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Best Leather Mallets for Leather Working

Leather mallets are a great choice for a striking tool. They help provide concenterated force with comfortable handles and along-lasting stricking face. Some recommendations include paid links to products that I trust.

The Garland 11004 Rawhide Mallet in Size-4 is a very high-quality and reliable mallet, click here to see it on Amazon. It weights about 1.5 pounds and is made in the USA. Garland offers other sizes as well, making this selection a great option for quality mallets.

Let’s take a look at the more helpful options available, and which might be preferable based on working style and personal preference.

Types of Leather Mallets


A rawhide leather mallet uses a piece of tightly-wound, and sometimes treated rawhide that forms a strong, dense head when attached to a mallet handle. These provide sufficient striking force, while also being generally soft on the tools that it strikes. Over time, as the rawhide wears, the rawhide head can be replaced the the handle continually used.

Leather Working Mallet - Liberty Leather Goods
Leather Working Mallet


Plastic mallets are soft on tools and relatively inexpensive. The head is uaually made from nylon. Over time, the nylon head can begin to wear, and usually the entire mallet needs to be replaced. Though for a good period of time, a plastic mallet can work very well.


A mallet hammer combines the shape and balance of a hammer, with replaceable striking tips. In many cases, they are a soft or plastic tip, allowing the hammer to strike tools easily while protecting the tools. Also, as the tips wear, they can be easily replaced. These work well for crafters that prefer the feel of a hammer, while also protecting the punches and stamps they hit during crafting.

Best Leather Mallets

Some types of work benefit from having a mallet over a hammer, though in most cases a suitable tool can work for many common striking needs. Ultimately, preference will usually guide selection and choice. Here are the recommended options.

Best Rawhide Leather Mallet

Garland make the 11004 Rawhide Mallet in Size-4, click here to see it on Amazon. It weights about 1.5 pounds, is made in the USA, and is a very high-quality and reliable mallet. Garland offers other sizes as well, making this range of mallets an excellent option.

Best Plastic Leather Mallet

Evwoge makes a great nylon mallet for leather working, click here to see it on Amazon. At about 12.25 ounces (350 grams), it has nice heft, a 7.5″ overall length, and a striking surface of about 2″. The handle is wood and includes metal hardware.

Best Leather Mallet/Hammer

The Vergez Blanchard Mallet/Hammer in 12oz weight with Soft Tips is an excellent choice for a hammer with replaceable urethane tips, click here to see it on Rocky Mountain Leather. It is about 11″ long with a 4″ wide head. This is a very handy tool for striking needs around the shop.

Here’s a look at the most popular types of leather mauls, mallets, and hammers:

In Closing

Many techniques in leather crafting involve hitting tools (punches, stamps, hardware setting, etc.). Having a quality mallet makes many of these jobs nearly effortless, and fun, making them a relatively valuable tool to have in the shop.

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