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Leather Rings – Your Guide to This Classic Fashion Accessory

Leather rings are a particularly special accessory. They can symbolize marriage, engagement, or memorialize a special event or person.

Leather rings are a stylish type of jewelry, made from leather, and fit around the wearer’s finger. They are typically crafted from genuine leather, and sometimes wrapped around a rigid core (such as plastic or metal) to provide structure when work on the finger. Sizes, colors, and styles vary.

Thinking about purchasing or making your own leather ring? Let’s explore the types and what to look for.


What is a Leather Ring?

A leather ring is a type of hand jewelry made to be worn around a wearer’s finger. Traditionally, rings are made from precious metals and have a special meaning, or are used to accessorize an outfit along with other jewelry items. A leather ring, then, is a ring made from leather that can carry similar symbolization and meaning.

Generally, these can be made of faux leather or genuine leather. Leather rings are made in tons of styles, from simple and modern to embellished and flashy. Like any other ring, leather rings are available with or without gemstones, though opting for gemstone embellishment naturally raises the price of the accessory.

Often, these are made by leather craftsmen or jewelry artisans rather than clothing manufacturers. Leather rings may be a ring with a leather band or a ring with a large leather embellishment. Leather-band rings are unique in that they will, with time, mold to the wearer’s finger, making for a uniquely comfortable, custom-fit accessory.

Leather rings can be relatively inexpensive, especially when made of faux leather, while genuine leather rings can cost upwards of $300 if they utilize gemstones and other materials. These accessories are true testaments to leathercraft thanks to their intricate detail and precise sizing.

They are also a great alternative to traditional metal rings for those whom might be sensitive to metals. Leather rings make a unique fashion statement and, when cared for, can last for years.

Here is a video demonstrating a lot of great examples of styles and types of leather rings:



Types of Leather Rings

Let’s take a look at some of the more common styles and types of options available.

Womens Leather Ring

Women’s rings tend to be more delicate than men’s, and are often more embellished. Traditional women’s rings incorporate thin bands, multiple stones, and intricate decorative work in their design. When it comes to leather rings, women’s offerings tend to be far more embellished than men’s.

These rings often feature bands that are thin in both width and leather thickness, with metal and stone embellishments. A feature seemingly unique to women’s leather rings is large leather embellishment, which can serve as a showcase for the craftsman’s artistic talent. Women’s leather rings are more widely available from designers and traditional retailers.


Women’s rings tend to be more delicate than men’s, and are often more embellished.


Mens Leather Ring

Men’s ring styles are typically chunkier than women’s, and are usually simpler and less embellished. Traditional men’s rings often utilize bold, thick bands of solid metal, lack gemstones, and come in larger sizes. Men’s leather rings often follow suit, with thick bands of genuine or faux leather in darker colors. These bands are usually simple, lacking texture and embellishment.

Men’s rings often prioritize utility over flash; still, embellished men’s leather rings are available. They most often incorporate metal embellishments rather than stones. The embellishment on men’s leather rings is less often metal and more often a beautiful, intricately embossed design, which is a more understated, practical embellishment than metal or gems.


Leather Wedding Ring

Leather wedding rings are an excellent choice for an unconventional couple. Wedding rings are most often made with precious metals like sterling silver or gold, and are either solid or embellished with gemstones. A leather wedding ring, then, would use leather as its band.

This choice would be perfect for a couple who want to make a statement, or, from a more practical standpoint, who are looking for wedding rings that are kind to skin and will last a lifetime. If made from genuine leather, a ring will mold to the wearer over time, serving as a reflection of the wearer themselves and the life they’ve lived – a romantic notion when considering a leather wedding ring.


Leather Ring with Stone

Leather rings with stones are less common than unembellished leather rings, and they tend to be far more expensive. Still, those who are looking for a traditional ring without a metal band might find exactly what they’re looking for in a leather ring with a stone.

Often, leather rings with stones fall into two categories: leather-band rings with stones held in place by metal, or metal-band rings which feature a stone inside of a metal embellishment. Whichever of these leather rings you choose, the result is a statement piece that, when made with genuine leather, will last a lifetime.

Leather Rings - Liberty Leather Goods

Leather Rings


Rustic Wedding Rings

Leather wedding rings can be a great choice for couples looking for a rustic alternative to traditional rings. A rustic wedding ring can be an aesthetic choice for those who simply don’t care for the look of precious metals and flashy gemstones.

Those who work with their hands often may opt for a rustic wedding ring made of leather for a number of reasons. Leather will mold to the wearer, making it more comfortable in the long run. For those who regularly perform manual labor, leather will hold up to constant wear under gloves or outdoors with ease.


For those who regularly perform manual labor, leather will hold up to constant wear under gloves or outdoors with ease.


Braided Leather Ring

A braided leather ring is made of leather which has been cut into thin strips and braided. This produces a unique texture which reinforces the material, adding extra durability to the ring. This style is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a textured leather ring that’s a little more rugged than a single strip of leather.


Smooth Leather Rings

Smooth leather rings are simply rings made from leather and lacking texture or embellishment. These rings appear quite modern and bold, and can be thick or thin depending on the style. Smooth leather rings may have minimal texture, such as stacked layers of leather, but are mostly bare leather.

They prioritize craftsmanship and practicality and are an excellent choice for those who are looking for an unobtrusive leather accessory.


Tooled Leather Rings

Tooled leather is similar to embossed leather. Tooled leather may feature simple designs or intricate, delicate work. Tooled leather requires specific leathercraft tools to create its designs on a soft, wet surface. This process leaves a design which appears to be raised from the leather’s surface.

Tooled leather is always created by hand. Because of this, tooled leather rings can be quite expensive, but they are a beautiful investment and a great choice for those who want a ring that is embellished without looking flashy.



How to Make a Leather Ring

DIY Leather Rings Leather rings may be the most common DIY leathercraft! They are small, can be simple, and leather-band rings are custom fitted to the wearer, making them a fun project to take on if you’re looking to make a leather accessory for yourself.

Depending on your skill level, you may choose to embellish your leather ring with tooling, gemstones, or metal accents. Despite their simplicity, any leathercraft requires a variety of specialized tools, such as an edge slicker, leather punch, leather mallet, and various others. These can often be purchased in a kit, making it easy to attempt a leather ring project with some scrap leather or repurposed leather.

Here’s a great video demonstrating how to make a leather ring:




Leather rings are a unique leather accessory. They are easy to wear, come in a variety of styles, and can be quite affordable. You can even make your own leather ring! If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional metal ring that lasts a lifetime and makes a bold statement, a leather ring may be the perfect leather accessory for you. To explore what leather one might use to craft one, click here for my article about all the types of leather. If you’d like to explore clothing options to match, click here for my article on leather blazers or leather cuffs to learn about the materials and styles.




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How long do leather rings last?

When properly cared for, a genuine leather ring can last a lifetime with care, conditioning, and when kept away from water (water strips leather’s natural conditioning oils). A faux leather ring generally lasts a few years before beginning to wear.

What is the best leather for making a leather ring?

Genuine leather, likely a thin vegetable-tanned piece, is often the best for making a leather ring. It is strong, comfortable, durable, and can last a lifetime when well-cared-for. This makes for a great jewelry piece to be worn on the hand.


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