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Leather Desk Pad – Guide to Style and Function For Your Desk

When most people think of leather goods, they think of fashion: clothing, accessories and jewelry. While leather is a material with a long history as a fashion mainstay, its durability makes it perfect for office accessories, especially desk pads.

Leather desk pads are used to provide a smooth, even surface for writing and working while simultaneously protecting the user’s desk from damage. A leather desk pad provides a tougher, longer-lasting protective layer while lending a sophisticated vibe to any professional’s office space.

Keep reading to learn more about leather desk pads!

What is a Leather Desk Pad?

A leather desk pad is a desk pad made from either genuine or faux leather. Desk pads are most often made from plastic and are used to provide a protective layer on desks. This layer prevents damage from writing, painting, or even accidental spills while simultaneously providing an even layer on which to complete tasks. 

Desk pads made from leather are an excellent way to give an office space a sophisticated upgrade. Leather is a utilitarian material that resists moisture and surface damage and can be easily wiped clean, so professionals who frequently have drinks, food, or other potentially messy items at their desk can feel confident that their materials will stay protected.

Types of Leather Desk Pads 

Leather Desk Mat

Leather desk mats are desk pads, or protectors, made from genuine or faux leather. These desk mats protect the desk surface while providing an even surface for writing and working. They also allow the user to forego a mouse pad and sometimes have pockets or calendars attached for an all-purpose, clutter-reducing desk accessory.

Desk mats are an excellent way for professionals to organize and protect their desks with a single accessory. In leather, these accessories are elevated to an undeniably luxe, professional level. As an added bonus, leather’s water resistant and damage resistant properties do a superior job of protecting a desk surface. Leather desk mats with pockets extend this protection to important documents.

Desk mats are an excellent way for professionals to organize and protect their desks with a single accessory.

Vintage Leather Desk Pad

Vintage leather is a great choice for desk accessories like desk pads. Vintage leather desk pads boast quality craftsmanship with the bonus of having developed a beautiful aged look, called a patina, which gives the leather character. Vintage leather is excellent for those who want to avoid using new leather or animal products. For those on a budget who still want genuine leather, vintage leather is an ideal choice.

Full Grain Leather Desk Pad

Full grain leather is genuine, full-weight leather. Compared to lambskin or other thin, soft leathers, full grain is heavy and protective. Full grain leather can be found in a variety of colors, but it is most often available in black and natural tones. For a leather desk pad, full grain leather is the perfect option. It is the most durable type of leather available, guaranteed to protect from damage and moisture while looking sophisticated and luxe.

Leather Desk Pad With Latop - Liberty Leather Goods

Leather Desk Pad With Laptop

Extra Large Leather Desk Pad

Extra large leather desk pads are great for those who tend to need large workspaces. These assure that the entire surface area of the desk is protected and even, allowing optimal use and storage. Extra large desk pads typically include pockets, a calendar, or both, as a space-saving solution to normal desktop clutter.

Brown Desk Pad

Brown leather desk pads lend a rugged, natural look to a professional space. Leather is naturally a light tan, and with age can darken to a rich brown. Still, most moden brown leathers are dyed for an aged, vintage look.

Executive Desk Pad

Large leather desk pads, especially those with storage and other clutter-eliminating solutions, are often called executive desk pads. Named for their ultra-classy, respect-demanding appearance, executive desk pads are meant to be used by those who conduct important business, especially those for whom a professional appearance is essential. Executive desk pads are typically made from darker tones of genuine leather and may include built-in storage for writing utensils or important documents.

DIY Leather Desk Pad

Options for a DIY Leather Desk Pad

The simplest way to create a DIY leather desk pad is to simply cut a desk pad out of heavy leather and finish the edges with the appropriate tools. Genuine leather can be purchased from a local supplier, and leather finishing toolkits are available from many retailers, including Amazon. 

Here is a great demonstration of how to make your own leather desk pad.


How do you make a leather desk pad?

Generally, a desk pad is made by:

1. Plan size of the Desk PadDetermine how long, and how wide it will be to cover the desired surface area of the desk
2. Determine Corner ShapeDecide if the corners will be squared, rounded, or beveled
3. Trace the OutlineOn a large piece of leather, trace the outline of the desk mat
4. Cut Next, cut the desk pad out of the larger piece of leather
5. EdgeUse a leather edging tool to begin to finish the edge. It might be a narrow or deep edger, depending on how you prefer the edge to appear
6. BurnishBurnish the edges to provide an even, smooth, protective surface. The burnishing matts down and fuses the leather fibers together, helping to keep the edges smooth.
7. Adorn and/or Add a Protective CoatingAdornments, such as edge paint can be added. Additionally, surface protectants such as those for moisture and scratch-resistance can be added if desired

Helpful Insights:

What is the point of a desk pad?

A basic desk pad serves two main functions: it protects the surface of a desk from damage and provides a smooth, even surface for writing. Desk pads are used often by professionals who often work on paper or who have lots of paperwork passing through their desk daily. 

How do you clean leather desk pads?

Leather desk pads can be cleaned by simply wiping them with a damp cloth – no cleaner or fancy cleaning methods are needed! However, if your desk pad is made from genuine leather, it’s probably a good idea to condition it every so often to prevent the material from drying out and cracking. This can be done with a simple leather conditioning balm or oil. 

How can I protect my desk?

The best way to protect a desks surface is a desk pad or mat. A leather desk pad will protect from moisture and minor damage while providing a smooth surface to comfortably write and work on. Leather is a durable material which looks more professional than simple plastic, and will last longer than desk pads made from synthetic materials.

The video below shows you how to optimize the use of your Leather Desk Pad to declutter and organize your desk.


Where to Buy a Leather Desk Pad? 


IKEA offers a stellar faux leather desk pad with some seriously unique features. The desk pad is faux leather-wrapped with a steel frame for weight and durability. Its design features a lip which extends over the front edge of the desk, protecting the most-worn edge of the desk while keeping the desk pad in place. Reviews for this desk pad are phenomenal, and for $24.99, it’s hard to beat!


Dacasso produces high-quality luxury desk pads from genuine leather and other luxe materials. Their desk pads cost around $100-300 – a hefty price, but a genuine leather desk pad guarantees a lifelong accessory for a serious professional.

A leather desk pad will protect from moisture and minor damage.

Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware offers simple, elegant desk mats in genuine leather. For around $100, professionals can purchase no-frills desk accessories, like their vegetable-tanned leather desk mat in a warm, rich chestnut tone.


Design-focused brand Satechi offers stylish, contemporary desk accessories for affordable prices. Their faux leather desk mat has a non-slip backing and a waterproof finish to ensure a secure, protective work surface.


Amazon’s offerings are mostly faux leather and tend to be rather small. Still, for a professional with a home office or someone on a budget, Amazon’s options are excellent.


Etsy is always a perfect first stop when searching for leather goods – here, you can find handmade, high-quality leather goods like desk pads for less than large leather retailers.

When searching for professional desk accessories, look no further than leather. The material is renowned for its protective, water-resistant qualities, making it a no-brainer for items like desk pads that are meant to protect surfaces. Leather will also ensure that your office gives a serious, respectable impression. Leather desk pads, whether purchased via retail or DIY, are the ideal desk accessory. If you’re interested in other leather accessories, click here for my article on leather iPad cases.


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Do you need a desk pad?

While a desk pad isn’t a necessary accessory, it’s a great addition to any professional’s office. Desk pads protect desk surfaces from damage. They provide a smooth, even working surface and are lightly padded for an easier, smoother writing experience. They also can offer pockets for folder or documents, along with storage for small items like writing utensils.

Can you write on a desk mat?

Desk mats are designed to be written on! They’re meant to protect a desk’s surface from marks or pressure while writing and provide a smoother writing surface. Historically, desk mats were called desk blotters and were meant to be used with specific memo paper called blotter paper.

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