiful leather bag for diapers and kids’ toys. A beautiful leather jacket or dress is the perfect gift for the woman who likes to hit the town!

Leather Anniversary Gifts For Couple

If your favorite couple is celebrating their third wedding anniversary, there are many creative ways to give a gift for them to share. A set of leather-bound books or a leather-bound photo book is a great way to involve the couple in an anniversary gift together. Leather home decor, like sculptures, wall hangings, or vanity/side table trays are all great leather anniversary gifts for a couple.

3 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Wife

Third anniversary gifts are traditionally made from leather. For women, there are more options than ever. A leather bag, whether a purse, work bag, or travel luggage, is a gift she’ll use and appreciate over and over. Leather clothing items like jackets, shoes, or skirts add an air of luxury and sophistication to her wardrobe. Leather jewelry allows her to wear your gifts daily. Professional women will be able to display a leather desk set or stationery set. For the home, leather home decor or a leather-bound photo album of wedding photos is the perfect way to show how serious you are about the life and home you have built together.

Brown Leather Journal - Liberty Leather Goods

Brown Leather Journal

Faux Leather Anniversary Gifts

Faux leather still applies when considering third anniversary gifts, especially for those who do not use animal products. Any item that can be made from leather can also be found in faux leather. Faux leather wallets, bags, jackets, jewelry, and stationery items are all excellent choices for the leather anniversary.

DIY 3 Year Anniversary Gifts

Although diy leather projects seem overwhelming, there are many simple projects that would make great third anniversary gifts! Embossing or branding a leather wallet or keychain with a special message or date is a wonderful personalized gift. Taking it a step further by handmaking the item first is a surefire way to guarantee that your gift is unique and special.

Funny Leather Anniversary Gifts

Funny or irreverent gifts are perfect for the couple who try not to take themselves too seriously. Leather coasters, leather-wrapped flasks, or leather home decor can all be embossed with irreverent or downright sarcastic messages for couples who like to keep themselves laughing.

Leather Anniversary Gift Ideas

Gift IdeaWhy It’s A Great Choice
Leather Belt Anniversary GiftA Leather belt is a thoughtful and practical gift for any gender. Springing for a pircey designer belt that your spouse would never buy themselves is a great way to show your appreciation with a gift they’ll use every day.
Leather Anniversary Frame A leather frame is a unique, often-overlooked idea for a third anniversary gift. Gifting your spouse a leather frame with a photo of you both is a simple, sweet gift to commemorate the leather wedding anniversary.
Leather Anniversary JournalA leather journal is a sweet, thoughtful third anniversary gift for a spouse who loves writing. Leather journals are bound in either faux or genuine leather and are stunning and protective, ensuring your beloved’s ideas will remain safe from the elements.
Risqué GiftsFor couples interested in more risqué gifts, leather lingerie or other “intimate” gifts in leather are great gifts for the third wedding anniversary!

Check out this helpful video to learn the top five leather anniversary gifts for him.

Where to Buy Leather Gifts


Etsy is an excellent resource for leather third anniversary gifts. Etsy is a community of creators and vintage enthusiasts, allowing shoppers to find high-quality goods straight from artisans. Handmade leather goods from artisans on Etsy can often be customized, ensuring a truly unique anniversary gift to be cherished for years.


Amazon is a resource for hard-to-find leather goods, especially faux leather. Amazon offers anything from bags to leather-bound books, so finding the perfect third anniversary gift is easy as can be!

Others/Popular Stores Or Retailers

High-end department stores like Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Bloomingdale’s offer designer leather goods for those who want a designer gift for their spouse.

Net-a-Porter connects shoppers directly with couture designers, making it possible for shoppers to find an extra special anniversary gift online.

The third wedding anniversary is a special one – after three years, couples have settled into a routine and begin to appreciate the mundane details in their shared lives. The traditional gift of leather symbolizes the shared security that the couple has begun to cultivate, in their relationship as well as in their home.

Leather gifts are practical yet luxurious, simple yet valuable; they blend together the symbolic air of a fresh, exciting marriage with that of a relationship that’s become safe and solid. If you’re looking for a tech-related gift, click here to read my guide on leather iPad cases, or here for my look at leather Apple Watch bands.

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What is leather anniversary?

The leather anniversary is the third wedding anniversary. This is based on a traditional list of anniversary gift themes, in which every year’s gifts should correspond with a different material.

What do you get for leather anniversary?

The leather anniversary’s gifts should be made from leather. This can include anything from clothing to jewelry to home decor, or even leather-scented candles or perfumes!