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Best Leather Fillers for Leather Working

When planning a repair to leather, across clothing, upholstery, accessories, or most any item, leather fillers provide a fast and easy way to fix the surface and match the color. Some recommendations include paid links to products that I trust.

The Coconix Vinyl and Leather Repair Kit should perform quite well for most leather repairs, click here to see it on Amazon. This kit provides a variety of colors with a flexible filler, allowing for easy color matching. Application is easy with the included tubes with pointed tips and application tools, and its effective for both natural and faux leathers.

Let’s explore which type of leather filler to use, and which will likely be best depending on the type of item you’re working on.

Types of Leather Fillers

Natural leather is composed of small, natural fibers. When they’re damaged, they often need to be filled since the fibers usually can’t be replaced. Thus, fillers are usually compositions that dry flexible, so they can fill uniquely-shaped cuts and tears, while also allowing the filler to flex while the leather item flexes during everyday use.

Most utilize a plastic-based solution that can easily apply, be mixed in different colors, and dry fast. It’s also important to have reasonable expectations for leather filler – they’re just that, fillers. They won’t restore leather, or magically regenerate natural fibers.

For one looking to fill a small tear or nick in leather, they can mix very closely to the color, and do an absolutely great job.

Leather Filler Tubes Colors - Liberty Leather Goods
Leather Filler Tubes Colors

Best Leather Fillers

Choice of filler is mainly driven by colors needs. Let’s explore some of the most helpful options below.

Multicolor Set

Coconix makes a Vinyl and Leather Repair Kit that is a reliable option, click here to see it on Amazon. The kit provides a range of included colors, each in applicator tubes with pointed tips. There is also material to mix custom colors. The filler dries flexible, and can work well for natural leathers or faux leathers.


If looking for purely a black filler, the Coconix Black Leather Repair Kit should do the job very well, click here to see it on Amazon. It includes black filler, white filler to mix and lighten the shade of black, and mixing and application tools.


For brown-only filling needs, the Coconix Brown Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit is a great option, click here to see it on Amazon. It includes several shades of brown in individual pre-mixed tubes, along with tubes of black and white for mixing custom shades of brown. This should cover most brown-fixing needs quite well.

In Closing

Leather is a natural fiber, and fixing it often requires having a solution that matches in color and is flexible. The right leather filler can makes this task very easy and satisfying, and usually handy to have some around the shop.

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