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Leather Cat Collars – Feline-Friendly Guide to Style and Fit

I was recently looking for a stylish and elegant cat collar made out of leather. My rigorous search for the perfect one gave me a lot of insights into the same.

A leather cat collar is a piece of leather that’s put around the cat’s neck. While being fashionable, it also ensures the cat’s safety. They come in many colors, and have the options of customization and personalization too. Accessories like bells, nameplates and keychains add to its unique look.

One may feel bewildered with the innumerable options of cat collars that are available today. Let’s take a bit of a deeper dive into the world of leather cat collars and explore what’s beneficial.

What are Leather Cat Collars?

A leather cat collar is a strap-like accessory that is to be worn around the cat’s neck. Made of leather, it primarily serves the purpose of a styling statement. The other important function of the leather cat collar is safety. It is used for identification purposes of the pet. They can also come attached with a bell or a metal-like piece otherwise.

Cat collars are also available in various other materials. In comparison to the other materials, the leather ones standout, and are very fashionable too. Leather is used as the base material in these collars. Usually, other secondary materials like metals and plastics are used as well. 

Brown Leather Cat Collar - Leather Cat Collars - Liberty Leather Goods
Brown Leather Cat Collar

What to Look for In Leather Cat Collars


One may think that leather collars are restricted to the darker shades. That’s not the case however. There are plenty of shades of red, yellow, green and blue. Apart from the vivid shades, one may also find elegant shades like beige, and then the bold ones like brown and black.

Color is the primary form of differentiation in a way, as that’s what catches the eye first. With so many choices available, there’s always going to be a color that matches every individual’s liking.


The length of the leather cat collars is crucial. The length that one must go for depends on the measurement of the neck of your pet. The best fit of a cat collar is neither too tight, nor too loose. There are various lengths of collars that are available, right from 5 – 6 inches for a kitten and all the way up to 16 inches, or even more sometimes. 

One can also go for a precise measurement leather cat collar. However, that’s made-to-measurement, and not economical usually, when compared to the ones already available. Depending on whether the collar is adjustable or non-adjustable, the collar comes with a buckle of sorts for getting the perfect fit. Non-adjustable collars only make sense for pets that have finished growing.


The width of the cat collar depends on the size of your pet. A thinner leather cat collar must be chosen for a kitten. The various available widths vary on different marketplaces. Hence the width must be factored in while choosing the correct leather cat collar, as it directly affects the comfort level of the pet.


The best part about these leather cat collars is that they are compatible with various kinds of accessories. Accessories like decorated bells, personalised name tags, a bow tie and keychains among others can be attached to the collar. Such accessories are meant to add to the uniqueness of the leather cat collars. They are further customisable as certain online marketplaces provide choices within the product-listing as well.

Types of Leather Cat Collars

Personalized Leather Cat Collars

Personalizations can be in the form of various ways, depending on the product-listings. They are those features that further make the collar standout. A custom text that is engraved onto the leather is a widely available form of personalized leather cat collar. 

A name and number can be engraved onto a name tag on the collar as well. This form of identification adds to the safety of your pet cat, just in case it happens to get lost. Other kinds of personalizations include custom-colored accessories and distinctive keychains.

Rolled Leather Cat Collar

In a rolled leather collar, the leather is rolled first, after which it is machine-stitched. The raw materials used in the manufacturing process of such collars make it more durable, and thus they are known to last longer.

Such collars are especially a great choice for long-haired pets. The collar is round like a tube, which prevents the hair from entwining with the cat’s hair. Someone who wants a simplistic, but yet sophisticated design can go with this. A good manufacturer of such collars uses high quality genuine leather.  

Leather Cat Collar With Nameplate

A leather cat collar with a nameplate is another kind of personalization. Being similar to the custom-textual engraved collar, the only difference is that here a chunk of metal is used. Product-listings on some marketplaces provide such kinds of custom identification features to their customers.

Quick Release Leather Cat Collars

This is another form of leather cat collar with an added safety feature. If the cat unknowingly chokes due to an added pressure from the collar, it automatically opens up. They are designed in a way that even if the collar gets stuck in something, the added force automatically releases the collar. It is also known as the breakaway collar.

Black Leather Cat Collar - Leather Cat Collars - Liberty Leather Goods
Black Leather Cat Collar

Best Leather Cat Collars

1 VacForPets’ Soft Leather Cat Collar on Etsy

One can choose from the numerous available colors. This particular product is a no-nonsense simplistic leather collar. Not only that, but one can also choose a nameplate made of brass or nickel, while also choosing the size of the nameplate. The breakaway clasp has an added safety benefit.

2 CollarDirect’s Rolled Leather Cat Collars on Etsy

If a rolled leather cat collar is what you’re looking for, then go no further. This particular collar not only provides the advantages of a rolled collar, but also offers a high level of customization and personalization. The decorative bells add to the classic solid color look, and the metal nameplate looks great too.

3 The ‘Royal’ Caviar Collar on Cheshire & Wain

Looking for a luxury statement? Then the royal caviar collar is a great collar to go for. The Royal Blue soft leather, paired with Mustard Yellow stitching give this cat collar a rich look. Since this collar cannot be embossed, an engraved identification tag can be purchased from their catalogue. It would serve as the perfect gift too.

Pink Leather Cat Collar with Bells - Leather Cat Collars - Liberty Leather Goods
Pink Leather Cat Collar with Bells

Where to Buy Leather Cat Collars

Etsy Leather Cat Collars

As a global online marketplace, Etsy has a wide variety of leather cat collars. One can effortlessly find a vast assortment of customisable products. Most of the product-listings are handcrafted products. In all of the marketplaces where one can buy leather cat collars, Etsy accommodates the highest level of customization.

Personalizations like custom name plates, textual engravings and bells colors are widely available throughout this marketplace. This marketplace also serves as a good gifting option to give to cat owners as most of their products have personalization options. One can easily get a good leather cat collar in the price range of $10 to $20 from Etsy.

Cheshire & Wain Leather Cat Collars  

High quality leather cat collars can be found on this UK-based marketplace. The collars are handmade with leather that’s sourced from Italy. This marketplace also provides the added benefit of textual customization & personalization, and the option of adding a bell too. Their products are highly sophisticated and luxurious. Prices start at $51, going up all the way to $87.

Pawsome Couture Leather Cat Collars

One can find sophisticated pastel colored leather cat collars at Pawsome Couture. The only downside is the unavailability of designs.. Apart from the choice of color, another form of customization is the option of adding a Fish Shaped accessory which also serves as a name tag. While all collars are listed at $39, they are available at the discounted price of $28, and another $13 for the accessory.

Petsmart Leather Cat Collars

A lot of the leather collars available on this marketplace have pattern-designs rather than just solid colors. One can find many colorful designs with numerous patterns. A lot of their products feature breakaway safety. The price of the leather cat collars ranges from $5.29 to $13.99, making them an economical choice.

Amazon Leather Cat Collars

The Amazon marketplace also has a wide range of leather cat collars. They feature various leather cat collars, including fancy collars studded with all kinds of sparkly objects. However, not many product-listings have the scope of personalization. One may find a product at any given price-point.

Petco Leather Cat Collars

Although the variety of collars to choose from is less, this marketplace features some unique collars that are studded.

Found My Animal Leather Cat Collars

Their product line-up for leather cat collars has a lot of classy options to choose from, which start at $56.

Here is a fun look into how to make a DIY leather cat collar, step by step:

In Closing

While the availability of options for leather cat collars is unending, it’s always wise to be well-informed of the choices available. From luxurious options to highly customizable leather cat collars, there’s an option available for every individual’s likings. A little thinking is all that’s required to make the best choice for your pet cat, while additionally obtaining the benefits of safety and grandeur.

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Are leather collars bad for cats?

Unless the leather collar is wrongly sized or worn incorrectly, leather collars pose no potential danger. It’s important to find the best length, width and fit. The option of additional safety features like quick release is available too.

How do you make a leather cat collar at home?

Measure your cat’s neck with a piece of string. Add 5 inches, and cut your piece of leather with a pair of scissors. You can double the material and stitch it. With the correct set of tools, the buckle can be fixed, and the holes can be punched.

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