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Leather Pants – Guide to Style, Fit, Care, and Designers

Any self-respecting sartorialist has either dreamed about owning or already owns one of the most reliable, sought-after garments in fashion: the leather pant. Leather pants have a reputation for being edgy or overly sexy, but those who love them consider them a perfect garment.

Leather pants are one of the most iconic leather garments in history. Made from genuine or faux leather, these pants offer durability and style in one package. Leather pants can be worn by any gender and can be found in a variety of styles to suit the tastes of any fashion lover.

There’s a pair of leather pants for everyone. Let’s explore which might be the best style and fit.


What are Leather Pants?

Leather pants are trousers made from leather. These garments can be made from either genuine or faux leather, with their price varying accordingly depending on the material used. Leather pants can be found in virtually any style, thanks to leather’s durable-yet-adaptable nature.


What to Look for in Leather Pants?


Unlike pants made of many other traditional materials, leather pants look and feel best when they fit snugly to the body. This is because of leather’s tendency to mold to the body of the wearer over time, resulting in a custom-fit garment. For these reasons, it’s best to shop for leather pants in person to ensure a perfect fit.

Man in Black Leather Pants - Liberty Leather Goods

Man in Black Leather Pants



Leather pants can be found in genuine and faux leather. The type of material used determines the fit and longevity of the garment, with faux leather pants tending to be less stretchy and less durable than genuine leather.



While they seem quite constricting, leather pants are actually shockingly comfortable. Purchasing a pair of leather pants in your proper size ensures an unbelievably comfortable fit.



The cost of leather pants varies dramatically based on the material used. Faux leather pants start as low as $20 and can cost a few hundred dollars for quality vegan leather that’s almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Genuine leather pants are more expensive, with prices starting around $60 and reaching the thousands for a pair of leather pants from high-fashion designers.



Types of Leather Pants

Mens Leather Pants

Men’s leather pants have a very specific reputation: that they’re only suited for rock stars. This couldn’t be further from the truth, since leather pants work for everyone. Men’s leather pants are typically quite plain, with mostly straight-leg styles available in blacks and darker browns. Genuine leather is the most popular choice for men’s leather pants, and the price range for the garments range from $60 through the thousands! These expensive offerings are typically high-quality leather, embellished, or designer-only styles.

Leather pants for men can also be found specifically for work. Those who perform manual labor outdoors may seek out leather pants from outdoor goods or workwear retailers, whose pants may be cut slightly looser from heavier leather for maximum durability. Leather pants purchased for fashion purposed are still durable, but will tend to be made of thinner leather for comfort’s sake.


Mens Leather Pants - Liberty Leather Goods

Mens Leather Pants

Women’s Leather Pants

Women’s leather pants are highly varied, available in countless colors, finishes, cuts, and styles. At their most basic, women’s leather pants are typically cut with a straight or slim leg and are unembellished. These garments are suitable to be worn for almost any occasion, depending on color and embellishment. Women’s leather pants are 

Women’s leather pants are also widely available in faux leather. These pants are far less expensive than genuine leather, with some styles available for less than $30. However, faux leather lacks the longevity and reliable fit of genuine leather. Faux leather cannot be shrunk without damage, and excessive heat or moisture can cause it to crack or peel prematurely. Despite this, faux leather is a great choice for those who want a fun, unique pair of leather pants – faux leather comes in countless colors and finishes, including some mimicking exotic or rare leathers.


Faux Leather Pants

Faux leather is a plastic-based alternative to genuine leather. Faux leather pants are less costly than genuine leather, making them a great option for those who would like the leather look on a budget. Faux leather is durable, water resistant, and comfortable, but less so than genuine leather. Luckily, many designers now create garments, including pants, in convincing faux leathers (typically referred to as vegan leather). Vegan leather is as close to genuine leather as possible, and while it can be expensive, it is still more cost-effective than genuine leather.

Faux leather is an excellent option for those who want a unique, colorful pair of pants. Because they are made of a synthetic material, faux leather pants can be made with any finish, color, or texture, and can mimic genuine leather or rare, exotic leathers. Faux leather can be made glittery, neon, metallic, and countless other ways which genuine leather cannot. 


Leather Pants Outfit

Leather pants can work with almost any outfit. Choosing a simple pair of black leather pants, in particular, leaves most options open. Softer fabrics and cuts tone down the inherent edginess of leather, while structured professional garments lean into leather’s luxe qualities. Genuine leather works best in casual, semiformal, and professional settings.

On the flip side, faux leather and its endless possibilities mean that fun outfits can be built around leather pants, too. A pair of metallic leather pants serves as the perfect base for a going-out outfit, while embellished red leather has an undeniable rock star attitude. 


High Waisted Leather Pants

High-waisted pants have reigned supreme over the fashion world for at least a decade, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere. High-waisted and leather are a match made in heaven because both are form fitting and flattering. High-waisted leather pants will accentuate the waist, hugging the stomach and hips for a smooth silhouette. 

This style of leather pants is a great option for a professional outfit with a tucked top and blazer. In a casual setting or for a night out, high-waisted leather pants can be styled with a crop top, loosely tucked tee, or bodysuit for flattering, body-hugging comfort.

Red Leather Pants - Liberty Leather Goods

Red Leather Pants

Brown Leather Pants

Brown leather is a more natural, softer choice than black leather. Brown leather pants are less common, but can add a casual vintage flair to an outfit. These pants are often found in more adventurous cuts thanks to this vintage look – if you’re looking for leather flares or bell-bottoms, consider choosing brown leather. Interestingly, many vintage leather pants can be found in varying brown shades!

Brown leather has begun gaining popularity in the fashion world as a softer alternative to black. Brown leather goes exceptionally well with neutrals and add visual interest to an outfit without embellishment. Brown leather is available in a wide variety of rich tones, from warm chestnut to cool blonde, for a truly custom look.


Mens Black Leather Pants

Men’s black leather pants are the most available style of leather pants for men. These pants can be worn with almost any outfit for almost any occasion. Their color makes them extremely flattering and will hide damage or age while lasting a lifetime.


Lace Up Leather Pants

One of the most classic types of embellishment for leather pants is lacing. Whether laced up the sides or at the waist, lace-up leather pants lend a rock and roll vibe to any outfit. They’re a far more daring choice than plain leather pants, making them a less popular choice reserved only for the most confident fashion lovers.


High Waisted Black Leather Pants

High-waisted black leather pants are the epitome of fashion meets function. Their high waist and dark color are ultra-flattering, and high-waisted pants are super fashionable. These pants can be styled in countless ways, from crops tops and heels to tucked blouses and flats.


Bootcut Leather Pants

Often touted as a universally flattering cut, bootcut pants are one of the most popular styles on the market. Bootcut pants are somewhere between flares and straight leg; their hem flares slightly, which traditionally was to accommodate boots. In leather, these pants are perfect for professional settings and upscale gatherings. Their slight flare balances and visually lengthens the leg for a comfortable-yet-fashionable fit.


Brown Leather Bavarian Costume Pants - Liberty Leather Goods

Brown Leather Bavarian Costume Pants

Leather Pants With Zippers

One of the most popular embellishments found on leather pants are zippers. Whether functional or purely decorative, zippers add a slight edge while remaining versatile. One of the most common uses of zippers in leather pants is on the ankle and leg; slim-cut leather pants often take a long time to squeeze into due to their very fitted legs, but zippers solve this issue by allowing the wearer to zip the legs closed after pulling their pants on.


Real Leather Pants

Real leather pants are made from genuine leather. Typically, genuine leather pants are more costly than faux leather options, with prices starting at around $60. Genuine leather is always the better option when it comes to leather pants – genuine leather will remain comfortable, form fitting, and functional for a lifetime.


Plus Size Black Leather Pants

Black leather pants are the ideal leather garment for plus sizes. Black leather is flattering and slimming, yet classy. Leather pants fit like a glove, giving a much-needed custom fit to a demographic who so often struggles with finding truly flattering, well-fitting styles. Black leather pants are a versatile and welcome addition to any plus size wearer’s closet.


Plus Size Leather Pants

Leather pants are available in plus sizes in both genuine and faux leather. Leather pants are an excellent purchase for plus size wearers because of their custom-like fit and comfort level. Leather pants are a great option for plus size people who are looking for a bold, versatile addition to their wardrobe. These trousers are most widely available for plus sizes from higher-end retailers like Nordstrom.


Womens Leather Pants WIth Pockets

It’s hard to find women’s pants with real, useful pockets these days. Leather pants with pockets aren’t too common, but leather jeans with pockets can easily be found. This style of leather pants mimics denim jeans for fashion and function, meaning women can wear leather pants with the added benefit of a jean-like fit (plus pockets)!


Below is a great video on how to make your own pair of Faux Leather Joggers:

Helpful Insights


Are leather pants appropriate for work?

Despite being associated with rock stars, the right pair of leather pants can abslutely be worn in professional settings. The trick is choosing the right fit and cut – properly fitted, dark, matte leather pants in a straight leg are the most work appropriate.


Is it OK to wear leather pants in the summer?

Nobody will stop you from wearing leather pants in the summer, but this style is probably better saved for a cool day. Leather retains heat, making them a less-than-ideal choice for warmer months. In addition, getting into and out of leather pants will prove to be incredibly difficult if your legs are even a little sweaty!


Are leather pants in style?

Leather pants are always in style. They can be found in any style and color to go with practically any outfit. They show up on fall/winter runways year after year without fail. Leather pants aren’t just in style, they’re a fashion staple.


What shoes go with leather pants?

Almost any shoe works with leather pants. Sneakers, heels, boots, and sandals can all be worn with the right pair of leather pants as part of a beautifully put-together outfit. Some of the most classic shoe choices to pair with leather pants are leather heels, suede boots, or a smart, modern pair of loafers.


Can you wear leather pants in the rain?

Leather pants are a great choice for a rainy day, since leather is naturally water-resistant. However, leather should never be soaked, as it can warp and become permanently damaged from excessive water.

Woman in High-Rise Leather Pants - Liberty Leather Goods

Woman in High-Rise Leather Pants

What looks good with leather look trousers?

Leather pants are a garment that looks good with almost anything. Pairing leather with denim gives off a rock and roll vibe, pairing leather trousers with a flowing top results in an eclectic professional look, and a pair of leather pants with a cashmere sweater is an instantly classy holiday look.


Can you wear leather pants during the day?

Leather pants are wearable for daytime looks, but the garments worn with them must balance their inherently bold, edgy look. A soft top and cardigan can balance leather pants, while a smart button-down and a blazer or sweater vest with leather trousers reads modern rather than stuffy.


Wear & Care

Can you wash leather pants?

It’s possible to wash leather pants at home, but the process is quite delicate and should only be done every few wears. To wash a pair of leather pants, soak the garment in warm water, then toss it into the dryer on high heat.


Should you buy leather pants a size smaller?

Leather pants shouldn’t necessarily be purchased a size smaller. As a rule, leather garments should be purchased by measurements; ideally, leather pants should be purchased in person with your own measurements in mind. 


How should leather pants fit?

For the sake of comfort and the garment’s longevity, leather pants should fit to the body. They shouldn’t be too loose, as this could lead to creasing or cracking in the leather. However, leather pants that are too tight are suffocating and risk tearing or stretching at the seams.


How do you break in leather pants?

Leather naturally stretches over time with regular wear. To speed up this process, leather wearers have touted many different methods of breaking in leather, from wearing the garment wet to wearing and oiling the garment while it’s being worn. Still, the simplest and most reliable way to break in leather pants is to wear them regularly.


Here are some great tips on how to care for your Leather Pants:


Can you put leather trousers in the washing machine?

Leather pants cannot be washed in a washing machine. Leather can become warped if submerged in water for long periods, and doing so can result in damage to the finish, color, or the integrity of the material itself.


Can you shrink leather pants?

Leather can shrink, but not dramatically. If leather pants have gotten a bit too stretched from wear, just throw them into a dryer on high heat to tighten then up again!



What does wearing leather pants feel like?

Leather pants are snug, yet comfortable. While they seem like they’d be stiffer than jeans, they are surprisingly soft and supportive. Leather also helps to retain heat, keeping you warmer than jeans or other trousers.


What are leather pants called?

Leather pants are also called leather trousers. Leather jeans and leather leggings are also often called leather pants.


Why do people wear leather pants?

Leather pants are popular for a number of reasons. Genuine leather is somewhat of a status symbol because of its higher cost, but its history is as a working-class material . Its 


Who wore leather pants first?

The earliest wearers of leather trousers were Native Americans, who expertly treated animal hides in order to create warm, weatherproof garments for themselves.


Get the scoop on some of the latest Male Leather Pant fashion trends in the video below:


Why do rock stars wear leather pants?

Rock stars wear leather pants for multiple reasons. Leather’s history has tended toward the working-class, making it a natural choice for rock stars. On the other end of the spectrum, leather is considered a luxury due to its higher price, which also appeals to some rock stars. Leather’s edgy appearance and form-fitting nature makes it the perfect choice for rock stars!


Are leather pants warmer than jeans?

Since they are made from an animal hide rather than a woven fabric, leather pants are inherently warmer than jeans. The material retains body heat, keeping the wearer warm.


Do leather pants keep you warm?

Leather pants keep you warm by trapping body heat, thanks to their use of an animal hide.


Should guys wear leather pants?

It’s less common to see men who aren’t rock stars or celebrities wearing leather pants, but they can and should wear them more often! Leather pants are flattering, durable, and timeless, and can be dressed up or down to work with any outfit.



Popular Leather Pants Brands


Spanish retailer Zara toes the line between high-fashion and fast fashion. Their pants can be found in a variety of natural tones and finishes, with some exotic or uncommon finishes available as well. Like the similar ASOS, Zara’s leather pants are almost all made from good quality faux leather. With prices ranging from $35-200, Zara’s options are best for those looking for mature, versatile styles.



Fast-fashion retailer H&M’s faux leather pants are affordable and good quality. Their most basic pairs are tight-fitting and trendy, made from matte faux leather for maximum versatility. Their options are limited, but the style and quality check every box. H&M’s leather pants cost around $30-40.

If leather pants have gotten a bit too stretched from wear, just throw them into a dryer on high heat to tighten then up again!




Mango’s leather pants stick to a muted color scheme, choosing to branch out with some fun, modern silhouettes. While they do offer a classic black leather pant, their faux leather options are slim, joggers, and various other trendy cuts and styles. Mango’s options cost between $30-200.


Zara Mens

Zara’s men’s offerings are more limited than their similar women’s options for leather pants. Still, their faux leather is top-notch, available in black and natural tones as well as some exotic, fun finishes. Zara’s men’s leather pants cost anywhere from $60-300.



Aritzia’s leather pants use high-quality Japanese vegan leather, which is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Much like Zara and ASOS, Aritzia corners the luxe fast fashion market to offer fast fashion made with quality materials for affordable high-quality pieces.



Elevated fast fashion powerhouse ASOS offers both faux and genuine leather pants at reasonable prices. Understandably, their genuine leather options are far more costly than their faux leather counterparts. ASOS’s leather pants stick with classic colors and silhouettes for reliable, versatile pieces. Their leather pants cost anywhere from $30-300.


Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is an online fast fashion retailer known for sexy, trendy styles. Their leather pants are almost always faux leather, but body-conscious cuts and unique finishes, colors, and embellishment make them an excellent resource. Fashion Nova’s offerings fall in the price range of $30-100.



Guess’ options are limited. Their styles tend toward legging-like, with a skintight fit lacking much structural seamwork. That being said, their leather pants are made from genuine leather, guaranteeing a long, reliable life.


Best Leather Pants

Babaton Vegan Leather Straight PantAritzia’s vegan leather pants are unmatched, and this pair are the hardest to beat. These pants are made from soft, matte vegan leather. High waisted and ankle length, the straight-leg cut of the trousers flatters every body and lengthens even the shortest leg. These pants are professional, classy, and elegant.$148
ASOS Lab Leather Real Leather PantsASOS is well-known for its wide array of leather and faux leather goods. These midtone brown pants are a unique example of a trendy, sexy brown leather pant. With a high waist and a super slim fit, these 100% bovine leather pants are a fun, functional addition to any autumn or winter wardrobe.$261
H&M Faux Leather PantsH&M is mostly known for its women’s clothing, but its men’s options are just as excellent. These faux leather pants are available in either black or deep brown and are the perfect versatile leather pant. The fit is slightly relaxed without looking sloppy – perfect for work, special occasions, or even a touch or edge for a formal outfit. They feature a seam at the knee for a bit of textural interest and are soft and durable. $49.99



Where To Buy Leather Pants

Womens Leather Pants On Amazon

Amazon’s selection is dominated by faux leather styles, which makes finding an affordable pair of leather pants for women easy. Their options vary widely, from skintight to trouser-like and size-inclusive.


Leather Pants Express

Express offer a wide range of faux leather options in a variety of trendy colors and cuts, making it easy for shoppers to find a pair of leather pants to meet their needs. 


Leather Pants at the Gap

Like Guess, GAP’s leather bottoms are less like pants and more like leggings. Still, the high-waisted faux leather leggings are affordable and fashionable.


Mens Black Sport Leather - LLG

Mens Black Sport Leather

Leather Pants at Nordstrom

Nordstrom offers a wide range of genuine and faux leather pants from many different designers. Because of the depth of their selection, prices range widely.


Leather Pants from Rag and Bone

Known for their jeans and pants, Rag and Bone offer both genuine and faux leather pants. Due to their designer status, their items tend to get quite pricey – their genuine leather pants can cost almost $1000.


Leather Pants at Target

Target has made a name for itself in the fashion world for reliable fast fashion options. Their faux leather pants are trendy, with wider cuts and relaxed styles making an appearance for less than $30.




Leather pants are a fashion lover’s dream. They’re versatile, durable, and feel almost custom when worn. After a downturn in popularity in the early 2000s, these flattering pants are making a major comeback. With more options than ever, the perfect pair of leather pants is only a few clicks or a short drive away! For additional insights on leather fashion, click here for my article on leather jeans, and here for my guide to leather dresses.




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Are leather pants uncomfortable?

Leather pants may take some getting used to, but those who wear them swear that leather pants are more comfortable than jeans. 


What year was leather pants popular?

Leather pants were popular from the 1970s through the 1990s, with their popularity skyrocketing during the ’90s. 

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