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Best Leather Glue Pots for Leather Working

Gluing leather is a common way to join pieces of material together. Leather glue pots help by keeping glue away from air and drying out, while making it easy to access and apply. Some recommendations include paid links to products that I trust.

The Rocky Mountain Glue Pot Container + Brush Set is a quality and reliable option, click here to see it on Rocky Mountain Leather. This set includes an Italian-made brush, and size options range from 0.4L capacity, to larger 0.9L and 1.5L glue holding capacities. It works best for basic glues.

Let’s check out the things to consider when looking for a great and reliable glue pot.

Types of Leather Glue Pots

Glue pots are a relatively basic tool, intended to provide air-tight storage for glues and contact cements, while providing an easily-accessible method for dipping a brush in and out that ca be used for application of the adhesive.

Plastic glue pots generally work better with basic and non-harsh glues. For contact cements, that are a little harsher in their ingredient composition, a glass glue pot can work well, and not be as easily affected by coming in contact with the harsher adhesives.

Key, and very key (I learned this the hard way 🙂 ), is make sure of the size needed, and understand the size :), before getting one, since they usually look similar in photos. The one I got was huuuge, way bigger than any amount of glue I even had to put in it. And when we consider how much glue one uses, this can be a factor.

For those that glue on occasion and want easy access to it, a smaller size usually works well. For those doing higher-volume work, production work, or generally purchase glues and adhesives in bulk, a larger glue pot can possibly work much better.

Plastic Gluepot - Open - Liberty Leather Goods
Plastic Gluepot – Open

Best Leather Glue Pot

Plastic Leather Glue Pot

Rocky Mountain makes a great Glue Pot Container + Brush Set, click here to see it on Rocky Mountain Leather. This set includes an Italian-made brush, an air-tight seal, several size options (0.4L (~13 ounces), 0.9L (~30 ounces), and 1.5L capacity (~51 ounces)). It works best for basic glues.

Glass Leather Glue Pot

For those working more often with contact cements and adhesives with harsher compositions, the Siline & Johnson Company makes an excellent glass glue pot, click here to see it on Amazon. This one holds 3oz, they also make a 16oz version that can hold a higher volume of glue or cement.

The amber glass helps reduce light-reactivity with the adhesive, and best of all, the brush is replaceable, amazing. The brush is horsehair, the seal is air-tight, and fittings on the top are brass and aluminum. This is a great set if one prefers a glass glue pot over a plastic one.

In Closing

A glue pot is a tool that can add a surprisingly amount of easy to the leather craft workflow. Being able to reliably get, smoothly apply, and maintain glues and adhesives can make a challenging process much more fun. And in all the ways glues can be used on leather, this is a tool worth checking out to have in the shop.

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