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Leather Flags – What to Look For in Getting a Great One

Flags have symbolized countries, states, pride, and more for centuries. The leather flag was born with the introduction of leather and a creative set of hands. I will discuss varieties of leather flags and what to look for when getting one.

A leather flag is a banner or patch made of leather to symbolize pride for a country, state, or organization. Leather flags are made for various goods or used as decorations and often have a notable design. Leather flag prices vary depending on their size and leather material.

There are American, European, and even state flags — but nothing makes a statement like a leather flag. Leather has an incredible history, as do flags, and combining them creates a masterpiece.

What Is a Leather Flag?

A leather flag is a piece of leather fabric that can demonstrate pride, patriotism, or fashion. There are several types of leather flags, from flags or banners made entirely of leather material to leather patches embossed or sewn with a flag pattern. A leather flag often has a recognizable design for symbolism or decoration.

What We’ll Explore

  • Clearing up Myths & Misconceptions
  • The History of Leather Flags
  • Why You Might Like a Leather Flag
  • Leather Flag Overview Table
  • Popular Types and Styles of Leather Flags
  • Common Leather Flag Characteristics
  • Leather Flag Costs
  • Pros of Leather Flags
  • Cons of Leather Flags
  • Leather Flag Manufacturing Process – How They’re Made
  • Experienced Tips for Choosing a Leather Flag
  • My Personal Research with Leather Flags
  • Leather Flag Care and Maintenance
  • Helpful Insights on Leather Flags
  • Key Takeaways
Crafting a Leather Flag - Leather Flags - Liberty Leather Goods
Crafting a Leather Flag

Clearing Up Myths & Misconceptions

One myth surrounding leather flags is that most are made of vegetable tanned leather. However, most leather flags are manufactured from chrome tanned leather. Another misunderstanding is that vegetable tanned leather does not last as long as vegan or synthetic leather. Instead, vegetable tanned leather is much more durable, although vegan leather is usually biodegradable. 

The History of Leather Flags

Flag symbols originated in China in the 11th century to indicate ancient civilization; however, leather flags didn’t come about until sometime in the 1980s. Most notable is the leather pride flag that Tony DeBlase created in 1989. Since then, many different variations of leather flags have emerged from state or country symbols to personal interests.

Why You Might Like a Leather Flag

Leather flags have their beauty and creativity in how they are made. There are so many innovative options one is sure to find a suitable leather flag for their taste. With the wide array of sizes, types, and styles available, if anything, it would be difficult to choose a leather flag.

Thankfully, many are reasonably priced and have a purpose, so collecting multiple leather flag keychains, flags, decorations, and patches is possible. Get one to represent a birthplace, favorite vacation spot, family history, and more!

Leather Flag Overview Table

Leather Flag CharacteristicDetails
ItemLeather Flag
UsesDecoration, patches, wallets, jackets
Common MaterialsVegetable or chrome tanned leather
Popular ColorsBrown, black, blue, white, red, green
SizesSmall patch (3.5 in, by 5 in.) to full-sized flag (3 ft. by 5 ft.)
Popular StylesPatches, decorations, wallets, keychains
Cost Range ($)$6–$550
How Long it Lasts (on average)10–20 years
Leather Flag Characteristics

Popular Types and Styles of Leather Flags

Many popular types and styles of leather flags exist. From keychains to full-size flags, there’s a leather flag for everyone. Here are some popular types of leather flags:

  1. Patches
  2. Keychains
  3. Wallets Purses/bags
  4. Banners

Going one step beyond types, here are some popular styles of leather flags:

  1.  American flag
  2. State flags
  3. Country flags
  4. Custom flags
  5. Leather Pride flag
  6. Police and Fire support flags

As you can imagine, there are almost endless possibilities and potential gift ideas for the spouse, family member, police and fire personnel, and even the pickiest people!

Common Leather Flag Characteristics


Leather flags can be made from genuine vegetable or chrome tanned animal hide and faux leather. Stamped leather flags will sometimes have highly detailed indentions that can be easily seen and felt. Some leather flags have heavy-duty thread holding them together or creating beautiful pictures.


Sizes of leather flags range from a standard-size patch (3.5 in. by 5 in.) to a full-size flag (3 ft. by 5 ft.). Custom leather flags can also be made in many personalized sizes to fit your unique needs.


Variations of leather flags include single-color leather, multicolored leather, embossed leather, single-color threaded pictures, and multicolored threaded pictures. Some leather flags will also have layered leather patches, creating an image or design.

Key Uses

Key uses for leather flags range from patches for hats, purses, or jackets to decoration for the home. 

Leather flags are made to be durable and maintain that luxurious look for at least 10–20 years.

Leather Flag Costs

The price of leather flags highly depends on the item’s size. Smaller leather items generally cost less than larger ones, and many options exist for leather-flag items. Here are a few examples of leather flag costs:

  1. A leather patch (3.25 in. by 2 in.) embossed with the American flag from LA Police Gear costs $5.99 plus shipping.
  2. A Cody James wallet with a sewn-on leather American flag patch is $44.99 at Boot Barn.
  3. A large (3 ft. by 5 ft.) leather flag from WolfstrykerLeather on Etsy is $550 with five options and customization available.

Pros of Leather Flags

Leather flags are made to be durable and maintain that luxurious look for at least 10–20 years. They can be tanned to many colors, including national and state flag colors.

Cons of Leather Flags

Making leather flags is a bit complicated, so prices tend to be higher than other materials. Leather flags also aren’t always made to stand up to the elements, so they may show wear and tear if exposed to temperature extremes, sunlight, and moisture.

Leather Flag Manufacturing Process – How They’re Made

The leather flag manufacturing process begins with making the leather. Animal hides are tanned using chrome salts or vegetable tanning solutions which remove the hair, fix collagen fibers, and begin to make the material durable, according to a study published in Green Chemistry journal by researchers Ziang, Xu, Ding, Gao, Fan, Hu, Shi, and Clark.

After being inspected and then tanned again, colors are usually added. The leather is then stretched and ironed to create a sheen. It is then trimmed, rolled, and sent to manufacturers and leather artists. Leather flags are often made from scraps of other leather products sewn together to create a flag.

For more information on making a leather flag, check out this helpful video of leather artist Alexander Dyer and his process for planning and sewing a leather flag.

Experienced Tips for Choosing a Leather Flag

What’s the best way to choose a leather flag? Here are a few tips from experience.

Frequency of Use

How often will the leather flag be used? This is an important question because a leather flag may be made to be durable, but more frequent use requires higher quality. For high-use leather flags like keychains and wallets, choose by quality rather than price. For lower-use items like decorations, splurge on something that looks good.

Environment/Conditions of Use

Environment and conditions of use is another key factor regarding which leather flag item to purchase. Something that will be exposed to the elements, like a leather flag patch, must be moisture and use-resistant, so they don’t wear quickly. Consider a sealed and embossed or threaded leather flag for better durability against the elements.


Cost is usually the most prohibitive when it comes to leather flags. The larger the leather flag item, the more expensive it will be, so choose one that fits the budget and still meets a need or want.


Trends in leather flags are not as seasonal as fast fashion or art, so this can make it easier to choose in most cases. Purchase a leather flag that meshes well with personality and interest rather than trends, as trends tend to come and go.

Personal Preference

Always choose a leather flag that meets your personal preference. It should match interests, lifestyle, favorite colors, national heritage, or something one is passionate about.

My Personal Research with Leather Flags

Leather flags are not something you see every day, but they are certainly unique and beautiful. To learn more, I asked friends and family if they were to purchase a leather flag for themselves or someone else, which style would they choose? Here is a table representing the percentages of their responses and what I learned from the poll about leather flags.

Leather Flag ItemTimes Selected
Patch for jacket21%
Patch for bag11%
Leather pride10%
Embossed American flag wall art6%
State flag16%
Popular Choices for Leather Flags

Leather Flag Care and Maintenance

How to Clean a Leather Flag

Leather flags can be cleaned with a soft brush, a vacuum cleaner attachment, a microfiber cloth, leather wipes, or a leather cleaner. Follow any manufacturer’s instructions for commercial leather cleaners and leather flag products. Test cleaning products in an inconspicuous spot to ensure colorfastness and prevent damaging the leather.

How to Maintain a Leather Flag

A leather flag can be maintained with routine cleaning and conditioning and proper use and storage. Protect the leather from moisture, temperature extremes, and any substances that can cause stains. Clean spills immediately and condition a clean and dry leather flag with a leather conditioner to keep it looking great.

How to Store a Leather Flag

Choose a spot that is cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight. Consider covering the leather to protect it from dust. Avoid storage areas that may experience temperature extremes, which can dry out leather and lead to cracking. Remove the leather flag from storage every few months to clean and condition it.

Helpful Insights on Leather Flags

What is a leather flag wallet?

A leather flag wallet is a leather wallet that has a flag embossed or sewn into the leather for a patriotic look.

What is a leather American flag patch? 

A leather American flag patch is a patch with the American flag embossed or sewn into it for jackets, purses, hats, or clothing.

Key Takeaways

  1. Leather flags are beautiful and highly durable.
  2. There are many leather flag options, big and small.
  3. Leather flags can be decoration, fashion, and a symbol of patriotism.

In Closing

Leather flags are great for many things, from daily use keychains and wallets to those hung for admiration. With such wide varieties available at multiple prices, there’s a leather flag for everyone. What better way to show pride?

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