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Leather Wallet – Guide to Size, Quality, and a Perfect Fit

Leather wallets are not only just for men, as women are carriers of them as well. With the leather construction, the wallets are strong, durable, and long-lasting, making them reliable and dependable.

A leather wallet is a flat, small case designed to carry items such as personal items, currency, credit cards, and articles of identification such as a driver’s license. They are available in a variety of styles and designs, making them the perfect accessory for everyday use.

There are a lot of leather wallets on the market to choose from, and each is unique in their own right.  I have looked at a few of those styles available and broken down the information you will need to make an educated choice.



What is a Leather Wallet?

A wallet is a flat, small case designed to carry a variety of personal items and objects, such as money, credit cards, identification cards such as a driver’s license, and important cards, papers, and notes.  Other characteristics of a wallet may include a money clip, a zipper, or a coin purse.

Wallets were introduced to the West in the 1600s, shortly after the development of our current paper currency.  These earlier wallets were traditionally constructed primarily of either horse or cow leather.  There was a small pouch included with the wallets for the holding of calling cards.

When considering the purchase of a new wallet, you can’t go wrong with one made of leather. Not only is leather reliable and durable, but it is a natural fiber that is easy to maintain.


What to Look for In a Leather Wallet?



Over the years, as the leather wallet’s design morphed and evolved, and the addition of new features, the size of wallets quickly come into play. With this said, many of the more recent versions are so large that they can be somewhat challenging to fit into most back pockets.


Number of Storage Pockets/Slots

Today’s wallets offer plenty of pockets and slots to hold those essential items such as photos, cash, and credit cards.  Since the invention of debit and credit cards, many wallet carriers have steered further away from the carrying of money.  For this reason, there is a wide variety of wallets available, with various pockets and slots to suit any need.


Leather Thickness

Today’s wallets use a variety of materials, with leather undoubtedly being one of the most popular.  Although leather is not the only option out there, it is agreeably the best choice.  It goes without saying that the thinner the leather, the better, as you will need to consider the items that will be contained within the wallet.  However, it is crucial to make sure that the leather thickness you choose will hold up sufficiently to day to day use and carry.


Leather Finish

The finishing of a wallet entails the final appearance of the leather’s surface, which commonly includes waterproofing, coloring, wax dressing, and in some instances, any embossing that may be included.  A binder is applied to the leather’s surface after having been colored or stained to make the leather wallet much more durable and stain-resistant, and water-resistant.


Black leather wallet - Liberty Leather Goods

Black leather wallet



Types of Leather Wallets


Women’s Leather Wallets

The primary difference between men and women’s leather wallets is mainly that of size.  Women’s wallet styles standardly offer more compartments than those for men. This difference is because women are prone to carrying more items and need to fit the wallet into a woman’s purse.

Men generally have smaller wallets to accommodate fitting in their back pocket.  Women’s wallets come with embellishments such as stones, rivets, stones, and beads and can be seen quilted or stitched with multiple forms of décor.  Women’s leather wallets are offered in both formal and casual styles.


Handmade Leather Wallets

A handmade leather wallet is typically a handcrafted one.  The wallet is designed, the leather prepared, and the item constructed from “scratch” by the individual who crafts it.  Because the leather wallet is constructed from the “ground up,” it can be designed and tailored to the individual’s needs, it is being crafted for.


Genuine Leather Wallet

Full-grain leather wallets—or real leather wallets—are the best choice for those wanting a wallet that will stand up to time and go the distance.  Through the use of genuine leather and secured stitching, the wallet carrier is rest assured that it will get the job done and in style.

Full-grain leather wallets—or real leather wallets—are the best choice for those wanting a wallet that will stand up to time and go the distance.



Minimalist Leather Wallet

Minimalist leather wallets came into their own about five years ago—mainly through the Kickstarter arena.  Since then, each new design has become slimmer and slimmer, moving more and more towards that of minimalism.  The surge in interest in the minimalist leather wallet is that of wanting to pack as many items into as slim a wallet as possible.


Mens Leather Wallets

Men’s leather wallets are created with the mindset that once the contents are inside, it needs to fit into the back pocket of the pants.  Men generally only carry the basic necessities—driver license, debit and credit cards, and cash.  For this reason, most men’s leather wallets are typically thin in nature and compact.


Mens Trifold Leather Wallets

A men’s trifold leather wallet is often avoided by many because they feel the wallet is rather bulky and tends to create somewhat of a bulge in the pocket.  As for the construction of a trifold wallet, it is a style that folds over twice, creating three folds in all.  Tri-fold leather wallets are more often much roomier than other leather wallets, but not always, meaning it is heavier.


Leather Wallet Made In USA

There are several sellers of leather wallets handcrafted and made in the USA.  Some of these sellers include North Star Leather Co, in Ruby, SC; Buffalo Billfold Company, in Worthington, MN; and Fox Creek Leather, in Independence, VA.  All there of these sellers have received 5-star reviews on both their product and their customer service.


Genuine American Buffalo Leather Wallet

A wallet constructed from genuine American buffalo leather is undeniably durable and tough.  The wallet is so strong due to the content of full grain leather made from the hides of American Bison.


Buffalo Leather Trifold Wallet

Wallets that are constructed of full grain Bison leather are made to last the distance.  With the strength naturally inherent in the leather itself, the wallet’s folds don’t stress or fall apart at the rate that other wallets are prone to do.  The wallet is long-lasting, with many serving their carriers as long as 30+ years.


Full Grain Leather Wallet RFID

For those individuals that feel they need a little extra added protection, there are full-grain leather wallets available on the market that provide just that.  In addition to the quality and durability of full grain leather, there are also RFID options.  RFID is a shielding material engineered to protect those items, such as debit and credit cards.


Full Grain Front Pocket Wallet

A full grain front pocket wallet is one that leans more towards minimalism, with the added convenience of providing an outside pocket.  As the inner part of the wallet will still offer the protection needed for such items as debit and credit cards and cash, the outer pocket securely holds those day to day items that need to be handy and within quick reach.


Womens Leather Wallet - Liberty Leather Goods

Womens Leather Wallet


Related Questions


What is the best leather wallet brand?

The leather wallet has come along way, and as such, there are many brands on the market today.  With that said, the most popular and best-selling leather wallet is offered by Fossil.  Offering various styles, for both men and women, and in a variety of colors, the Fossil name is considered the best.

The most popular and best-selling leather wallet is offered by Fossil.


How much is a real leather wallet?

You can expect the price range of leather wallets of any type to run anywhere from $50 up to well within the hundreds.  Many factors go into the overall figuring of the price of a real leather wallet—such as the type of leather, the style of the stitching, and the number of steps taken to protect the leather itself.


Are leather wallets good?

If you are looking for the traits of durability, length of life, and reliability, then leather wallets are the only way to go.  They are constructed not only with the appearance in mind but also to go the distance and last over time.


How do you maintain a leather wallet?

Several factors come into play when maintaining a leather wallet.  The first and most important is that you do not overstuff the wallet.  When you stuff your wallet, it will only serve to stretch ts out of shape.  When you notice any forming of dirt or stain on the wallet, wipe it with a damp cloth as soon as possible.  Make sure to use only those products geared towards the cleaning of leather.  Do not use soaps or detergents as these may significantly affect the wallet’s composition.


Can I wash a leather wallet?

It is suggested that you wash your leather wallet.  However, if it were to become wet, wipe the surface clean with a dry cloth, and then allow it time to dry at room temperature.  Do not try to quicken the process by using a dryer, as exposure to extreme temperatures will cause the leather to wrinkle.


How can I make my leather wallet shiny?

The most straightforward manner in which to make a leather wallet shiny is to apply a conditioner made for use on leather.  You will then take a dry, clean cloth and buff it until it has the depth of shine you are looking to achieve.  Ensure that the cloth you use to polish the wallet is different from the one you apply the conditioner with.  It is also vital that when you buff the leather, you do it in the same direction of the grain.


How do you clean a genuine leather wallet?

When cleaning a genuine leather wallet, you mustn’t dunk or soak it in water.  You will need to create a solution of dish soap and warm water.  Dip a soft, clean cloth in the solution and make sure to wring it out well.  Wipe the leather wallet with the cloth, then use a second clean damp cloth to wipe off any excess wetness.  Finally, dry with a clean, dry towel.


How do you make an old leather wallet look new?

Mix a solution of two parts linseed oil and one part white vinegar in a plastic bowl.  Dip a rag into the solution and then rub the leather wallet, making sure to use small leather motions.  Allow the solution to soak into the leather for at least 15 minutes and then, using a dry cloth, proceed to buff the wallet until it obtains a new, beautiful shine.


Can you use shoe polish on leather wallet?

Shoe polish has a high instance of transferring color.  This tendency to transfer color means if you apply it to a leather wallet, it will more than likely discolor or stain your clothes or other items that the wallet comes into contact with.  Shoe polish is also most commonly based in high solvents and as such, can dry out the leather wallet.


Leather Pocket Wallet - Liberty Leather Goods

Leather Pocket Wallet

Best Leather Wallet

When shopping for a new leather wallet, function and form are two of the most critical factors.  It can be quite a task in finding the perfect fit for your needs.  With this in mind, we have listed three of the most popular brands and styles below.


Fossil Ingram Leather Trifold WalletThis is an excellent wallet for everyday use with plenty of room for cash and cards.  At only 4.25 x 3.25 inches, this wallet has an unbelievable amount of storage space.
Bellroy Slim SleeveThis leather wallet proves the old saying that less if more.  Being constructed of sustainable leather, this wallet touts a compact, minimalist design.
Tumi Monaco Double BillfoldThis leather option ranks on the high-end in cost.  With its embossed finish, this wallet will work just about anywhere. It is just that versatile.



Popular Leather Wallets and Brands 


Bellroy Hide and SeekEnvironmentally certified premium leather, holds 5-12 cards, and offers RFID protection.
Women’s Wallet BrandsWith women’s leather wallets, function meets fashion with many brands offering their wallets with stones, beads, or customized embossing.
Bellroy RFID WalletEnvironmentally certified premium leather, holds 4-11 cards, features three slots for quick access, and RFID protection
Louis Vuitton Mens WalletConstructed with high-quality leather, stitching, embossing, and designs, Louis Vuitton is the top of the line in leather wallets.
Nike Wallet MensMuch like the entire Nike brand, their leather wallets are inspired by the greatest players in sports.  Designed with a bi-fold shape, this wallet is crafted from the finest textured leather.



Where to Buy a Leather Wallet?



Here, you can find a variety of leather wallets offered by various top name designers for both men and women.



If you are looking for some a little more personalized or unusual, then Etsy is the place to look for a new leather wallet.


When considering the purchase of a new leather wallet, the choices are unlimited.  When choosing leather in a wallet, your wallet will serve you for many years to come with the proper maintenance and care.If you’re interested in other leather accessories, click here for my article about leather duffle bags, or here for my guide to leather messenger bags.

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How long should a wallet last?

A well-made wallet, constructed of premium leather, can serve you for up to thirty years or more.


Why are leather wallets so expensive?

The better made the leather wallet, the more it will cost.  Remember the old saying—you get what you pay for.

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