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Leather Personal Accessories – Making Quality Choices

Personal accessories are something we usually don’t put much thought into, but given their daily use and importance in our lives, perhaps it’s time.  When you want a durable, aesthetically pleasing product and customizable to your tastes, it’s a good idea to look into leather personal accessories.

Leather personal accessories are leather items that enhance or assist our daily lives, including keychains, wallets, glasses cases, and more.  They’re durable, trendy, and fashionable and can be made from genuine or faux leather. Leather personal accessories vary significantly in quality and price.

Do you need to replace your wallet or glasses case but are unsure what the right material is?  Are you looking for a meaningful and beautiful gift for someone special but not sure what to look for? Let’s check out the benefits of leather personal accessories, how much they cost, and some tips for choosing and maintaining them.

What Are Leather Personal Accessories

Leather personal accessories are items people use daily, including wallets, keychains, glasses cases, watch bands, and more.  Personal accessories are small items that can be carried, used at home or work, or used to store other smaller items. 

Leather personal accessories come in many options, and according to researchers Colak, Argun, and Kaygusuz, they can be dyed and personalized using ecological and sustainable means.  When these personal accessories are made of leather, they can be counted on to last a very long time.

A Brown Leather Wallet, Key Holder, and Headphones Case - Leather Personal Accessories - Liberty Leather Goods
A Brown Leather Wallet, Key Holder, and Headphones Case

History of Leather Personal Accessories

The practical use of leather dates back to about 5000 BC.  Early leather personal accessories included water bags, carpets, and foot protection.  The leather was pounded with fat and sun-dried to make it soft and durable.  Leather tanning with vegetable products came about in 400 BC, making the leather better preserved. 

In the middle ages, the leather industry saw significant improvements in the leather-making process, along with high-quality leather accessories.  Machines came about in the 1800s, which automated some processes and made it simpler and faster to make leather personal accessories.  

Types/Styles of Leather Personal Accessories

Leather Keychain And Key Holder

A nice way to carry your keys is with a leather keychain and key holder.  There are many different options available, including straps, loops, pockets, and shapes of leather keychains.  The leather smells nice and feels good in the hand, and leather keychains and holders make great gifts.

Leather Backpack

Want a backpack that’s really built to last?  Leather backpacks are durable, high quality, and last much longer than nylon or fabric backpacks.  They look super classy, come in brand-new or aged leather, and have many different options available for sizes and shapes.

Leather Airpods Case

There are Airpods cases, and then there are leather Airpods cases.  Leather Airpods cases are rugged and soft to the touch, and many come with extras like keychains, wireless charging, and LED lights. 

Leather AirTag Keychain

The leather AirTag keychain is a great way to carry your AirTag and keep track of your keys, backpack, laptop, or anything you tend to misplace.  The leather AirTag keychain holds the AirTag securely and looks elegant. 

Leather Glasses Case

Leather glasses cases are available for the classiest way to carry your glasses.  These come in numerous colors and shapes, can be handmade, and feel nice.  Leather glasses cases will keep your glasses safe for many years to come.

Leather Ring

A truly meaningful and unique way to show someone you love them is with a leather ring.  These are handmade and can be intricately designed, come in several colors, and even be customized for that special person.  Leather rings are truly unique personal accessories that make a statement.

Leather Apple Watch Band

It’s challenging to find an Apple watch band in the right shade or design until you look at leather Apple watch bands.  These make the Apple watch look classy and go with any style from work to play.  Don’t settle for plastic — choose leather Apple watch bands for a luxurious and comfortable look.

Leather Wallet

Leather wallets have been around for a very long time, which should tell you they’re durable and built to last.  Leather wallets are for him and her, come in many different shapes and sizes, and are a secure way to carry your ID, credit cards, cash, and more.  Some include safety features like RFID blocking to keep your credit and debit cards safe. 

Interested in making your own?  Watch this video of a leather crafter making a wallet out of leather scraps!

Leather Duffle Bag

Whether for a trip to the gym or a weekend getaway, a leather duffle bag is a sleek way to carry everything you need.  Leather duffle bags are practical with deep storage, multiple pockets, and many options for handles to travel in comfort and style.

Leather Belt

Leather belts have stood up to the test of time when it comes to personal accessories.  These come in many colors, styles, and sizes for men, women, and children.  Leather belts are strong and durable and make a classy statement for any outfit.

Leather Ipad Case

A leather Ipad case is a luxurious and comfortable way to carry your Ipad to work or school.  It’s stylish, convenient, and will probably even outlive your Ipad or tablet!  There are many options for style, color, zipper or folio, and with or without a stand.  A leather Ipad case is a great gift for the student or professional.

Leather Guitar Straps

A guitar is an important piece of the musician’s life, and there is no better way to carry a guitar than with a leather guitar strap.  These are soft and comfortable, come in many colors and patterns, and can be personalized for any guitarist or musician.

Leather Pouches

Leather pouches are multi-purpose bags for carrying anything you can think of.  They’re smaller, more convenient to carry, and can come in drawstring or zipper closures and many different sizes.  Leather pouches are super strong, easy to use, and stylish.

Leather Saddle Bags

Leather saddle bags are larger pouches you can carry on your bicycle, motorcycle, or horse.  They are strong and durable and great for carrying food, clothing, maps, toiletries, and anything else you might need for a trip to work or across the country.

Leather Steering Wheel Cover

When your steering wheel is uncomfortable to grasp or you just want something soft to improve your grip, there are leather steering wheel covers.  These are aesthetically pleasing, can complete a leather interior, or can just add a touch of class to an older vehicle with a less-than-appealing steering wheel.

Leather Radio Strap

For anyone who carries a radio for communications at work, a great tool is a leather radio strap.  These can be personalized for your work or your name and employee number, measured to fit comfortably, and tailored to your preferences for leather color and hardware finish.  Leather radio straps are great for paramedics, firefighters, linemen, and more.

Leather Gifts

Leather personal accessories make great gifts for anyone special to you.  It’s a great way to show someone you care and want only the best products for them.  From keychains and wallets to toiletry bags and unique decorations, leather gifts are stylish and beautiful.

Leather personal accessories make good gifts because they can be personalized, tailor-made, and created to match personalities.

Pros and Cons of Using Leather Personal Accessories

Pros of Leather Personal Accessories

Leather personal accessories are made durable, so they tend to last much longer than other materials.  Leather personal accessories are versatile and luxurious and can be expected to last for at least 30 years if maintained properly.

Cons of Leather Personal Accessories

Leather personal accessories are a little higher maintenance than standard materials if you want them to last longer.  They don’t hold up well to temperature fluctuations or direct sunlight, which can lead to fading and cracking.  Leather personal accessories are more expensive than plastic, wood, and other fabric alternatives but last longer.

A Leather Drawstring Pouch - Leather Personal Accessories - Liberty Leather Goods
A Leather Drawstring Pouch

Characteristics of Leather Personal Accessories


Leather personal accessories are made of different animal hides, which are tanned for durability and aesthetics.  Faux leather can also be used to create personal accessories for those who don’t like animal products.  Some accessories include other materials, like fabric, metal, wood, and more.


Because there are many different categories of leather personal accessories, there are also many different sizes.  From keychains to duffle bags, leather personal accessories provide many options for size.


Variations are plenty when it comes to leather personal accessories.  There are multiple colors and finishes of genuine and faux leather.  There are accessories you wear, accessories to carry things, and others to provide comfortable handling.

How Leather Personal Accessories Are Made

Animal hides are tanned and processed to make leather for personal accessories.  The tanning process uses vegetable or chrome salt agents to remove hair, preserve the hides, and make them durable for long-term use. 

The leather is then processed to remove defects, trimmed to sheets, inspected, and tanned again.  The leather is then stretched and ironed, cut to shape for personal accessories, stitched together, and manufactured for sale.

Costs of Leather Personal Accessories

The costs of leather personal accessories depend upon the brand, size, type of leather, and style.  More leather means higher prices usually, as a smaller amount means lower prices.  Here are a few examples of the costs of leather personal accessories:

  1. A casual men’s leather wallet can cost about $7 on eBay or $440 from Saks Fifth Avenue.
  2. A leather glasses case can range from $4 on to $590 on
  3. Leather Airpods cases go for $3 for PU leather on and up to $1,300 for a genuine leather lanyard case from Gucci.

Tips for Choosing Leather Personal Accessories

Leather personal accessories can cost more than other everyday accessories, so it’s important to make the right choice.  Here are some tips for choosing the right leather personal accessories:

  1. Genuine leather is the highest quality, so look for leather personal accessories that are made of this material.  It costs more but will last longer.
  2. Look for finishes and colors that are uniform.  When there’s uniformity, that means the production method is high quality.
  3. Think about what the leather personal accessories will be used for.  For something that will be touched or held, look for softer leather.  For items that will be high-use, like tablet covers and backpacks, look for firmer leather.

Leather Personal Accessories to Consider

I polled friends and family to learn more about their personal accessories.  I asked them which ones they would consider leather for replacements.  Here is a table representing the percentages of their responses and what I learned from the poll about leather personal accessories.

Leather Personal AccessoryTimes Selected
Glasses case14%
Duffle bag20%
Tablet cover13%
Airpods case7%
Steering wheel cover10%
Apple watch band13%
Leather Personal Accessories to Consider

Leather Personal Accessory Care and Maintenance

How to Clean Leather Personal Accessories

Leather personal accessories can be cleaned with a soft-bristled brush, microfiber cloth, or leather cleaners.  Avoid getting leather too wet, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for commercial cleaners.  Test any product in an inconspicuous area to check for colorfastness and prevent damage.

 How to Maintain Leather Personal Accessories

Leather personal accessories can be maintained with proper use, cleaning and conditioning methods, and storage.  Protect leather personal accessories from direct sunlight, moisture, and anything that may lead to stains.  Clean spills up immediately to prevent damage and stains.  Condition the leather personal accessories periodically to keep them looking soft and supple.

How to Store Leather Personal Accessories

Leather personal accessories should be stored away from moisture, temperature fluctuations, and direct sunlight.  Protect from dust with covers and clean them occasionally.  Clean and condition leather personal accessories every few months to keep them looking great.

Related Insights

How long do leather personal accessories last?

With proper maintenance and use, leather personal accessories can last for 20 years or even longer.

Are leather personal accessories easy to maintain?

Leather personal accessories are easy to maintain with occasional cleaning and conditioning. 

Do leather personal accessories make good gifts?

Leather personal accessories make good gifts because they can be personalized, tailor-made, and created to match personalities.

Final Thoughts

Personal accessories are something you might not have often thought about, but after reading this article, perhaps you realized how important they can be.  With high daily usage, we depend upon these items to be comfortable, work well, store our stuff, and keep things handy. 

Leather personal accessories are comfortable, durable, and beautiful and last much longer than regular personal accessories.  Which one will you purchase first?

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