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Leather Tool Maker List

When I started getting into leather craft I had no idea what tools existed, or where to find them. Over time I pulled together a global leather tool maker list, and added it below if it might be helpful to anyone looking for different tools or manufacturers. If you have another to add, email me at

If you’re interested in a detailed guide I put together about all leather working tools, click here. For a guide to my favorite tools, click here.


BarryKing Leather Tools

Barry King produces a full line of leather working and stamping tools. All tools are made of stainless steel. This helps with corrosion and extends the life of the tools being used frequently. Most tools are designed for the “Sheridan Style” carving, but can be used for other styles as well. There is a lifetime guarantee for all tools, except normal wear items. All products are handcrafted; therefore, they may vary slightly in size and appearance. They are located in Sheridan, WY.

Bruce Johnson Leather Tools

Whether you’re a hobbiest just starting out or a veteran leatherworker looking for quality tools to add to your workbench, Bruce Johnson can help you find the appropriate tool. From Sauerbier and Harrington to Gomph and Osborne, he scours the planet for vintage and antique leather tools, refurbish and restore them, and then list them here on his site for sale.

CS Osbourne Leather Tools

C.S. Osborne & Co. of Harrison, New Jersey manufacturers the finest Leather Tools, Industrial Tools and Upholstery Tools available….and distributes its products worldwide. Ably assisted by skilled employees who adhere to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, the 8th generation of the Osborne family continues to manage the company today.

Douglas Leather Tools

Maker of various leather working tools, based on Sheridan, WY.

Fine Leatherworking Leather Tools

Fine Leatherworking has the aim to help designers and artists source high quality materials for their leather creations. They hope to continue to elevate the craft of leatherworking and provide useful resources and knowledge to everyone who wants to make fine leather goods. The sell tools by several manufacturers, and also manufacture and sell a line of their own paints and glues. They are located in Berkeley, CA.

Knipschield Leather Tools

He makes high-end leather knives from either ATS-34 or CPM154CM. Both of these steels are high carbon stainless steels, containing 1% or more carbon in their alloys. The blades are heat treated to a hardness of around RC-60. He uses cocobolo for the handles with a brass bolster, and works hard to develop the right edge geometry for these knives; all the head knives have a tapered, convex, or ‘apple seed’ edge to them. The straight or trim knives are either flat or hollow ground but with a slight convex grind at the edge. He is located in Rochester, MN.

Leather Wranglers Inc Leather Tools

Uncompromised Quality in high-performance swivel knives, custom head knives, trim knives, and other leather craft tools. Home of the SK3 Swivel Knife, the LW Round Knife & more leather craft tools. They are located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Marlin Leather Tools

Danny Marlin makes high-end, custom, leather cutting knives. He is located in Comanche, Texas.

Robert Beard Tools Leather Tools

Robert is a professional leather artist and carving teacher that produces a Pro-Series of leather tools that are individually and personally hand crafted leather carving instruments, in order to achieve the finest, sharpest, cleanest images possible for the most discerning leather artisan. He is located in Farmington, New Mexico.

Ron's Tools Leather Tools

Ron’s Tool Company has evolved from the need to have good quality leather working hand tools. The design of each tool is the result of leather working experience and knowledge of how the tool should perform. Ron’s uses the highest quality steel and other components to manufacture a tool that is unsurpassed in composition and utility. They are located in St. Ignatius, MT.

Tandy Leather Leather Tools

Tandy Leather Factory, Inc. is a specialty retailer and wholesale distributor of leather and leather related products. It operates in three divisions: Wholesale Leathercraft, Retail Leathercraft and international leathercraft. Originally part of the Tandy Corporation, Tandy Leather has gone through a series of acquisitions and mergers, eventually being sold to The Leather Factory in 2000. Currently Tandy Leather Factory has over 100 stores worldwide. The Tandy Leather headquarters is located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Weaver Leather Tools

They produce a line of leather making tools called Master Tools. Weaver Leather supply is located in Mt. Hope, Ohio.



Bohle Leather Tools

Don Carlos are fine knives made in Germany by the Bohle company.

Eprose Leather Tools

Eprose develops a large range of products for the leather industry, such as crafts, saddlery, shoes, upholstery, automobiles. They offer quality products that improve efficiency, security and comfort. Their hand tools have been researched and developed with cutting-edge technology in our workshop in Thiers (Auvergne), France.


Vergez Blanchard Leather Tools

Vergez Blanchard manufactures hand tools for leather work, upholstery, slate roofing and rubber work. Their tools are made from high quality steel directly forged in their workshop in Romilly sur Andelle (Eure, Normandy, France). Their employees are true craftsmen, who work together to produce tools with tradition, known and recognized by craftsmen for nearly two centuries who have worked together to produce traditional tools recognized for nearly two centuries. They are some of the highest-quality leather tools available.



Amy Roke Leather Tools

They design and produce supreme leather tools and materials for world-wide leather brand and craftsmen. Located in Asia with distributors in France, Korea, and Japan, they are based in China.

Cmdachong Leather Tools

Maker of fine leather tools, based on China

South Korea

Doldokki Leather Tools

Doldokki is an award winning tool company that has been innovating and modernizing tool designs in South Korea since 2007. Founded by automotive designer Sangae Kim, they quickly established a reputation for high quality, beautiful tools. Fine Leatherworking is Doldokki’s exclusive North American representative

Elfita Leather Tools

Maker of a range of leather tools, based in South Korea

KS Blade Punch Leather Tools

KS Blade Punch is a maker of leather tools that considers what would be the best tool for makers. Along with respect toward the craftsmanship, they make our best effort to capture the essence of the spirit. They prioritize both practicality and functionality of our product and are based in South Korea.

Vacheta Leather Tools

Maker of various leather making tools, located in South Korea


Producer of leather working tools, based in Japan

Goods Japan Leather Tools

Seller of general leather tools from various Japanese manufacturers


Kyoshin-Elle Leather Tools

They produce a wide range of good quality leather working tools, and are based in Japan

Leather Craft Tools Leather Tools

Seller of general leather tools from various Japanese manufacturers

OKA Leather Tools

They make leather tools using traditional Japanese artisan techniques with precision honed sharpness and quality, and are based in Japan.

South Africa

Chartermade Leather Tools

A producer of leather tools and leather goods, based in Clarens, Free State, South Africa.