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Choosing a Leather Apple Watch Band You’ll Love

Apple’s answer to basic smartwatches is highly customizable, and not just usage-wise; leather Apple watch bands are removable, leaving room for endless personalization using bands made from different materials, from silicone to fabric and even leather.

Leather Apple Watch bands give the appearance of luxury and the performance of a quality material. They secure the Apple Watch to the wrist, provide style and function, are available in a variety of options, and generally cost in the range of $20 – $200.

A great leather band, when well-cared for, can last for many years. Let’s explore the options and which might work best for you.



What is a Leather Apple Watch Band?

A leather Apple Watch band is a removable leather band for an Apple smartwatch. The device allows for watch bands to be switched out for optimum customization, and leather bands are a popular choice due to their durability and luxe look and feel. These leather bands may be made from real or faux leather.

Brown Suede Leather Apple Watch Band - Liberty Leather Goods

Brown Suede Leather Apple Watch Band

Smartwatches have been mainstream for the better part of the last decade. The Apple Watch is Apple’s smartwatch offering. Highly customizable and able to be synced with any Apple product as well as some non-Apple devices, the Apple Watch’s most personalizable feature is its swappable band.

Apple’s answer to basic smartwatches is highly customizable, and not just usage-wise – Apple Watches’ bands are removable, leaving room for endless personalization using bands made from different materials, from silicone to fabric and even leather.

Luxury and department store retailers alike have created band options for the device, one of the most popular of which is leather bands – leather bands give the appearance of a luxury watch and will last for many years of continued use. Because of the variety in the market, leather Apple Watch bands can cost anywhere from $20 to hundreds of dollars.



What to Look for In Leather Apple Watch Band


Watch band widths are typically gendered, with men’s bands made wider than women’s to appear more balanced on larger wrists. Women’s watch bands tend to be slim, with delicate stitching and an overall smooth appearance for smaller wrists. That being said, many of today’s smartwatch bands are made for a gender-neutral audience in a single mid-width. When searching for bands, be sure to specify whether you’re looking for men’s, women’s, or unisex bands.



When shopping for leather Apple Watch bands, color is entirely dependent on personal preference. Real leather may be easily found in blacks, browns, and some greys and deep reds, while faux leather will be more readily available in brights and uncommon finishes.

Thin Brown Leather Apple Watch Band - Liberty Leather Goods

Thin Brown Leather Apple Watch Band – Liberty Leather Goods



Shopping for tech accessories today means sifting through a market saturated with options, making it difficult to commit to a single brand. Searching for specific designers or through specific retailers is a great way to pinpoint a specific brand you’d like to purchase your watch band from.



Types of Leather Apple Watch Bands

Womens Leather Apple Watch Band

Women’s leather Apple Watch bands are quite varied. Most are thin and delicate, mirroring the classic appearance of traditional women’s watches. These bands are usually sleek, with delicate stitching and smooth seams for comfort and style. Many designers offer women’s Apple Watch bands in an enormous variety of colors, finishes, and styles, from natural tones to brights to finishes like snakeskin leather. Women’s bands are more likely to feature embellishments like metal accents, rhinestones, or embroidery.


Black Leather Apple Watch Band

Black leather is a classic choice for any watch band. For the Apple Watch, black leather is sleek and sophisticated, complementing the watch’s glossy face rather than distracting from it. Black leather is an excellent choice for anyone regardless of gender or style. It’s also the easiest color to find for any gender and in almost any style. Black leather is also a great choice for embellished or embroidered leather bands – the dark color and beautiful finish will make any embellishment pop!

Thin Black Leather Apple Watch Band - Liberty Leather Goods

Thin Black Leather Apple Watch Band


Premium Leather Apple Watch Band

Premium leather Apple Watch bands are often made by either designers or specialty retailers. These bands use the best leathers available to create beautiful, durable bands for a luxury Apple product. Because of the craftsmanship and quality of material used, these bands are often significantly more expensive than other leather Apple Watch bands, with most costing around $100.


Wide Leather Apple Watch Band

Men’s watch bands are typically wider than women’s, but some can be purchased in wider-than-average widths. Many specialty leather retailers offer Apple Watch bands in widths wider than the watch face itself, lending the device a more rugged, cufflike look and extra sturdiness.


Luxury Leather Apple Watch Bands

Luxury leather Apple Watch bands are bands made by high-end retailers and designers. These bands are often much pricier than those made from independent craftsmen, but are often officially licensed by Apple and sometimes even sold directly in the Apple store.


Leather Iwatch 5 Bands

The 5th generation Apple Watch, or iWatch, was released a little less than a year and a half ago. As one of the most recent Apple Watch models, the iWatch 5 has a multitude of fresh options for leather bands. These bands can be found to cater to any style choice regardless of gender, and are typically priced up to $100 depending on leather quality.


Iwatch 4 Leather Band

Apple’s 4th generation smartwatch, the iWatch or Apple Watch, was released almost two and a half years ago. Despite its age, the 4th generation iWatch can be outfitted with beautiful replacement leather bands. A benefit to the device’s age is that many of these bands can be found at a discounted rate, with many going for $50 or less.


Custom Tooled Leather Apple Watch Band

A perfect choice for anyone looking for an even more customized watch band, a custom-tooled leather Apple Watch band is a beautiful balance between personal style and sophistication. Hand-tooled leather is manipulated to create beautifully subtle designs on the material’s surface for a low-key embellishment. These are best found on sites like Etsy and from specialty leather retailers.

Here is a helpful video demonstrating how to make a custom leather Apple Watch band:


Apple Watch Leather Strap With Clasp

An Apple Watch band with a clasp is a sleek, modern alternative to traditional buckle-closure watch bands. Clasps offer a low-profile solution for those who prefer their look to be modern and polished.

Hand Crafted Black Leather Apple Watch Band - Liberty Leather Goods

Hand Crafted Black Leather Apple Watch Band


Best Leather Band For Black Apple Watch

The ideal band choice for a black Apple Watch is a sleek, black leather band. The leather’s rich tone complements the watch’s glossy face without overpowering it, and the simple, elegant finish works with any outfit or occasion.



Popular Apple Leather Watch Bands

Apple Leather Watch Bands

Apple’s own leather watch straps tend to be quite simple and streamlined. They can be more expensive than other options, though generally pair very well with the watches and last a reasonably long time even with daily use.


Nomad Modern Strap

One of the most beautiful Apple Watch straps on the market, the Nomad Modern Strap is a thick, simple strap designed for any use. Its leather is high-quality and durable, but its design is sleek and minimalist. It’s one of the best multipurpose straps, able to be worn for day or night, casual or formal.


Barton Watch Bands

Barton’s bands are rugged and utilitarian, made to withstand wear and tear like no other. They’re made from thick leather, feature easy-release hardware, and are available in several styles from traditional to unique.


Nomad Leather Apple Watch Band

Nomad’s leather bands range from truly modern to quite traditional. They’re all made from thick, high-quality leather and are unisex in style.


Handmade Black Leather Apple Watch Band - Liberty Leather Goods

Handmade Black Leather Apple Watch Band


Best Leather Apple Watch Band

1. Best Ultra-Luxury Option: Hermès Single Tour Apple Watch Band

This designer’s roots are in equestrian wear, making them a no-brainer when it comes to choosing luxury leather goods. This genuine leather watch band is available in 8 colors, including black, browns, and some beautifully rich brights. It’s a more affordable version of Hermès’ $539 Apple Watch band (one of the most expensive out there by far). These generally cost about $339.


2. Best Unique Style: Astra Straps Marley Magnetic Apple Watch Band

This quirky band is made from genuine top-grain leather. The soft, durable strap can be purchased in black, multiple brown tones, and a few bright, fun colors like red and yellow. Its unique magnetic loop closure is low-profile and secure, and it’s great for those who have metal allergies, or who just want to avoid irritation from buckle closures. These generally cost about $50.


3. Best Classic with a Twist: Throne Watches Cognac Band

While there are many classic-looking leather band options for the Apple Watch, this classic is particularly special. Its white x-stitch provides a tiny support boost at the part of the band that strains the most while adding a bit of minimalist embellishment, while its customizable hardware ensures that your new watch band fits your style perfectly. hese generally cost about $85.


Common Apple Leather Watch Band Sizes

SizeCommon Use
38mm Womens Leather Apple Watch BandThe newest Apple Watches (4th-6th series) don’t come in the 38mm size, but earlier models do. This is the smallest size, made for small wrists and those who want a smaller watch face. With these, thin to medium-width straps are best: these usually fall between 130-180mm.
40mm Leather Apple Watch BandThe 40mm Apple Watch band is best for small-large wrists. These faces work with similar bands as the 42mm version: small sizes from around 135-155mm and larger up to 200mm.
42mm Leather Apple Watch BandFor medium-large wrists, the 42mm size Apple Watch is ideal. Band size for this and the 40mm watch face are very flexible, with smaller sizes from around 140-160mm and larger up to 215mm.
44mm Leather Apple Watch BandThe largest Apple Watch size, this face is best for large wrists or those who need a large display. Bands between 160-230mm fit this face best.


Handmade Red Leather Apple Watch Band - Liberty Leather Goods

Handmade Red Leather Apple Watch Band




Where to Buy Leather Apple Watch Band

Apple Store

The Apple Store is the best resource for leather Apple Watch bands. These bands are Apple certified, so they’re guaranteed to fit and work perfectly with your Apple Watch.


Barton Watch Bands

Barton’s iWatch bands are made with durability in mind. Their utilitarian style ranges from rugged to casual, with the most casual offering easy-release clasps for comfort and convenience.



Monowear’s uniquely urban-inspired bands are perfect for the city dweller on the go who needs their Apple Watch band to stand up to long days at work and nights out on the town.


Nomad Goods

Nomad Goods’ iWatch bands are sturdy and modern, designed to be extremely durable and match Apple’s design beautifully.



Etsy is the best place to find a handmade or unique leather Apple Watch band. These bands can often be customized or entirely custom-ordered for a truly unique accessory!


Best Buy

Similar to the Apple store, Apple Watch bands sold at Best Buy are guaranteed to fit your Apple Watch perfectly.


Parkfield Supplies

Parkfield offers offer a wide variety of gorgeous modern bands for the Apple Watch.


Here is a helpful video demonstrating how to use a laser cutter in making a padded leather Apple Watch band:



For many, the Apple Watch is a must-have accessory revolutionizing work and communication. With tech essentials comes the need for personalization, making the popularity of leather Apple Watch bands a no-brainer. These leather straps are excellent, stylish, long-lasting bands for anyone who relies on a smartwatch to integrate their tech into their lives as much as possible!

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What are the best leather Apple watch bands?

As a rule, the best and most reliable Apple Watch bands come from the Apple store. These bands may be manufactured by Apple, designers, or small companies, but they’re all Apple certified and guaranteed to fit perfectly with your Apple Watch.

What is the most expensive Apple leather watch band?

One of the most expensive Apple Watch bands readily available for purchase on Apple’s own site is this $539 band by luxury designer Hermès.

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