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Leather Embroidery – Personalization and Style for Any Piece

The intricacies of embroidery on a piece of leather have always fascinated me. Just recently, I happened to learn a lot about this space through a few experiences and meticulous research.

Embroidery can be done on all kinds of leather products like jackets and baseball gloves among others. The thread and equipment must be chosen appropriately. Leather embroidery can serve as a great DIY hobby. It can be done by hand, and also by using an embroidery machine and design software.

There is literally so much to explore in this splendid industry of leather embroidery that one may be unaware of. Together, let’s understand everything that’s needed to be known about leather embroidery.

What is Leather Embroidery?

Embroidery is the art and craft of enhancing, and further beautifying a piece of fabric, which in this case is leather. What beautifies the fabric of leather is primarily a thread of sorts. This thread of yarn is applied and sewn using a needle. In modern times like these, embroidery on leather is done using machines. Embroidery can be done on all kinds of leather products like jackets, baseball gloves, belts, wallets and leather footwear among others. 

What’s best about this craft is that you can get as creative as you want while embroidering on leather. Think of the fabric as a blank canvas having endless opportunities like customization and personalization. Different designs suit different products. All kinds of patterns like floral designs, textual patterns, logos and many others can be embroidered on the leather.

Embroidery on leather requires the material to be secured to a hoop, which holds the fabric in place while it is embroidered. As a thicker fabric, it can be embroidered using something like magnetic hoops which are supported on various embroidery machines as well. Depending on the type of leather, there are a lot of machines, which when paired with the software do the best job.

Embroidered Leather Pants - Embroidered Leather - Liberty Leather Goods
Embroidered Leather Pants

What to Look for In Leather Embroidery

Leather has a different texture when compared to the other fabrics, and there are a few things that an individual must keep in mind. Let’s look into what these are.

Thread Type

Different materials of threads like various types of cotton, metallic, wool and silk among others are suitable for the different types of fabrics. Factors to be considered while selecting the type of thread for leather embroidery in particular include the thread’s weight and thickness, its tensility, inclusion of wax, texture of thread, ease of use, availability and the price among others. It can also depend on the design of the embroidery, about how intricate it is, and the kind of product that it’s done on. Factors like these dictate the use of the type of thread.

Leather is a firm fabric. Nylon and polyester are common types of threads that are widely used in leather embroidery. Not only does nylon have a great tensile strength, but it’s also very economical otherwise. Polyester is a thread that is also very durable. Other types of threads like linen also work great for leather.

Location on Garment/Piece

The location of embroidery is crucial too as it directly impacts the product’s design. On certain products, the embroidery is meant to be on the edges and corners, just as a way to enhance the appearance of the product. Whereas on some products, the embroidery is the highlight of the fabric, where it’s usually centered. The location of embroidery on the garment is also determined by the size of the embroidery design. A larger surface area is always easier to work with.

Finished Design

The aim of doing embroidery is so that the appearance of the piece of leather is enhanced. A good finished design of embroidery is neither too flashy, nor too dull. It also depends on the attention to detail of the finished patterns. A simple and lighter design is better suited for leather, as it reduces the possibility of a tear in the fabric. The choice of color of thread must also be factored in. However good a design may be, if the most suitable color of thread is not embroidered with, it’s not going to be of any use whatsoever.

White Embroidery on Leather Boots - Embroidered Leather - Liberty Leather Goods
White Embroidery on Leather Boots

Popular Leather Items to Embroider On

Embroidery can be done on almost all kinds of leather products. Listed below are a few popular leather products that are well-suited for embroidery.

Leather Embroidered Jacket

A leather embroidered jacket is a leather jacket with an embroidered design.  Embroidery designs look great on leather jackets. The embroidery can be done in all kinds of designs including floral patterns, aesthetic animal prints, symbols and even textual content like initials and names. Leather embroidered jackets are not only very fashionable, but they are also considered to be a luxury statement. Leather embroidered jackets are not restricted to the darker shades of brown and black only. Goofy and vivid colors of leather jackets, like shades of yellow, red and blue can be embroidered on as well. 

Today, a wide variety of readymade designs are available for every individual’s likings. The embroidery provides a casual and trendy aesthetic feature to the leather jacket. One can embroider leather jackets for women with all kinds of floral patterns. A lot of luxury brands also manufacture embroidered leather jackets, adding to this huge marketplace.

Leather Baseball Glove Embroidery

Embroidery when done on leather baseball gloves is a fabulous way of personalizing the product. It is literally as simple as deciding what textual content should go on the baseball glove, then selecting the thread and its color, followed by the selection of font, and finally deciding its placement. Not only font, but symbols like logos can be embroidered onto the leather baseball gloves too. 

Custom Leather Embroidery

It is very easy to create custom embroidery on a leather patch. Any kind of leather product like a bag, belt, wallet and even garments can be embroidered. They are a great example of how leather products can be customized and personalized. Custom leather embroidered products could serve as a great gifting option too.

Leather Cat Collar with Blue Embroidery - Embroidered Leather - Liberty Leather Goods
Leather Cat Collar with Blue Embroidery

DIY Leather Embroidery Tools and Accessories

Leather Embroidery Patch  

Embroidery when added to a leather patch gives it a fresh and bold look altogether. If you have any excess leather lying around, or even if you have a leather product that you no longer require, it can easily be recycled to make a personalized leather embroidered patch. A name, initials or even a short word when added to a patch of leather give it a luxurious touch.

The patch can be used to make something like a card cover as well. All you need is a patch of leather, scissors, ruler, needle, tracing paper, a pen and threads, and you can effortlessly go ahead with this simple DIY project. Household furniture like leather sofas if damaged can be covered up with a creative leather embroidery patch.

Leather Embroidery Machine 

Having an embroidery machine is a great asset to have. Especially for someone whose hobby is embroidery, a machine like this is always beneficial. The machine can also be utilised for furniture maintenance in a household. It reduces the workload of embroidering by doing most of the job. However, it is important to first understand various things like how the machine operates, the various needles available, all of the functionality and how to maintain it too.

The choice of needle is important in the machine while embroidering leather, as the perforation that it would create needs to be small enough. Simplistic and doable designs must be chosen, and the embroidery must be done at slower speeds. 

Machine Leather Embroidery Design Software

A design software in an embroidery machine is nothing less than a boon. There are a lot of reputable embroidery softwares brands available in the market, and it all comes down to individual preferences. However, one may not have the right knowledge of operating these digitized softwares. It’s important to first understand how it functions so that it could be used effectively.

A lot of different design softwares have distinctive functions. Some software only translates a particular image into a pattern which can be embroidered. Certain softwares even provides the added benefit of customizing and editing the design.

Kimberbell Embroidery Leather

Kimberbell’s embroidery leather is an exemplary leather-like product which is great for using on embroidery machines. Available in the sizing option of 8 inches by 24 inches, it gives one the flexibility of cutting it as per the requirement. What’s best about this product is that it has various color options like particular shades of red, blue, gold, black and white. Listed at $11.99, it is similarly priced on different marketplaces.

It undoubtedly stands out from the other corresponding products, and the vast assortment of colors are what differentiate it mainly. It can be utilised for a number of sewing projects for embroidery. Patches of this product when embroidered can be used to fix blemishes on household products too.

Here is a helpful demonstration of machine embroidery on leather:

Helpful Insights

How to Remove Embroidery from Leather

Removing the embroidery from leather is usually done if the embroidery is disliked, or even when an error is made. Nevertheless, certain tools are required for removing the embroidery from leather, and it may not be a very easy process to follow. It is important to first locate the stitch and the patch of leather that you wish to remove. If not done carefully and with a steady hand, the leather may end up damaged, wherein the perforations of stitches may be visible. It can also lead to micro-tears in the fabric.

Can you embroider leather shoes? 

Embroidery on leather shoes is surely possible. However, embroidering it is laborious due to its shape. If done on the even surfaces of the shoe, embroidering it is yet doable. One must have prior experience to be able to embroider the shoes comfortably.

Can you embroider on boots?

Like shoes, it is possible to embroider on boots as well. With the sock-like long neck of boots, embroidering on footwear like these is relatively easier. Embroidering your initials in a fancy font is something you could try using the embroidery machine. It’s the perfect personalized gift that you could give to a family member or even a close friend.

Can embroidery be done on suede?

Embroidering on suede is a considerable option to work with. Suede is a very expensive fabric as it is sourced from animal skin. One may also come across faux suede, which mimics authentic suede. Natural suede products are as much as ten times more expensive than faux suede ones. It is also sturdier than the latter. 

Can you hand embroider leather?

Traditionally, embroidery was always done by hand. Although hand embroidery is much more strenuous than machine embroidery, it’s a good way to get started. Also, if one doesn’t wish to invest in an embroidery machine, and is only working on a simple, short-term project, hand embroidery makes much more sense. The holes are needed to be poked in first, before going ahead with the embroidering. 

How do I remove embroidery from leather?

There are techniques which require different tools to remove the embroidery. A seam ripper for one is used to remove stitches. Tools like a razor or a razor-like electrical shaving device are relatively easier ways of getting rid of the embroidery without causing much damage to the leather.

How do I clean embroidery on leather?

Water damages leather, and therefore it’s not a very good idea to use water directly to clean the embroidery on leather. Yet, there are certain ways by which the embroidery on the leather can be cleaned. It can be dry-cleaned at home using a vacuum cleaner, by covering the end of the nozzle with a piece of mesh-like cloth. The nozzle must be placed right over the embroidered portion on the piece of leather, and gently moved all over. Optionally, if the embroidery is very soiled, a dry cotton earbud can be dabbed over the embroidery. 

Where can I find leather embroidery services near me?

There are many platforms and marketplaces that provide data on local service providers. After setting the location, search for ‘tailor’ or ‘leather tailor, and depending on the reviews, you can make a choice. You could also visit the place and enquire before getting the work done, if that’s feasible. A platform like Yelp could be of assistance. There are a lot of other platforms that also provide this kind of information. Apart from that, word of mouth is a tried and tested way. One could always enquire with neighbours and friends from within the city. 

How difficult is leather embroidery?

Leather may not be the easiest fabric to work with, but embroidering on it is definitely worth the end result. If the best practices for embroidering on leather are followed, it may be easier than you think.

Can you embroider on leather?

Yes, you can embroider on leather with the assistance of an embroidery machine and by hand too, using the appropriate needle. You need to use the correct equipment and thread, as leather is a relatively thicker fabric.

In Closing

Without a doubt, leather embroidery looks phenomenal. With the assistance of best-suited machines and softwares, leather embroidery is done effortlessly, and it’s always beneficial to have the knowledge before getting started.

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