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The Many Uses of the Functional and Stylish Leather Patch

When many people think of leather patches, they think of the type used to make repairs. Although there are those types, there are also those used to decorate various types of clothing.

Leather patches are a fun and creative way to adorn clothing and leading part of your personality in the process. These types of patches can be applied to a multitude of clothing such as jackets, jeans, hats, and with most teenagers onto their backpacks.

Leather patches can come in two different varieties.  Those used for repairing leather and those used to adorn such items as clothing, vests, hats, and accessories.


What is a Leather Patch?

Depending on the need, a leather patch can either repair an item or be used as an adornment.  Many of the leather patches of today have their roots in military history, particularly regarding aviators’ clothing.


Leather Patch on Military Backpack - Liberty Leather Goods

Leather Patch on Military Backpack

Types of Leather Patches


Leather Patches for Repair

When considering a leather patch for repair, there are basically two types:  adhesive and iron on.  For a small area that does not receive a lot of wear, an adhesive patch can do well.

However, if the area needing to be patched is relatively large and will be subjected to constant wear and tear, an iron-on patch would be the best way to go as it will be more resilient.


Decorative Leather Patches

Leather patches used for decorative purposes are available in a wide range of styles.  They are generally offered in those materials of fabric or leather.

The details presented on the patch can be embroidered, embossed, debossed, and engraved.  Although the other styles are available, when most people think of a decorative patch, an embroidered style pops to mind.



For Clothing


Custom Leather Patches For Jackets

An example of a customer leather patch for a jacket would be the ones we are familiar with seeing that club members sport, such as those of biker clubs.

The patch may be a means to note which club the individual is a member of, or maybe even a reminder of a special event.


Leather Patch on Jeans - Liberty Leather Goods

Leather Patch on Jeans

Leather Patches For Jeans

Although this next one is usually a decorative move that is popular with the younger generation, some like to place leather patches on their jeans.  These patches are generally a representation of a favorite rock band or place.


Leather Patches For Jackets

When it comes to leather patches for jackets, the most common are those of the military.  These patches can provide information such as the person’s last name, their branch, and accommodations they may have received.


Leather Motorcyle Patches

More often than not, the most commonly seen leather patches are those adorning the vest of a motorcycle enthusiast.  These patches are meant to tell a story of the individual’s life, including those that the individual has been in contact with and places that they may have visited.

Brown Leather Patch on Green Fabric - Liberty Leather Goods

Brown Leather Patch on Green Fabric

For Upholstery


Leather Patch For Couch

The best type of leather patch for repairing a leather couch would be a leather repair tape.  This type of repair tape typically contains a non-residual kind of adhesive on the back.

The repair tape is versatile in that you may cut it to the length needed and into various shapes and sizes.


Leather Patches For Car Seats

Although you can choose to take your vehicle to a professional to have the leather seats patched, there is also the option of DIY’ing it yourself.

The main point to keep in mind is that the earlier you repair the tear, and the smaller it is, the easier overall it will be.  You will need to purchase a leather repair kit and set aside approximately an hour to get the job done.

Here is how you can repair Leather and Vinyl seat using a Leather Patch.

Patch Kits


Leather Patch Kit

As mentioned above, you can perform repairs with a leather patch repair kit yourself.  These kits can go a long way to saving you the money it would cost to have the job done by a professional.

The typical leather patch repair kit will include those items such as alcohol wipes, clean clothes, grain paper, adhesive designed for use with leather, swabs, backing patches, leather pieces for patching, colored dye, glue, and instructions on how to get the job done.





Leather Stickers

Leather stickers are stickers that are composed of leather, rather than the traditional paper or vinyl.  They commonly adorn such items as bags, backpacks, cell phones, laptops, and computers.


Leather Patch Sticker

These types of patches usually are available with self-adhesive backing.  The use is quick and easy, as you only need to peel and stick the leather patch into place.  These are great for required repairs on furniture, vehicle upholstery, jackets, bags, and suitcases.

Here is a video on how you can adorn your hat with a cool decorative Leather Patch

Patch Variations


Custom Leather Patch

A custom leather patch is one that an individual either constructs themselves or creates the design and farms it out to a manufacturing company to produce the end product.

The patches seen on those items such as jackets and backpacks are examples of a custom-designed leather patch.


Self-adhesive Leather Patch

These types of leather patches feature an adhesive backing that you only need to peel and stick to the area needing repair.  In most cases, no other tools are required.


Mastaplasta (Self-adhesive Patch)

Mastaplasta patches are a self-adhesive leather patch that is very popular in the arena of leather repair.  This type of patch is purported to be able to repair rips and tears in leather instantly.

The fabric used in the production of mastaplasta patches is not only supple but is also both soft and strong.  The patches are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and a variety of designs.

Here is a video on how to use your MastaPlasta Leather Patch for Repair.

Iron On Leather Patches

For iron on leather patches, you will need to use an iron of some type for the patch to adhere.  The adhesive on the backs of these types of patches needs a heat source to activate it and achieve its bonding.


Perforated Leather Patch

Perforated leather has had holes cut into the leather’s surface with regular, precise spacing and the punched out leather removed.

The repair of perforated leather is possible, but it can be a somewhat tricky if not time-consuming process.  Each perforation needs to be lined up and re-created to the original, or the patch will produce the appearance of being patched.  The keys to this process are both precision as well as minimalism.


Liquid Leather Patch

Liquid leather is the term used for a filler compound used in patching leather-based items.

The compound is typically composed of an adhesive that has been mixed with a component of dye.  With this type of leather patch, the adhesive will need to be exposed to a heat source for the filler to be able to bond with the area needing to be repaired.


Custom Faux Leather Patch

A faux leather patch can offer the same look and feel like a genuine leather patch with a substantial amount of savings.  More often than not, these types of patches need to be custom designed.



Leather Patch Shapes

Many of the self-adhesive and iron-on patches on the market today are available in a variety of shapes.  These are especially appealing as they make the process of repairing an unusually shaped area not so much of a chore.



Leather Patch Machine

A leather patch machine is typically an industrial single needle lockstitch in the same vein as a sewing machine.  However, this type of machine is designed to handle thicker materials and can sew and repair such items as shoes, boots, bags, and even round items.



How To Make Custom Leather Patches

The two most convenient methods of making a custom leather patch are constructing the patch yourself or having it done by a manufacturing company.

If you choose to make the patch yourself, unless you have an embroidery machine, the best route is constructing it out of leather.

You can either emboss the leather or be a little more decorative and engrave the leather.  Either way will work, and it just depends on the look you are going for.

Here is a DIY tutorial on making your own Leather Patch.

Related Questions:


Can leather be patched?

Yes, in most cases, leather can be patched.  The best choice in getting this done is to use a leather patching kit containing both a sub patch and the necessary leather filler.


What is the best leather repair product?

That answer would depend on what the item is that you need to repair.  Repairs kits are available for use on auto upholstery, furniture, and those that repair cat scratches.


Can you iron on patch to leather?

Yes, this is the quickest and easiest manner to attach a patch to jackets or other forms of clothing and accessories.  However, it is important to make note that eventually, the patch will typically fall off after multiple washes.

Leather patches are a fun and creative way to adorn clothing and leading part of your personality in the process.


Does Home Depot sell leather repair kits?

Yes, Home Depot does sell leather repair kits.  They have a variety of options that are effective for general needs across leather types.



Where to Buy a Leather Patches



Amazon is the nation’s premier online retailers, and offers a variety of styles and types.



Etsy is the number one online source for all things unique and handcrafted. You’re likely to find something very unique and useful here.


Authentic Leather Patch Co

Leatherworkers within their community combine both new and old techniques to produce custom items that are unique.


Home Depot

Home depot has a few options, and while not as wide as a resource like etsy, can provide for basic needs and are regionally available.



Similar to Home Depot, Lowes has a few options that can help if you need something fast ad effective.



Leather patches are available for either repairs or for decoration. When considering the leather patches for repairs, you have the choice of a leather patch kit, self-adhesive patches, or those that are ironed on. If you’re curious about more, small leather items, click here for my article on leather pouches.



Related Topics


How long do leather patches last?

The answer to this question relies on various factors.  Included in those factors is how well the patch initially adheres, and he wear and tear it receives over time.


Can I put a leather patch on by myself?

Yes, you can apply a leather patch yourself.  Your best options are either a self-adhesive patch or one that is an iron-on.

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