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Choosing Thoughtful and Memorable Leather Gifts for Anyone

Leather is a luxurious, long-lasting material that is often overlooked when it comes to fashion, accessories, and other gifts. For those who want their gifts to last a lifetime, leather is a perfect choice!

Leather gifts are any leather goods given as a gift. Traditionally, the third wedding anniversary’s gift theme is leather, symbolizing protection and security. That’s not the only occasion for leather gifts, though – leather is a timeless material that elevates any style.

Let’s explore some leather gift options and the occasions they are perfect for.

What are Leather Gifts?

Leather gifts are any gifts made from leather! Leather gifts can be any leather goods given as a gift for any occasion. These gifts may be made from genuine leather or faux leather. Leather gifts might be clothing, accessories, bags, home goods, or even items like books, notebooks, or phone cases! Leather is a versatile material available in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing gifts to be truly personalized. For crafty gift-givers, leather gifts can be handmade – DIY gifts feel truly heartfelt and personal.

Brown Leather Bag - Liberty Leather Goods

Brown Leather Bag


Types of Leather Gifts

Unique Leather Gifts

Unique leather gifts can be hard-to-find gifts, uncommon choices, or even handmade gifts! For example, a handmade leather wallet is a unique gift because it’s truly one of a kind. Choosing an uncommon leather gift, like a leatherbound journal, shows care and understanding. In a similar way, hard-to-find leather gifts show the recipient that you’re committed to making them happy!

Leather is a timeless material that elevates any style.

Personalized Leather Gifts

Personalized leather gifts can be DIY or retail. These gifts are often embossed, branded, embroidered, or otherwise marked with a personalized message or image. A personalized leather wallet may be monogrammed with the recipient’s initials or a design or image they’d enjoy. A leather bag for a professional might have an embossed monogram for an extra-luxe appearance.

Luxury Leather Gifts For Him

Luxury leather gifts for men are usually designer leather or handmade high-end leather gifts. A genuine leather bag or desk set is perfect for the professional man in your life, while a designer leather jacket or backpack is essential for the man who likes to travel. Leather jewelry is a unique choice for men who like to experiment with fashion and accessorize!

Black leather wallet - Liberty Leather Goods

Black leather wallet


Luxury Leather Gifts For Her

Luxury leather gifts for women are typically easier to find. Leather purses or wallets by designers are a great gift for any woman. A designer leather dress, skirt, or other clothing is perfect for the fashionistas. For women who like to journal or write, leather-bound journals or Moleskine covers add an air of luxury to an otherwise plain item.

Manly Leather Gifts

Leather lends itself well to masculine items. “Manly” men will love receiving genuine leather boots, jackets, or utilitarian bags. Handmade leather wallets and phone cases are also masculine gifts that any man will use and appreciate daily.

Quirky Leather Gifts

Quirky leather gifts are similar to unique leather gifts. The difference is that quirky gifts are often funny, strange, or a bit left-of-center. Quirky gifts will often not appeal to everyone, making them a great gift for those with colorful tastes. Patchwork leather jackets, cartoonish leather keychain charms, or spiked faux leather backpacks are all quirky leather gifts perfect for the most unique person in your life.

Leather Desk Pad With Latop - Liberty Leather Goods

Leather Desk Pad


Quality Leather Gifts

Quality leather gifts are any leather gifts expertly crafted from high-quality materials. Genuine leather gifts from designers, high-end retailers, or leather artisans are a safe bet when looking for high-quality leather gifts. Some faux leather items, especially those from high-end designers, are also high-quality. When searching for quality leather gifts, craftsmanship matters more than price – some quality gifts from leather artisans may be significantly cheaper than those from designers!

DIY Leather Gifts

While leather can be a difficult material to work with, there are many leather items that are simple enough for a crafty person to DIY! Gifts like wallets, belts, desk mats, and mousepads can all be handmade with a few supplies and a bit of crafting know-how. DIY gifts do not have to mean entirely handmade gifts, either – DIY gifts can be purchased and personalized with DIY embroidery or other embellishments.

Leather Office Gifts

Leather office gifts are perfect for the professional in your life. These gifts can be made from genuine or faux leather, and can range from inexpensive to high-end. Desk pads, mousepads, desk organizers, desk chair covers, and more can all be found in leather. Device covers and cases like leather phone cases, leather laptop sleeves or bags, and leather accessory bags are also great gifts for a professional’s office. Decorative gifts, like leather bookends or sculptures, can make an office appear more comfortable and sophisticated.

Louis Vuitton Leather Belt - Liberty Leather Goods

Louis Vuitton Leather Belt


Best Leather Gifts

For the quirky person in your life: MadPax Spiketus Rex BackpackMadPax’s Spiketus Rex backpacks are available in an array of colors and sizes. Their unique spiked design is made entirely from soft faux leather, making them a fun choice for any kid or quirky person on your gift list. On a personal note, I own a Spiketux Rex half-size backpack in black and I love it!$80
For the on-the-go professional: Leatherology Knox Slim Laptop BagMade from full-grain leather, this minimalist laptop bag is impressive, protective, and customizable. It’s available in five different tones and finishes: black, brown or cognac full-grain leather, and black or brown vegetable-tanned Italian leather for an extra $125. For an extra $20-40, the bag is customizable with either a simple embossed monogram or a hand painted monogram.$200
For the world traveler: Danique Jewelry Personalized Leather Passport HolderIf someone you love travels often, they need a quality passport holder. This handmade leather option is highly customizable, with five monogram style options and thirteen font options for other personalization. It can be purchased in 7 colors, making it a highly personalized gift for any frequent flier.$21.99


Where to Buy Leather Gifts


Nordstrom is by far the best resource for designer leather goods, especially clothing and accessories. Nordstrom’s pricing is on the higher end of the spectrum, with some items retailing for thousands of dollars. For discounted goods, there’s Nordstrom’s aftermarket/sale site, Nordstrom Rack.


Amazon’s selection of gifts is perhaps the most varied on the internet. Most of the items on the site are faux leather, but with the average price of a faux leather gift falling under $100, it’s the perfect resource for small, inexpensive faux leather gifts.


For handmade leather gifts, look no further than Etsy. The site connects buyers directly with artisans around the world, opening up endless possibilities for quality handmade gifts. From leatherbound journals to handmade leather backpacks and even vintage leather goods, Etsy is the perfect place to find a unique, one-of-a-kind leather gift.

Leather is an item known for its durability and longevity. It is a versatile material, able to be crafted into rugged, delicate, or sophisticated items alike. Leather gifts are a great choice for any occasion, and the versatility of leather means that everyone on your list will be able to enjoy a leather gift that suits them perfectly. If you’re considering leather accessories, click here for my guide to leather airpod cases, or here for my look into leather card holders.

Brown Leather Journal - Liberty Leather Goods

Brown Leather Journal



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What does leather symbolize?

Traditionally, leather gifts are given for the third wedding anniversary. In this context, they symbolize safety, protection, and steadfastness – a gift that will last a lifetime.

How long do leather gifts last?

Genuine leather gifts can last a lifetime if properly cared for because of the material’s durable, long-lasting, water- and damage-resistant qualities. While faux leather will not last as long as genuine leather, it is similarly durable and is more water-resistant that genuine leather.

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