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Leather Spray Paint – Types, Tips, and How to Use Them

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to paint your leather shoes, furniture, or auto seats. Consider using leather spray paint. The paint dries quickly, so you can have your renewed leather ready to go before you know it.

Leather spray paints can be used to paint shoes, leather furniture or auto seats. It comes in many colors and different sizes. Read on to find out about how to paint leather with spray paint and also learn about recommended brands.

Get ready to spray paint your leather shoes or furniture or even car seats. It’s quick and easy. Here’s what you need to know to get started with leather spray paints.

What is Leather Spray Paint?

Leather spray paint works on leather, vinyl, or plastic. It can be used to renew or change the color on any of these surfaces. And if properly applied, it will look natural and won’t peel or rub off. It can be used for a variety of leather covered objects—some are discussed in more detail below.

There are several brands of leather or vinyl spray paint (which can also be used on leather). They generally come in either 4-oz or around 12-oz cans. The smaller cans are good for smaller projects like shoes—1 can should be enough to cover one pair of shoes, but boots may require 2 cans.. The prices range from around $8 for the smaller cans and $13-15 for the larger cans.

Red Leather Spray Paint - Liberty Leather Goods
Red Leather Spray Paint

Most of these paints are meant to be used on smooth leather, not suede. So, if you want to paint suede shoes, be sure to check the paint manufacturer’s recommendations first.

When using spray paint, it’s best to do it outdoors or in a place with good ventilation. It should be used where the temperature is between 50° and 90° F. Also, you’ll want to use newspapers or a drop cloth to protect your working surface from getting paint on it.

Be sure to protect any parts of your shoes, furniture, or whatever you’re painting that you don’t want to paint. Remove things like laces or furniture legs and tape or wrap other parts that can’t be removed.

And any time you paint leather, be sure to clean and deglaze the surface first. Angelus makes a leather preparer and deglazer that costs $4 for 5 ounces. Fieblings also makes a deglazer ($6.25 for 4 oz).

When using spray paint, it’s best to do it outdoors or in a place with good ventilation.

Helpful Leather Spray Paints to Start With

Here is an easy-reference table with paid links to items that I trust – these are some helpful leather spray paints to try.

Renew SprayNu-Life Leather/Vinyl/Plastic Color Renew SprayView on amazon
Refinish SprayColorBond (1870) Leather Refinisher SprayView on amazon

Leather Spray Paint Uses

Leather Spray Paint For Shoes

Both TRG Super Color and MB Brillo make spray paint especially for leather shoes. For $8 or so, you can repaint your shoes or paint them a new color. You have a choice of 40 or 50 plus colors, depending on which brand you choose.

It’s important to properly clean your shoes before applying the paint. You can use a cleaner and deglazer like the one made by Angelus-as recommended by Brillo. It’s really important to properly prepare the shoes so that the paint will stick.

Apply the paints in thin coats. They dry in minutes and may require more than one coat for complete coverage. But making sure you use thin coats will help the paint to really adhere to the leather.

Leather Spray Paint For Car Seats

You can use leather spray paint for car seats. You’ll want to either remove the seats from the car or protect the floors, doors, etc. before painting. Rustoleum fabric and vinyl paint can be used to paint car seats, as can Color Bond. Rustoleum comes in 8 colors while Color Bond has 188 different colors.

As with any kind of leather painting, it’s important to clean the leather and remove the finish before painting. Color Bond recommends applying the paint in a light mist, holding the can 12 inches from the surface. You may need to apply several coats to cover the seats completely.

Brown Leather Spray Paint - Liberty Leather Goods
Brown Leather Spray Paint


Leather Spray Paint For Furniture

You can use the same kind of paints you use to paint car seats to paint leather furniture. Rustoleum fabric and vinyl paint or Color Bond paint will both work on furniture.

To get complete coverage, you’ll probably have to apply several thin coats of paint. And don’t forget to clean and deglaze your leather first. It’s really important to prepare the leather so that the paint will stick.


Related Questions

Can you use spray paint on leather?

You can use spray paint on leather. Be sure to use a paint that’s made for leather or other flexible surfaces—like vinyl. These are specially prepared to stick to these kinds of surfaces. And they won’t crack or flake with normal use.

What kind of paint can be used on leather?

There are a few types of paint that are made especially to be used on leather. You can find paints that you apply with a brush or spray paints, as discussed here. Most of these paints are acrylic based. You can also use paint markers for adding details. Also, Jacquard brand fabric paint can be used on leather—but most other fabric paints won’t work as well. You can find a wide range of colors and even some fancy metallic , glittery, or pearlescent colors.

Here is a great before and after spray painting a faded leather couch.

How long does spray paint take to dry on leather?

Depending on what kind of paint you use, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. It’s probably a good idea to let the paint dry for 24 hours before you actually use your painted leather item.

Can you spray paint leather chair?

You can spray paint a leather chair using spray paint made for leather or Rustoleum Fabric and Vinyl paint. You’ll want to remove or protect any part of the chair you don’t want to paint. For example, if your chair has wooden legs, you’ll want to take them off if you can or else wrap them with paper or plastic and tape, so they don’t accidentally get painted, too.

What spray paint is good to use on leather?

You can find spray paints that are especially made to use on shoes or boots, and other spray paints that are meant to be used on furniture and car upholstery. Some of the available brands are discussed below.


Leather Spray Paint Brands

Rustoleum Leather Spray Paint

Rustoleum doesn’t make a paint specifically for leather, but people have successfully used their fabric and vinyl paint on leather. It comes in 9 colors and costs around $13-15 for an 11 oz can, although I found the sand color on sale at Walmart for only $5.33.

Colorbond Leather Spray Paint

Colorbond is made for use on car leather or leather furniture. It costs about $17 for a 12 oz can and comes in 188 colors! It takes about 2 minutes to dry between coats and bonds in 10 minutes. You might need multiple coats to get complete coverage.

You can use the same kind of paints you use to paint car seats to paint leather furniture.

MB Brillo Color Spray Dye

This paint is made for shoes, and so it comes in 4 oz cans and over 60 colors. A can of this paint costs around $8. One can should paint one pair of shoes, but boots might need 2 cans. They recommend using Angelus Leather Preparer and Deglazer  ($4 for 5 oz) prior to painting. The colors don’t rub off and repel water, dirt, and stains.

TRG Super Color Spray Paint

This spray paint is also made for shoes. It costs around $8 for a 3.77 ounce can and comes in over 40 colors. It’s quick drying and requires no finishing after application. The shoes should be thoroughly cleaned before applying this paint.


Best Leather Spray Paint

The best leather spray paint for shoes:

MB Brillo Color Spray DyeComes in over 60 colors, costs around $8 for enough paint for a pair of shoes and is easy to use.
RG Super Color Spray PaintAnother great spray paint for leather shoes. It costs about the same as Brillo and comes in over 40 colors. Like Brillo, it dries in about 5 minutes.

The best leather spray paint for furniture and car seats:

Colorbond Leather Spray PaintA great choice for painting larger leather items. It comes in 188 different colors, and while you need to prepare the leather, you don’t have to add a finisher. And it dries in 2 minutes, so you can add layers quickly. It’s a good idea to let the paint dry overnight before sitting on it.
Rustoleum Fabric and Vinyl PaintWhile not made specifically for leather, people have had good success using this on leather. It only comes in 9 colors, but if it comes in one that you like, it could be a good choice.

Here is a good tutorial on spray painting or dying vinyl or leather.



Where to Buy a Leather Spray Paint


Walmart carries Colorbond brand spray paint online, at $28 for 12 ounces, as well as rustoleum for fabric and vinyl for $5.33-15.98.

Home Depot

Home Depot sells Rustoleum Fabric and Vinyl spray in a 6-pack for $41.88.


You can find Brillo spray paint on ETSY. I found it in several different shops for $12.50-12.95/4.5 oz can


Amazon carries all the different brands of paint mentioned here—and a few more besides. Ordering on Amazon is easy, but they don’t always have the best prices.

Other good stores/shops

Also check out local or online shoe repair and shoe supply stores

If you want to paint your leather piece a solid color, leather spray paint might be a good choice. You can find it in a lot of colors. You always have to prepare your leather—clean and deglaze—but often you don’t have to apply a finisher.

Expect to apply several layers for full coverage. It dries quickly, though, so you’ll just need to wait a few minutes between layers. You can refresh the existing color of a piece or give it a whole new color with spray paint. If you’re interested in dyeing leather, click here for my detailed how-to-guide.


Related Topics

Can I spray paint my leather couch?

You can, indeed, spray paint a leather couch. Clean and deglaze it first. Then spray in a thin even coat of leather or vinyl spray paint. You’ll probably need to apply several layers to completely cover the couch.

Can you spray paint leather shoes?

Yes! There are spray paints made especially for painting leather shoes. Be sure to prepare the leather first. You’ll probably need one 4-oz can to cover a pair of shoes. Be sure to remove laces and cover the parts you don’t want to paint.

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