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Leather Jacket Patches – Their Meaning, Options, and Styles

Have you bought a leather jacket that you feel is a bit dull and plain?  Do you think it needs some artwork or flair of some type?  I will discuss different leather jacket patches to add that perfect touch. 

Leather jacket patches are embroidered or embossed designs sewn onto leather jackets for artwork, group identification, and personal flair.  There are many styles, including Harley-Davidson, bomber, motorcycle, punk, Air Force, and custom, ranging from $1–100 depending on the type of patch.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life?  Have you bought a new leather jacket and want to add some interesting and personal touches to it? Let’s explore some styles and options for leather jacket patches and the meaning behind them.

What are Leather Jacket Patches?

Leather jacket patches are embroidered or embossed pieces of leather or fabric sewed, ironed, or glued onto a leather jacket to demonstrate the uniqueness of the jacket owner.  Many types of leather jacket patches can show off what the owner has accomplished, what they like, and what groups they belong to.  These patches can be placed on the sleeves, the front, the sides, and the back, so everyone knows your passion.

Patches on a Leather Vest - Leather Jacket Patches - Liberty Leather Goods
Patches on a Leather Vest

Types of Leather Jacket Patches

How do you select leather jacket patches?  There are so many options out there it can be difficult to choose.  Start with what you’re passionate about, your favorite things, the groups you belong to, or something that reminds you of a loved one.  From simple initials or words to group symbols or mascots, there’s a patch (or several) to match your identity and lifestyle.  Let’s take a look at a few options.

Custom Leather Jacket Patches

Custom leather jacket patches can be embroidered or embossed for any look you desire.  You choose the size, artwork, text, and font for the perfect individualized leather jacket patch.  Custom patches include motorcycle patches, band patches, name patches, and more. 

In many cases, you can even create a patch for your riding group or band and order them in multiples, usually with bulk discounts.  These can be purchased in stores or online with easy tools and artists to help you create the perfect patch.  Prices range from $11 for a small patch to $70 for large patches.

There are vintage military patches, courageous statements, and even brand-name patches that would look great on any leather bomber jacket.

Flight Leather Jacket Patches

According to researchers DeLong, Gage, Park, and Sklar, leather jackets have been worn for several different functions over the years, from the status of a war hero to practical uses.  For military or even aerospace engineers, there is a wide selection of leather flight jacket patches.  These often include planes or jets, the American flag, and skyscapes for a colorful flair. 

Lettering will show off the name and number of the type of plane, team name, or team motto.  There are even patches for the position held and rank of flight personnel.  Prices for flight patches range from $9 for small, $100 for large, and up to $250 for bulk orders which can be ordered in stores and online.

Harley Davidson Leather Jacket Patches

Harley-Davidson leather jacket patches are the ultimate in biker patches.  The feathers of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycles brand name are topped with an eagle stretching out its wings.  There are options with only the name in black and white or their trademark orange, classic or old-school patches, and multi-piece patches with the name and outstretched wings. 

One 10-inch patch can be purchased for about $25, which is an excellent deal for the biker in your life.  These are always found in any Harley-Davidson store but can also be purchased online.

A Harley-Davidson Leather Jacket - Leather Jacket Patches - Liberty Leather Goods
A Harley-Davidson Leather Jacket

Bomber Leather Jacket Patches

Leather bomber jacket patches are very unique and varied in size and style.  From leather embossed to embroidered, these patches are a true status symbol.  Think Maverick in Top Gun, and you’ve got the idea! 

There are vintage military patches, courageous statements, and even brand-name patches that would look great on any leather bomber jacket.  Prices range from $10 for small patches to $80 for large patches.

Motorcycle Leather Jacket Patches

For the motorcyclist, there is a wide selection of motorcycle leather jacket patches.  This is a very artistic group of patches with everything from initials and words to large, dramatic pictures.  Think Daryl in Walking Dead with his angel wings.  Motorcycle leather jacket patches demonstrate the groups you identify with and your bravery in riding a motorcycle. 

Authors Barbash and Flynn tell us there’s even a trademarked patch for the Mongols motorcycle club that is considered dangerous by federal prosecutors who have attempted to strip it from the club unsuccessfully due to government overreach! Prices for these range from $1 for small patches to $50 for larger patches.

Air Force leather jacket patches look very impressive on any jacket and remind others that you’ve served our country with pride.

Punk Leather Jacket Patches

Punk leather jacket patches are the raddest type of patches out there.  You’ll see eagles, Route 66, skulls and crossbones, monsters, and more.  Punk patches demonstrate how certain things set you apart from others or showcase your favorite heavy metal band.  Punk leather jacket patches vary in size and complexity and can range from $1 for small patches to $50 for larger patches.

Air Force Leather Jacket Patches

Air Force leather jacket patches are a dignified way to demonstrate your service in the air force.  These feature the U.S. Air Force Military symbol of the star with outstretched wings and the position served.

 Some are a single color with contrasting thread, while others feature a blue background with yellow trim and details.  Air Force leather jacket patches look very impressive on any jacket and remind others that you’ve served our country with pride.  Prices range from $8 for a small to $30 for a 4-inch patch.

For more insight on leather jacket patches, check out this helpful video sharing some ideas on how to place patches on your leather vest or jacket in the right spot.

Related Insights

Can you put patches on a leather jacket?

Yes, patches can be sewn, ironed, or glued onto leather jackets for show, fellowship, or fashion.

Do iron-on patches work on leather?

Iron-on patches work great for leather.  It is the quickest and easiest way to add character to your leather jacket or accessories.

Can you glue patches on leather?

Fabric glue is a quick and easy way to apply patches to leather.  Heavy-duty fabric glue that is permanent is the best choice for gluing patches on leather.

Is it better to sew or iron on a patch?

For flexibility of the leather, it’s better to sew a patch on to leather.  Ironing on patches works well, but it does add a certain degree of stiffness to the leather underneath the patch.

Popular Types of Leather Jacket Patches and Their Meanings

I asked friends and family if they were to buy and personalize a leather jacket, what type of patches they would be interested in putting on it, and why. Here is a table representing the percentages of their responses and what I learned from the poll about leather jacket patches.

Type of PatchTimes Selected
A Harley-Davidson patch to show their love of motorcycles.13%
An Air force patch to show they served in the Air Force for 25 years.7%
A custom patch for their band.13%
A patch with wings saying, “ I wish I could fly — the closest I’ll get is on my bike.”7%
A fire service patch to show that my husband has a collection from multiple departments.20%
A healthcare-related patch to show  I’ve worked in healthcare for 35 years.7%
A bald eagle patch to show their patriotism.13%
A skull and crossbones because it looks cool.7%
A group name and title to represent my riding group.13%
Popular Types of Leather Jacket Patches and Their Meanings

Final Thoughts

Leather jackets are already pretty awesome, and they have many functions from fashion statement to protective barriers.  The perfect addition to any leather jacket is a patch or two (or even more!).  There are so many leather jacket patches to choose from, from your artistic side to your punk rock side.  Which ones will you choose, and where will you have them placed?

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