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Leather Keychain And Key Holder – Making a Great Choice

Leather keychains are a very personal and helpful accessory. Here’s what I learned while looking for a new one.

Leather keychains and key holders are devices that hold and secure individual or groups of keys. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. Additionally, they often help keep the keys from scratching other personal accessories, or making noise, when stored in a pocket.

Let’s explore which options might work best, and provide a stylish way for key storage for day-to-day use.

What is a Leather Keychain?

A leather keychain is a personal accessory that is used to organize and store keys. A simple keychain contains a metallic ring that is attached to a leather fob. This allows the keys to be placed onto the ring, and the leather fob grabbed by the hand when taking out or putting into a pocket.

There are many shapes, styles, sizes, and colors avaialble. Based on personal preference, there is likely an excellent option available that would be both functional and aesthetically pleasing for daily use.

What to Look for in a Leather Keychain?


The size of a leather key ring determines how many keys you can carry in it. The larger the size of the keyring, the more keys you can carry. The majority of the keychains and fobs available on allow one to carry 4-6 keys at a time, with some available that hold even more.


I never happened to pay much attention to the durability of a keychain; it was usually just an accessory to carry my keys. But I have learned that the rings can deform less sturdy leathers wear out. It’s important that the materials used can stand up to frequent use. Rings should be made of strong metal, and the leather a quality and well-finished leather. Keychains usually get exposed to dirt, grime, and moisture, so they should be easy to clean and hold up well with maintenance.


When choosing a keychain, the style choice mainly depends on your personal preference. Keychains and keyrings can come in more styles (and ae usually smaller) than key pouches and holders. Consider how it will be used, and that can help guide the stule choice – something formal, casual, fancy, or functional.

Leather Key Case - Leather Keychain - Liberty Leather Goods
Leather Key Case

Types of Leather Keychains

Leather Key Holders

A functional leather key holder allows you to conveniently store your keys without the fear of them snagging around in your wallet. It holds all your important keys securely in a metal ring inside a leather holder, which can be opened and closed with a snap lock. Unlike keychains and key fobs, it prevents your keys from scratching the lining of your wallet’s interior or bulging out the pockets of your pants.

Leather Keyring

A leather keyring is a metal ring that is attached to a leather strap with a button, snap, or cord. Multiple keys can be strung on the metal ring to keep them organized. This is the simplest of all leather keychains. Their minimalistic look gives them an elegant touch, which makes them a favorite keychain choice for many people.

Leather Key Case

A leather key case is the nuanced variation of a leather key holder. Instead of a metal ring, it contains small hooks that can hold 8 to 10 individual keys. Like the leather key holder, the leather key cases are also often equipped with a snap lock.

Leather Key Pouch

Leather key pouches are small bags with a zipper on top. There is an embedded chain on the inside of the pouch attached to a metal ring at the other end. All you have to do is weave your keys through the ring, put them in the bag, and close the zipper – couldn’t get any easier than that.

Keyring Holder

The keyring holder has a metal ring attached to a karabiner that gets safely coupled to the belt loops on your pants. Insert keys into the ring and attach it to one of the belt loops on your pants so your keys are never lost while you’re out and about.

Men’s Leather Keychains

I can certify that men are sick of bulky bulges in their pockets due to poorly managed keys. Men’s personalized keychains are found helpful in smoothening your appearance. This is why, men’s leather keychains in general, and men’s leather key fobs, in particular, have gained immense popularity as they make handling of keys quite easy, comfortable, and quiet.

Customized Leather Keychains

Customized leather keychains can be made from unique or special leathers, to most any design prederred. From a business perspective, custom logo leather keychains also present a smart marketing opportunity for printing or etching a logo.

Custom leather keychains can also have unique stitching, thread colors, shapes, sizes, and looks. They can be a classy way to express style and aesthetics.

Leather Key Fob - Leather Keychain - Liberty Leather Goods
Leather Key Fob with Accessories

Popular Styles of Leather Keychains

  • Leather Tassel Keychain – has a with a tuft of leather strips growing from a single base
  • Leather Loop Keychain – can be worn around your wrist like a leather key ring bracelet
  • Leather Strap Keychain – consists of a strap riveted to a metallic ring
  • Braided Leather Keychain – is made of braided genuine leather fixed to a metal ring
  • Leather Key Holder Pouch – is a small bag, with an enclosed metallic ring or metal hooks to keep your keys inside.
  • Leather Key Holder Case – enclosed holder only intended for keys
  • Leather Key Holder for the Belt – allows you to fasten your keys in your pants loop
  • Leather Key Organizer – is a smart, sound-less keychain, tightly stacking your keys together inside of a leather cover
  • Leather Key Tags – are keychains with imprinted or embossed tags on leather cuttings with metallic rings pierced through them
  • Leather Key Fob Holder – A leather key fob holder is a small pouch made for the safe, scratch-less carrying of a key fob. Whereas, a leather key fob wristlet allows you to wear a key fob like an armband, thereby delimiting the chances of it getting lost.

Popular Leather Keychain Brands

Gucci Key Case

Gucci key case has a russet canvas with a brown zipper and a golden-colored chain. There is also a gold-colored karabiner on one end of the chain to hold all of your keys.

Gucci Leather Keychain

This Gucci leather keychain is made of debossed animal leather. A palladium keyring is sewn to the keychain. It is carefully designed in Italy to satisfy your subtle cravings for a superior leather keychain.

Coach Key Case

The Coach key case is a high-quality five-ring key case available at a very affordable price. It has a split ring to hold your keys, which can be secured inside with a carabiner. It is available in two colors – black and brown.

Coach Leather Keychain

The Coach leather keychain with signature canvas and brass ring adds real chic to your collection of leather keychains. The tapered edges and smooth thread design set it apart from other keychains.

Rustico keychain

The Rustico keychain is made of high-quality genuine leather. It has a brass ring on one side that holds up to six keys, and a clip on the other end allows the chain to fit perfectly on your pants loops.

Louis Vuitton Leather Key Holder

Louis Vuitton makes some of the best leather key holders. Their most revered item is the 6 key Pouch made out of Taiga leather. It is adequately sized and can be carried in your pants or purse.

Mont Blanc Key Fob

Mont Blanc has created some timeless pieces in the world of leather keychains and key fobs. It has created a range of key fobs available in different designs and shapes such as diamonds, rectangles, and others.

Montblanc Key Case

Montblanc key case comes with a jacquard lining. It is made of full-grain European leather. The flip cover closes with a snap to keep your keys safe.

Montblanc Sartorial key Fob

The Montblanc Sartorial key fob has an emblem located in the center of the calfskin strap. It has a tinted edge that adds an imperial touch to its already elegant design.

DIY Leather Keychains

Customizability, utility, and the fun of making them are usually associated with a leather keychain DIY. You can create a unique, timeless product that’s not usually available on the market. It can also have a personal, meaningful design or incorporate special or meaningful materials.

Here is a helpful step-by-step video on making a DIY key fob:

Leather Keychain Blanks

Leather keychain blanks are pattern-less keychains that can be artistically painted with different colors, etched, engraved, or otherwise customized into a final piece.

Leather Keychain Template

Leather keychain templates allow you to use a pattern to transfer a design’s shape onto a piece of leather. The sheet is then cut with a cutter and goes through other steps to get the final product.

Leather Key Fob Blanks

Leather key fob blanks are also available on many e-commerce sites. You can get them delivered and start practicing your artistic DIYs on them.

Leather Key Fob Templates

Printed leather keychain templates can be found online. They can be downloaded and integrated into a DIY leather key fob project.

Leather Key Fob DIY

Leather key fobs can be made DIY as a fun project. Patterns can be used to help guide the overall look and feel, or it can be sketched while planning it out.

Leather Keychain Strap DIY

A keychain strap also makes a nice crafter project; it can be simple, and provides for securing the keys most usually around a wrist. The leather adds a stylish touch, and overall design can be as simple or complex as one desires.

Best Leather Keychain

1.    Louis Vuitton Dragonne Key Holder

With its elegant design and beautiful canvas, the Louis Vuitton Dragonne Key Holder is my pick for the top spot. The brown leather key chain is embossed with golden design and metallic and strangled into a gold-colored ring – a perfect combination of style and luxury.

2.    Embossed Animalier Leather Key Case

Gucci’s animalier leather key case features the brand’s trademark bee details, symbolizing the beginning of the brand’s prêt-à-porter collection in the 1970s. The case is made of high-quality tanned leather and features the Gucci logo. A press stud closes the case and secures the keys.

3.    Meisterstück Key Fob

Made of genuine leather, this keyring has a palladium-plated ring to hold your keys in place. Montblanc’s chrome-plated Meisterstück keyring has a deep shine that speaks for its exceptional quality.

Where to Buy Leather Keychains

Monogram Keychain on Amazon

Amazon offers tens of thousands of monogram keychains in a variety of materials, colors, and styles. Most of them can be purchased relatively affordably. However, the price varies depending on the quality of the keychain.

Leather Key Holder on Amazon

Amazon offers leather key holders at various prices. Since their marketplace is large, there are often options to suit most tastes and preferences.

Personalized Leather Keychain on Etsy

Many great crafters offer nice designs on their Etsy stores. Personalizations can include initials, images, and brief messages. Methods of personalizing usually are via tool etching, debossing, embossing, and laser etching.

Leatherology Keychains

Leatherology is all about leather. It sells debossed leather keychains, leather key straps, and leather key pouches that match your style. They provide some very nice options.

In Closing

Having a stylish, functional, and reliable keychain is something that can be appreciated daily. Often, it becomes an element of everyday carry and a personal accessory that we enjoy taking most everywhere. Choosing a great one is a fun and rewarding experience.

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