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Best Leather Rivet Setter / Snap Setter for Leather Working

Leather snap and rivet setters make quick work of adding hardware. When doing high-volume work, they make working with hardware very fast and easy. Some recommendations include paid links to products that I trust.

The Master Tool Little Wonder is an excellent, solid, and sturdy tool, click here to see it on Weaver Leather Supply. It can set rivets, snaps, and grommets with the right attachments and hardware. The base can be mounted to a desk or table for more secure operation, and with care this tool can last for a very long time in the shop.

Let’s explore what to look for in a setter, and what options can be most helpful in the shop.

Types of Leather Snap and Rivet Setters

Setting tools can help save a lot of time and effort, ensuring tight fittings and clean looking results. Here are the two main types:

Hand Held

Hand held setters are generally hend in one hand and struck with a mallet or maul in the other. The force helps set the hardware. These usually come with small metal anvils to ehlp position and hold the hardware when being struck.

Snap Setters - Liberty Leather Goods
Snap Setters

Table Top

Table top setters are often machines with large handles that utilize physics to generate significant pressing force, all with a controlled motion. They usually have interchangeable attachments to securely handle various hardware (rivets, snaps, grommets, etc.), ensuring smooth pressure is applied in a very specific way. These setters are usually heavier and much larger than hand held setters, though also provide consistent results that can usually be achieved more quickly.

Hand Press Setter Machine - Liberty Leather Goods
Table Top Setter Press Machine

Best Leather Snap and Rivet Setters

Cost, frequency of use, and personal preference can be key factors in the selection of an enjoyable and reliable setter. Let’s explore some of the best.

Best Hand Held Snap and Rivet Setter – Basic

Skyzonal makes a great basic snap and rivet set, click here to see it on Amazon. It comes with 11 pieces for various snap and rivet size holding/setting, ranging from 6mm to 15mm.

Best Hand Held Snap and Rivet Setter – Premium

Douglas makes an incredible set of hand Rivet Setting Tools, click here to see them on Rocky Mountain Leather. They work well for setting solid rivets, and includes a setter, rounder, and domer.

Rocky Mountain Leather offers a very high-quality snap setter for Prym Segma snaps, click here to see it on Rocky Mountain Leather. It is made to be used primarily with the prym spring style snaps, which provide for a very unique, refined aesthetic style.

Best Table Top Snap and Rivet Setter

Weaver Leather makes the Master Tool Little Wonder which is an excellent, solid, and sturdy tool, click here to see it on Weaver Leather Supply. They offer a variety of accessories and attachments so this can easily set rivets, snaps, cap rivets, crystals, punch holes, set double cap and rapid rivets, and set grommets with the right hardware. The base can be mounted to a desk or table for more secure operation, and comes fully assembled, ready to add right into the shop.

Kalaso makes a nice basic version of a press. It includes 5 sets of rivet dies, making it relatively affordable to get a press and die sets for shop use – click here to see it on amazon.

In Closing

Quality hardware can really increase the fit and finish of a fine leather piece. Setting snaps and rivets makes this functional and stylish element of leather craft a fun technique, where having a quality tool makes it so easy. As one does more and more work with hardware, having a great setting tool is quite appealing to have in the shop.

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