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Leather Trench Coat – What to Look for In This Iconic Style

The leather trench coat is one of the best leather garments on the market. Leather is a durable, adaptable material that has been used for outerwear garments for thousands of years. One of the most classic outerwear silhouettes is the trench coat. This timeless garment is a staple that can last a lifetime.

A leather trench coat is a type of leather outerwear made in the traditional military-inspired, long-coat style. They are usually mid-thigh to knee length and typically tailored but not tight, with a collar, button closure, and a belt for extra security and a better fit.

Let’s explore some of the qualities, options, and what to look for.

What is a Leather Trench Coat?

One of the most iconic garments in fashion history is the trenchcoat. This fashion mainstay is traditionally made from materials like twill, wool, or heavy cotton. When made from leather, the timeless silhouette takes on an ultra-sophisticated, bold edge while benefiting from the material’s durable, weatherproof qualities.

This style of coat has military roots, designed as a lighter, more utilitarian alternative to heavy British military overcoats. They are considered a fashion staple, able to be dressed up or down and combined with almost any style. Leather trench coats benefit from leather’s long-lasting, durable qualities while still retaining the style’s classic silhouette.

Many leather trench coats are made from genuine leather for maximum comfort and longevity, but some are also made from faux leather. More modern leather trench coats may do away with the style’s waist belt, opting instead for a more tailored approach for a precise fit.

They may also be longer than the traditional mid-thigh to knee-length, whether for extra weather protection or simply for style purposes. Leather trench coats can cost anywhere from $40 for faux leather fashion coats to thousands of dollars for rugged genuine leather overcoats. Prices can range from $40 to thousands of dollars.

Woman Wearing a Brown Leather Trench Coat - Liberty Leather Goods

Woman Wearing a Brown Leather Trench Coat

Types of Leather Trench Coats


Womens Leather Trench Coat

Women’s leather trench coats come in several variations on the classic silhouette. These coats tend to be quite tailored for a more feminine fit and can be belted or unbelted. In faux leather, these may be available in a wide variety of finishes and colors and may be functional as coats or used for fashion purposes only.

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In genuine leather, these coats may be made from soft lambskin leather or durable full-grain leather. Genuine leather trench coats for women can cost anywhere between $80 and thousands of dollars depending on manufacturer and leather type.

Women’s leather trench coats are available from many different retailers, from fast fashion to couture. These coats are sophisticated and classy, worn typically in professional and semi-formal settings. They pair beautifully with workwear and dressier outfits and are typically worn in cooler weather, particularly in autumn.

Women’s leather trench coats tend to have a longer cut than men’s, falling anywhere from mid-thigh to mid-calf to mimic a feminine, dress-like silhouette.

Womens Faux Leather Trench Coat

Women’s faux leather trench coats are made exclusively from faux leather, a plastic product. Faux leather is an excellent alternative to genuine leather for those who would prefer an inexpensive leather-like garment or for those who would like to avoid purchasing and using genuine leather.

These coats are available in a variety of colors and finishes – faux leather can very closely mimic genuine leather in both look and feel, or can feel almost vinyl-like depending on finish and quality. Some faux leathers are available in finishes mirroring rare leathers or hides, like crocodile or snake.

Many faux leathers can be produced in finishes impossible to recreate in genuine leather, resulting in a garment with added durability in a fun, unique finish.

Women’s leather trench coats come in several variations on the classic silhouette. These coats tend to be quite tailored for a more feminine fit and can be belted or unbelted.

Women’s Vintage Leather Trench Coat

Women’s vintage leather trench coats are quite in-demand. Genuine leather takes on a patina as it ages, creating a beautiful aged finish which only adds to the garment’s character. Vintage styles and silhouettes are also quite popular, particularly in women’s coats.

Though trench coat silhouettes haven’t changed much over time, vintage leather trench coats are highly sought after for their comfortable, worn-in feel and their high-quality craftsmanship.

Women’s Long Black Leather Trench Coat

Long trench coats and overcoats are often referred to as “dusters”. Long leather trench coats for women are a bit harder to find than traditionally-cut styles. They offer a high-fashion, edgy look and can be found in genuine or faux leather.

Long leather trench coats are naturally more expensive than regular-length trench coats due to the extra fabric used, but these longer coats can offer added weather protection, warmth, and durability than shorter varieties.


Mens Leather Trench Coat

Men’s leather trench coats look quite similar to their military ancestors. Tailored without being tight, these coats are typically cut anywhere from the hip to knee-length. Men’s leather trench coats have button closures and most have a waist belt for a customizable, secure fit.

Men’s trench coats are truly versatile garments that can be worn with a variety of styles, from formal to professional to weekend casual. Men’s leather trench coats can cost anywhere from $70 to thousands depending on manufacturer and leather type.

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Men’s leather trench coats are available in both faux and genuine leather. Faux leather styles are less expensive than genuine leather, but also will not last nearly as long. These coats may come in a variety of colors and finishes, perfect for those who want to avoid purchasing genuine leather or for those looking for a unique alternative with a leather feel.

Genuine leather men’s trench coats will last a lifetime and are a true investment piece, but may be quite expensive.

Man Wearing a Black Leather Trench Coat - Liberty Leather Goods

Man Wearing a Black Leather Trench Coat

Mens Leather Trench Coat Full Length

Full-length trench coats are cut at ankle-length and are often referred to as “dusters”. Long men’s leather trenchcoats typically lack the waist belt of the classic silhouette and are a bit less tailored for a more relaxed fit.

Mens Faux Leather Trench Coat

Faux leather trench coats are less common in men’s styles, but they can be found from multiple designers and high-end retailers. The majority of men’s faux leather trench coats are made from vegan leather, a high-quality faux leather. These coats are generally less expensive than genuine leather trench coats, but lack the long life of a genuine leather garment.

Men’s leather trench coats look quite similar to their military ancestors. Tailored without being tight, these coats are typically cut anywhere from the hip to knee-length.

Mens Black Leather Trench Coat Full Length

Full-length trench coats are cut to the ankle. Men’s black leather trench coats are a great choice for those looking to make a statement with their outerwear. These coats give off an edgy, cool vibe with the bonus of extra weather resistance and warmth thanks to their extra fabric.

Popular Colors and Styles

Black Leather Trench Coat

Black leather is a classic choice for any leather coat, and a leather trench coat is no exception. Back leather is classic for a reason – it’s a bold, confident choice that goes with anything. Black leather is easy to dress up or down and complements almost any outfit.

Black leather trench coats feel utilitarian and high fashion at the same time, making them the perfect choice for a cool day. With their tailored fit and flattering length, black leather trench coats look good on any and every body. They’re a modern take on a timeless silhouette.

Whether genuine or faux leather, black leather trench coats are a staple. Genuine black leather will last a lifetime while showing little to no signs of wear. Genuine leather keeps you warm and protects you from the elements, allowing you to stay cozy and avoid the bulky feel of other mid-weight coats.

Faux leather has many of the same benefits as genuine leather but is typically less expensive. Faux leather coats are great for a leather-like look and feel on a budget. Faux leather trench coats are usually more heavily lined since faux leather lacks the warmth of genuine leather.

Brown Leather Trench Coat

Brown leather trench coats are made from leather in a brown tone, either dyed or natural blonde leather. Brown leather gives off a vintage, utilitarian vibe and is great for those who want a leather trench coat without the edginess of black leather. Brown leather takes on a patina as it ages, resulting in a beautifully aged garment with lots of character.

Woman with Camera Wearing a Brown Leather Trench Coat - Liberty Leather Goods

Woman with Camera Wearing a Brown Leather Trench Coat

Plus Size Leather Trench Coat

Leather trench coats are available in plus sizes, which start at size 10/12. Trench coats are an excellent choice for plus sizes because their cut is super flattering. Plus size leather trench coats come in genuine or faux leather and can be found in almost any color and finish.

These coats, tailored and traditionally cut around mid-thigh, can be belted to show off the shape and worn for almost every occasion. Leather trench coats for plus sizes are a bit harder to find than for straight sizes, but leather retailers, department stores, and leather artisans are an excellent resource for plus-size shoppers to find high-quality leather trench coats.

Leather Trench Coat Outfit

Thanks to their tailored and structured-yet-sophisticated style, leather trench coats work well with almost any type of outfit. While they may not be the best choice to wear while doing strenuous outdoor activity, they’re ideal for almost anything else.

Leather trench coats give professional outfits a confident flair and look perfect with semi-formal looks. They can even be worn with a casual look for a day of shopping or an autumn walk in the park.

Here’s a helpful video walking through how to style a leather trench coat with different outfits:

Helpful Insights

What is the flap on a trench coat for?

The flap on a trench coat is called a storm flap. This design element’s purpose is to keep rain from running into the coat and onto the wearer by directing it down the shoulders and off the body.

How do you style leather trenches?

Leather trench coats can be styled in a ton of ways! These coats can be worn over formalwear, professional outfits, or even casual clothing. The finish and color of the leather often determines how and where it should be worn – for example, brown leather is less widely accepted as formal than black leather because it tends to show wear and age, thus looking less neat than black leather.

Here’s a video showing how to style a faux leather trench coat:

When should men wear trench coats?

Men should wear trench coats to formal and semiformal events, to work, or for casual activities. Men should avoid wearing trench coats while working outdoors or during sports.

When should you wear a trench coat?

Trench coats can be worn for almost any occasion. They’re best suited for cool weather, as they are not typically heavily lined.

How should trench coat fit?

A trench coat should be tailored, but not tight. These coats are designed to provide a structured, flattering fit without looking sloppy or uncomfortable.

How do you wear a black trench coat?

Black trench coats can be worn with almost any outfit. Their color and finish make them a wardrobe staple that goes with nearly anything, but they’re best suited for formal or semiformal events and professional wear.

How do you tie a trench coat?

In addition to button closure, trench coats traditionally include a waist belt. This can be buckled or tied for a snug fit at the waist. Here’s a helpful video showing how to tie a trench coat:

Can you wear a trench coat with jeans?

A trench coat can absolutely be worn with jeans. Any style or color works well with jeans, but more casual styles will look more natural than very formal trench coats.

What is the best color for a trench coat?

Traditional non-leather trench coats are most widely available in a tan or khaki color. Leather trench coats are mostly found in either brown or black leather. The best color for a trench coat is determined by the types of places and events you frequent.

If you are a professional who attends many formal events, a black leather trench coat is a great choice. For those who want a rugged trench coat or a more traditional military feel, brown is a better option.

Can you wear a trench coat if you’re short?

It’s possible to wear a trench coat as a short person. Trench coats come in many lengths, and the key to wearing a trench coat as a short person is finding the perfect length to flatter your shape rather than overwhelm it. A trench coat cut to the hip or slightly below is a better choice for short people than a full-length trench.

What is the difference between a trench coat and an overcoat?

The easiest way to tell the difference between a trench coat and an overcoat is weight. Overcoats are heavy and designed for cold weather, while trench coats are lighter and are designed to be worn in cooler weather. Trench coats are typically made from rain-resistant materials like leather or heavyweight cotton, whereas overcoats are typically made from heavy materials like wool.

Here is a brief explanation with an example:

Best Leather Trench Coat

Let’s take a look at a few recommendations:

Best Classic Trench

Remain Pirello Leather Trench Coat, $740 Remain’s genuine leather trench is a beautiful example of a classic trench coat silhouette for women. Its double-breasted button closure and belt ensure a comfortable, flattering fit, and its mid-calf length offers extra protection from rain and chill.

Its large side flap pockets offer convenient storage with extra rain protection, and its rich mid-tone brown finish is reminiscent of aged natural leather.

Best Plus Size Trench

Fashion to Figure Nina Faux Leather Trench Coat, $129.95 This plus-size leather trench coat from beloved plus size retailer Fashion to Figure offers the best of multiple worlds: it’s a modern, faux leather, affordable option for plus sizes.

This style is lacking traditional button closure, opting for belt closure only for a modern silhouette. Its faux leather is a buttery, rich black and its flattering cut falls just below the knee. A price tag of less than $150 means that this leather trench coat is a great option for plus sizes!

Best Men’s Trench

ASOS Design Leather Single-Breasted Trench Coat, $222 ASOS is known for its excellent, fashionable options at reasonable prices, and this men’s trench coat is no exception. A mix of classic and modern, this leather trench coat opts for a comfortable single-breasted button closure and waist belt.

It’s cut just below the hip for a masculine silhouette, and its structured construction and smooth black leather finish bridges the gap between casual and formal.

Zara Leather Womens Trench Coat

Spanish retailer Zara is an excellent resource for women’s leather trench coats. Zara’s offerings range from $80 to almost $200 and are available in faux and genuine leather. Their styles are a variety, from modern to classic, and are available in multiple finishes and colors to complement any look.

Where to Buy a Leather Trench Coat

Here’s a helpful video guide to buying a leather trench coat, followed below by store suggestions:

Leather Trench Coat on Amazon

Most trench coats on Amazon will be faux leather. However, some genuine leather trench coats can be found on the site from leather retailers or craftsmen.

Specialty Retailers

Specialty leather retailers like Wilson’s Leather are an excellent resource for leather trench coats

Department Stores

High-end department stores like Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Neiman Marcus are also a source for both genuine leather and high-quality faux leather trench coats.

Leather trench coats are a modern twist on an ages-old classic silhouette. This garment is suitable for any event, any style, and any body, making it the perfect leather garment for any fashion lover! Whether it’s genuine or faux leather, your leather trench coat will become an instant favorite that you’ll reach for again and again. If you’d like to pair these with other fashion options, click here for my article about leather jeans, my guide on leather belts, or article on leather dresses.

Related Topics

Is it OK to wear a trench coat in winter?

While leather is a warm material, it’s best to keep the leather trench coat in your closet during the winter. Leather is water-resistant but not waterproof, and excess snow on leather can result in damage to its natural finish.

What temperature is a trench coat good for?

Leather trench coats are ideal for cool autumn weather. They are perfect for wearing over sweaters or warmer tops for an event, work, or just a walk around town. They retain warmth without the bulk of other medium-weight jackets and coats.

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