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Choosing the Right Leather Scissors for Each Project

If you’re trying to work with leather in your crafts and you don’t want to ruin it, you’ll want to have a reliable pair of leather scissors. These are great for the occasional DIY project or even if you work with leather professionally.

Different types of scissors are suited to different types of projects for a variety of reasons. In the case of leather scissors, these scissors are crafted to be able to handle cutting something as heavy-duty and sturdy as a piece of genuine leather without damaging the leather or the tool.

Keep reading and we’ll take a look at what leather scissors are, different types of leather scissors, and common questions about them.


What are Leather Scissors?

Working with leather isn’t quite the same as working with a fabric like cotton or polyester. Since leather is thicker and more heavy-duty than these fabrics, you need tools to work with it that match that strength. One of the best answers to this problem is to invest in a pair of leather scissors that fit the needs of your craft.


Leather Craftsman using Leather Scissors - Liberty Leather Goods

Leather Craftsman using Leather Scissors


Leather scissors differ from standard craft scissors because they’re meant to be stronger and more durable than a pair of scissors that are only designed to handle cutting something more fragile like paper. They won’t break down or require the force that a pair of standard craft scissors would to slice through the leather.

This means that you won’t have to struggle as much with jagged edges or uneven cuts – something absolutely crucial when it comes to crafts where precision is a key element.

That being said, there is more to learn about leather scissors than that they simply exist. There are plenty of different types of leather scissors that we’ll cover here to make sure you have all the information that you need.


Types of Leather Scissors

When it comes to leather scissors, you don’t just have a single choice laid out in front of you. You can choose from an array of types and brands. Here, we’ll take a deeper look at some different types of leather scissors.

Leather scissors are more heavy-duty than standard craft scissors.

Fiskars Leather Scissors

Fiskars is a brand that addresses a variety of needs including crafting, gardening, and sewing. Among this variety, they offer a range of scissors that cater to different needs – leather scissors included! This does mean that the list of scissors and tools for leather isn’t the brand’s only specialty.


Heavy Duty Leather Shears

As a concept, leather scissors are more heavy-duty than standard craft scissors. That being said, as we’ve discussed, there are different types of leather with different requirements for working with them effectively. If you’re handling a stronger type of leather, it’s a good idea to opt for a stronger set of blades like those of heavy-duty leather shears. We’ll take a look at where you might be able to find these later.


Promaster Leather Scissors

Pro-Master is a brand that’s dedicated to helping you out with any DIY projects that you might want to take on. This means that they offer the tools you need for a variety of projects. This includes leatherworking and, more specifically to this guide, a selection of leather scissors to choose from.


Leather Scissors with Leather Patches - Liberty Leather Goods

Leather Scissors with Leather Patches

Left Handed Leather Scissors

If you’re left-handed, you probably already notice how many things are tailored to right-handed people. This can make things like crafting and clothes making difficult if the tool you need doesn’t fit comfortably in your hand. Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way when you’re trying out a pair of leather scissors.

The same way that left-handed tools are often more comfortable and cater to left-handed people, a pair of left-handed scissors can go a long way.


Kai Scissors For Leather

Kai Scissors is a great choice when you need a variety of items whether you’re sewing, quilting, crafting, or even searching for beauty products. This wide variety makes it a good place to look for when you need leather scissors but comes with the caveat that since they aren’t solely dedicated to leatherworking, the options may be more limited.

Here is a good tutorial on how to use your Leather Scissors.

Related Questions:


What are the best scissors for cutting leather?

The best scissors for cutting leather can vary from person to person as it depends on what you need. This can vary based on factors such as what you’re making and the type of leather that you’re using. Taking personal considerations into mind is the best way to find the best scissors for cutting leather.


Do you wet leather before cutting?

If you’re cutting a straight line across the leather (i.e. cutting a strip of leather in half) you don’t have to necessarily wet the leather. Wetting the leather when you’re cutting in or stamping a design into the leather is important but it’s worth noting that there’s a balance. If leather is too wet, it’ll show too much wear while dry leather may not retain the pattern.


Does leather fray when cut?

Generally speaking, most types of leather won’t fray when you cut them because they’re smooth leathers. On the other hand, some types of leather – like suede – may fray over time as they’re worn down even if they don’t fray when they’re cut when they’re new. Faux leather is also unlikely to fray when it’s cut although it needs to be finished properly to stay durable.


What is the best tool to cut a leather belt?

While leather scissors are great for cutting large bolts of leather, you have a few other options for simply cutting a leather belt. This is where rotary cutters, head knives, and skiving knives can be handy. If you just want to add additional holes to the belt, V-gouge knives and leather hole punches are helpful. In the end, it depends on what you’re goal for the leather belt is.


Leather Scissors cutting Brown Leather - Liberty Leather Goods

Leather Scissors cutting Brown Leather

Where to Buy Leather Scissors


Tandy Leather Scissors

Tandy Leather is a company that’s focused on the art of leathercrafting. You can buy everything from this source from the leather itself to supplies, tools, and even kits, books, and patterns. Because of its dedication to leathercrafting, it’s a good source for finding everything you need to alter and design leather, including leather scissors to cut the leather down to size.



Walmart is a high-quality choice when you want to stay within a reasonably low budget. Because this is limited to one chain that doesn’t specialize in leatherwork, you might not find as many options here but it’s still worth looking around and seeing what they have. It’s a good place to check for deals, but you might not find exactly what you’re looking for.


Weaver Leather

Weaver Leather is another store that’s specialized in leather products. While they offer a wide variety of leatherworking supplies like hardware, tools, machinery, and leather itself, they also offer items outside of this bubble such as aftercare tools for taking care of leather. Luckily, their wide range is fully advantageous and they have plenty of options concerning leatherworking items like leather scissors.



As most things are, you can also turn to the online shopping giant, Amazon, when you want a pair of leather scissors that will last you. Since there are plenty of sellers on the site, there are also plenty of options available when you’re trying to decide what type and brand of leather scissors fit your preferences and requirements. It can take some time to look through the options but it’s well worth it.


Leather scissors are a tool that anyone who ever works with leather should have handy in their supplies. They allow you to tackle any project you face in which you need to cut through leather effectively without causing any unnecessary strife.

Yet, since there are so many options available, anyone can find leather scissors that fit their needs and preferences. Whether you prefer left-handed leather scissors, heavy-duty ones, or another option, there’s a fit out there for you! If you’re interested in more of the great leather tools, click here for my guide to all of the types and options.


Leather Scissors - Liberty Leather Goods

Leather Scissors

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Can I cut leather with scissors?

Technically, you could cut leather with craft scissors but it isn’t ideal. Since leather is thicker, standard craft scissors often need more force behind them to cut compared to leather scissors. This makes for a more jagged and uneven line.


What tool do you use to cut leather?

There are a few different options when you want to cut leather. You can even make a utility knife, craft knife, or rotary cutter do the trick. The best option available is leather scissors, though. These are specialized for cutting leather as well.

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