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Leather Dog Collars – Guide to Size, Style, and Fit

When considering a collar for your dog, leather is the best choice.  There are alternatives out there, such as fabric and chain metal, but leather is a natural material making it more comfortable for your pet when it all comes down to it.

Leather dog collars are pliable, lightweight, and easy to clean.  Being made from leather, they are an all-natural choice and are available in various styles and sizes.  Many come fashioned with a loop to clip a dog tag to if you are ever separated from your furry companion.

Many pet stores these days offer leather dog collars for sale in a variety of sizes and styles.  To help you in making your decision on just what type of leather dog collar to buy, we have offered a few choices below.

What are Leather Dog Collars?

A leather dog collar can act to fulfill many roles.  They can aid in the restraining of your furry friend when out on your daily walk or when you need to tether them for their safety.  Leather dog collars can also serve as a means for identifying your dog by way of attaching a tag.

Having your dog wear a collar can mean the difference between losing them and never seen them again and being reunited.  If your dog were to escape the yard or get away from you, they are more likely to be returned to you if they are wearing a collar with a tag on it.  You can also choose to tattoo or microchip your furry friend, but with a collar and a tag, the process of their return to you will be speedier.

Types of Leather Dog Collars

Rolled Leather Dog Collars

As a rule, the rolled leather dog collars are typically constructed of soft genuine leather that has been specially treated.  Rolled leather dog collars are well-suited to be worn by those canines with longer hair, as the rounded shape prevents the fur from becoming tangled and damaged.

Studded Leather Dog Collars

The studded leather dog collar is most commonly seen on larger breeds such as Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, and German Shepherds.  The collar’s front side is usually constructed of 100% genuine full-grain leather, with the backside being soft padded to prevent choking and irritation.  There are typically a various number of rivets as well as spikes on the collar, which prevents being bitten by other canines.

Brown Leather Dog Collar - Liberty Leather Goods

Brown Leather Dog Collar

Wide Leather Dog Collars

The wide leather dog collars are specifically designed for those breeds that fall into that category of large or giant.  Because of the sheer strength of the larger breeds, the collar needs to be made sturdier and stronger. These types of collars are also great for use on those breeds of canines with a long neck.

Tooled Leather Dog Collars

A tooled leather dog collar typically has had the leather worked into it to provide a permanent, lating design.  The design is done by hand, and some varieties are painted to add extra color and appeal.

Western Leather Dog Collars

Western leather dog collars are those that have been constructed with designs on them through the use of conchos, studs, and in some cases, blinged up with Swarovski Crystal.

Soft Leather Dog Collars

Typically constructed of sturdy, genuine, full-grain leather, the soft leather dog collars are just as the name implies.  There is often soft padding against the dog’s skin to allow for extra comfort and ease of wear.

Dark Brown Leather Dog Collar - Liberty Leather Goods

Dark Brown Leather Dog Collar

Real Leather Dog Collars

Real leather dog collars are the best choice for lasting use and long wear.  Usually constructed of full-grain leather, a real leather dog collar will go the distance if appropriately maintained.

Real leather dog collars are the best choice for lasting use and long wear.

Premium Leather Dog Collars

Premium leather dog collars consist of the best genuine leather on the market.  As a result, they offer a buttery feel and will not irritate your furry friend’s skin.  Your dog will be happy and comfortable wearing this type of collar.

Large Leather Dog Collars

Large leather dog collars typically find their use for the walking and training of larger breeds.  They are built heavy duty and tough and usually have a handle attached for extra added control of the dog.

Tan Leather Dog Collar - Liberty Leather Goods

Tan Leather Dog Collar

Leather Dog Collars with Name

With many types of leather dog collars, the pet’s name can be engraved or embossed into the leather.  This decorative addition adds a little more attractive appeal for the owner and the pet.

Leather Dog Collars with Nameplate

Some brands of leather dog collars offer the choice of personalization via a nameplate.  The nameplate is typically made of metal and riveted at each end onto the collar.

Brass Studded Leather Dog Collar

Much like the studded collar above, the brass-studded leather dog collar is more for looks than function.  Typically the collar has various styles of rivets attached in a pattern.

Popular Brands of Leather Dog Collars

CoachCoach has a line of matching leather dog collars and leashes in a variety of styles and sizes.  The current best seller is that of their signature canvas.  Touted as the “distinctive design for your best-dressed pet,” the collar is a construction of their Signature canvas and smooth leather.
Soft Touch – Pink LeatherThis dog collar features a two-toned appearance made of soft-touch leather with raspberry pink and light pink padding.  This item is one of a kind offered by Soft Touch Collars.
VersaceVersace offers a leather collar and leash set.  Both the leash and the collar coordinate with their matching Medusa studs.
Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton offers leather dog collars, with matching leads, in various colors and sizes for small to large breeds.  Constructed from Louis Vuitton’s Monogram canvas, these collars have a leather backing and an ID tag with the signature LV monogram.
GucciGucci allows your pet to step out in style with their offering of the Gucci Poochie dog collar.  The collar is available in various shades and sizes and features your choice of a nickel or gold buckle accent on the front.
RoyalThese dog collars are constructed of bridle leather and feature an embroidered crown all the way around.  Also featured is a brass buckle along with a brass keeper.
TagloryThe Taglory dog collar comes constructed of top-grade full-grain leather. These military-grade collars are both reliably strong and sturdy.  Great for dogs of all sizes and to be used in training sessions as well.
Warner Brand Cumberland Featured several times as a top 5 best choice in leather dog collars, Warner Cumberland is the companies’ staple.  Included is a personalized and engraved free brass ID tag riveted to the collar.

Leather Dog Collar Insights

Are Leather Collars Bad for Dogs?

Leather collars are safe for your dog, but with it being a natural material, keep in mind that over time the collar will stretch.

What is the Best Leather Dog Collar?

In a review of the best leather dog collars of 2020, the top winner was the Soft Touch Collars Real Leather Padded Dog Collar won out against all other hands down.  Constructed of real leather and offering a top-notch comfortable fit, this leather collar just can’t be beaten.

How do You Make a Rolled Leather Dog Collar?

Here is a great demonstration of a DIY rolled leather dog collar:

Highest Quality Leather Dog Collars

It only follows that the better the materials and the sturdier the construction will result in a higher dog collar quality.  Typically those collars constructed of premium top grain leather are the highest in quality, and as such great detail taken to their creation.

If you find yourself in the market and shopping for a new collar for your furry friend, the best choice would be that of a leather dog collar.  Not only are they more comfortable, pliable, and easy to maintain, but they will stand up to the test of time for durability. For a detailed look at more dog fashion, click here for my guide to leather dog harnesses. If you’re interested in stylish leather accessories for you, click here for my article on leather rings.

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Are rolled leather collars good for dogs?

A leather collar is the best for dogs overall.  However, if you have a dog that has longer hair, the rolled collar style is the best to prevent any issues of damage due to tangling of the fur.

What is the best leather for making dog collars?

There are not hard rules, as any type of leather can be used to make dog collars. However, the top and full-grain varieties are the most commonly used.

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