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Leather Folder – Options and Guide for Choosing a Great One

Leather is a fashion staple that is creatively incorporated into traditional utilitarian objects. One of these innovations is the leather folder — a fashionable touch-up of conventional folders. Due to their highly functional nature, they are becoming increasingly popular.

Leather folders are accessories designed to hold documents and all sorts of papers. Some are designed to hold other business essentials like tablets and e-readers. Leather folders are a fashionable take on documentation as they also provide style. They are made in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes for personal preference.

As an accessory that gives a polished and professional look, you should make a point of selecting the right one to keep your documents secure while making a good fashion statement. Let’s go over the designs, options, and what might best match your intended use.

What is a Leather Folder?

A leather folder is a leather-made portfolio envelope that helps keep your documents secure. Unlike paper and plastic folders, leather folders are usually sturdy. Yet, they are handy and easy to move around. While they serve utilitarian purposes, they can also be adapted for fashionable purposes. After all, the corporate world isn’t exempted from the moving wheel of fashion trends and evolutions.

Leather folders are exotic alternatives to traditional folders. They add a sophisticated decorative touch to every user’s presence. Made from real or faux leather, these accessories can be found in a number of colors and countless finish combinations — embossed, embroidered, handcrafted, stitched, and more. Whatever the style is, leather folders never fail to give an instant look of preparedness going into meetings.

While traditional folders typically have one or two pockets and somewhat too ordinary, many leather folders have multiple slots and pockets to store other valuable items. Leather folders can cost anywhere from $25 to hundreds of dollars.

Thin Black Leather Folder on Desk - Leather Folder - Liberty Leather Goods
Thin Black Leather Folder on Desk

What to Look For In a Leather Folder


The design of a leather folder is an essential factor to look for when choosing a leather folder. Generally, leather folder designs are simple. They usually do not include unnecessary detail or gorgeous design. A simple yet classy folder is more than enough to act as storage and, at the same time, convey class. You simply cannot go wrong with it.


It is essential that you buy a leather folder that matches the size of the document you are looking to store. There are a few standard sizes on the market. A4 leather folders measure 8.3” x 11.7” and efficiently keep and organize various documents, from A4 to smaller sizes. You will also find sizes in 8.5” x 11,” 8.5” x 14” and 11” x 17” to suit your specific purpose.


The color of the leather folder you go for is largely dependent on your personal preference. Because leather folders are meant to exude corporate class, most of them come in neutrals and cool colors like black, brown, and navy blue. Black offers the most professional finish. The natural, aged appearance of brown leather makes it well-suited for formal purposes. However, if you want a color that pairs well with virtually every other color, you should consider going for navy blue.


Quality is not a feature you should ignore in a leather folder. Ensure the folder you are going for is made of authentic leather that will not only stand the test of time but will earn you respect out there. It might cost you more, but it’s going to be worth the investment. You don’t want to go around carrying cheap-looking leather. That’s the total opposite of class.

Patterned Leather Folder - Leather Folder - Liberty Leather Goods
Patterned Leather Folder

Types of Leather Folders for Organizing Documents  

Leather File Folder  

Usually, file folders used to be made from nylon or cardboard, but as the world is fast becoming a blend of fashion and function, the traditional folders are being left behind. Not only are leather file folders stylish, but they are also very efficient for office and project document holding purposes.

There is a wide variety of leather file folders on the market to make document storage easier.

Leather Folder A4 

A4 leather folders are designed for easy filing of A4-sized sheets and papers. The leather A4 folder is different from the traditional A4 folder as it provides extra protection for your documents with the thick, high-quality material it’s made of. Many are also made with elasticated straps for more organized filing on the go.

Leather Folder For Documents 

Every office worker needs a good leather folder for documents. They can be found in different styles, but typically, most designs have large capacity pockets for keeping your documents in order. Some also come with extra slots for business cards ID cards. Whatever the specifics are, this is a perfect way to make a great impression with a modern portfolio.

Leather Document Folder

Leather document folders sure serve as a beautiful addition to the image of a business elite. Some are made by high-end brands, while some are created by independent craftsmen and sold in stores.

Leather Folder Organizer 

Other than documents, a typical business elite on the go usually has to carry things like pens, cards, pads, and the likes. And since it doesn’t look good to stuff all these in a suit pocket, there are leather folder organizers for this purpose. A good leather folder organizer is designed with multiple card pockets to store and organize pens, pads, and cards, as well as a central slot for documents.

Leather Folder With Zipper 

While many leather folders are secured with straps, the ones with zippers offer more security. They are usually zipped around for solid protection. They also come with inside pockets for additional storage of other pieces. Whether you’re going for a business trip or running to meet up with a quick meeting, you can confidently move around with your documents and other business essentials without any fear of one flying away.

Brown Leather Folder 

The color brown suggests strength, duty, reliability, and stability. Brown leather remains a timeless classic that gives a sleek minimalist business look and great perception. A professional who chooses a brown leather folder does his reputation a great service.

Vintage Brown Leather Folder - Leather Folder - Liberty Leather Goods
Vintage Brown Leather Folder

Common Leather Folder Sizes

8.5” x 11” (Letter) 

The letter-sized paper is the standard size for printing PDFs and presentations. So, if you plan to keep such documents, you should aim for a folder within 8.5” X 11.”

8.5” x 14” (Legal)

Leather folders of this size are known as US legal-size. They are perfect for longer documents such as contract papers.

11” x 17” (Tabloid)

As its name implies, Tabloid is the size of the media print. An 11” x17” folder will be the right choice for a person who works in print or needs to keep a pile of newspapers.

8.3” x 11.7” (A4)

Many leather folders come in this size, as the A4 paper size is the standard copy paper sheet. From regular documents to business stationery letterheads, an A4-sized folder works.

Best Leather Folder

1. Louis Vuitton Leather Folder

As with most of the brand’s products, Louis Vuitton’s leather folder comes in a classic leather pattern and monogram finish. This folder is lightweight yet roomy, with extra slots for items such as cards and pens. It even has a mirror for a quick look at yourself before stepping into that meeting room. If you’re looking for high-end luxury, this is it.

2. Leatherology Leather Folder

Leatherology offers a wide variety of timeless and classic designs. They tend to the simple and modern while fulfilling the primary purpose of folders. With multiple pockets that hold up to 15 sheets of paper, this leather folder is a good buy for your money.

3. RingSun Leather Folder

The RingSun leather folder is made with high-end leather and handcrafted by experienced craftsmen. You can only expect quality and elegance. It has many pockets to help store documents as well as other business accessories, from pens to notepads.

Here is a helpful video demonstrating how to make a wonderful DIY leather folder:

Where to Buy a Leather Folder

1. Leather Folders on Amazon 

If you’re looking for a wide variety of leather folder options to choose from, you should consider checking Amazon. There, you can find various offerings made with genuine leather and faux leather. For each grade of leather, there are many designs and finishes.

2. Leather Folders on Etsy 

Etsy offers quite a number of leather folders. If you like unique and custom-made accessories, Etsy is an excellent choice. They also have handcrafted leather folders that are surprisingly not expensive. For as little as $25, you can get one for yourself.

3. Leatherology Leather Folders

Leatherology leather folders are perfect for a classic and polished look. Even when you are not meeting with clients, their offerings serve as a fine piece of desk furniture.

4. Target Leather Folder

Target is a great place to find quality leather folders you will love. They have different padfolios, which provide extra protection for your documents and other office supplies.

5. Leather Folders on Asos

While Asos doesn’t offer many designs, you can find several quality leather folders to choose from. If you are a fan of embossed leather, look no further.

6. Saddleback Leather Folder

Saddleback prides itself as the producer of the longest-lasting leather folder in the world. The rugged natural look of their folders attests to this. And it’s not all about durability – Saddleback’s leather folders make an impressive statement too.

In Closing

Leather file folders are a total upgrade from traditional file folders. If you seek to give a good physical impression in the corporate world, leather folders are the way to go. Even if you don’t get to attend meetings, they are super functional as they efficiently keep your documents safe and in order. They also make good accent pieces for your office.

You really should consider investing in a leather folder. For the level of class they offer, leather folders do not cost too much. There are expensive ones, but if you’re on a tight budget, you don’t have to break the bank. With the variety of designs and price range on the market, there is a leather file folder for everyone.

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Which leather folder holds the most documents?

Leatherology’s leather folder’s capacity of 15 sheets is excellent, but then, any leather folder with a zipper can take in many documents. The zipper will ensure the documents remain contained and don’t fall out.

Where can I find customized leather folders?  

Etsy and Amazon have a pretty wide selection of customized leather folders. You can also order personalized leather folders on Leatherology.

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