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Choosing a Leather Card Holder You’ll Love

A time-tested example of the merger between utilitarian innovation and aesthetic evolution is the leather card holder. It comfortably, and stylishly holds a variety of cash, cards, and papers.

A leather card holder is a leather, wallet-like accessory that generally ranges in price between $40-$70. It holds a few credit cards, business cards, and cash; some might incorporate a money clip. Complex styles may have multiple slots, flap or zip closure, or even attached coin pouches.

An accessory that can be used daily, it’s important to have one that works well and you love. Let’s explore the types and options available that best match your preference and lifestyle.



What is a Leather Card Holder?

A leather card holder is a compact type of wallet designed to hold a few cards (like credit cards, business cards, or IDs). Some styles also feature a clip or strap to securely hold cash. Leather card holders are meant to protect cards while allowing the user to consolidate their valuables and easily move them between bags or carry them in a pocket.

Black Leather Card Holder - Liberty Leather Goods

Black Leather Card Holder


Fashion is multifaceted. On one hand, it is artistry; fashion is constantly evolving and testing the boundaries of beauty with innovative new uses of materials and silhouettes. On the other hand, fashion is based firmly on practicality: modern fashion trends and evolutions are driven by necessity and utilitarian needs, especially when it comes to streamlining existing styles of clothing and accessories.

Leather card holders are leather wallet-like accessories. They’re a pared-down version of a wallet, meant to hold a few cards and some cash for a no-nonsense way to carry these valuable items.

Basic card holders are often just a pocket or sleeve, but more complicated styles may have multiple slots, flap or zip closure, or even attached coin pouches. Leather card holders are usually relatively inexpensive, with most options priced within the $40-$70 range.


What to Look for In a Leather Card Holder


Slimness is essential to a leather card holder. The entire point of choosing a card holder over a full wallet is to eliminate excess bulk, so finding a slim, compact holder to hold just what you need is an important part of the search for these accessories.


Amount of Pockets/Slots/Sleeves

Like slimness, number of pockets or sleeves is important when choosing a leather card holder. It’s best to consider how many cards are essential to carry daily, and then searching based on that number. Many card holders will allow for two cards per slot, so if slimness is the most important factor, you can decrease the number of pockets you’re searching for.



Card holders can be found in virtually any color and finish imaginable. Because they’re so small, even otherwise extravagant leathers are somewhat attainable as card holders – because of this, they’re a great way to show off a bit of unconventional style.

Purple Leather Card Holder - Liberty Leather Goods

Purple Leather Card Holder



Types of Leather Card Holders

Mens Leather Card Holder

Men’s card holders can be found in many different styles. While most men opt to carry a full wallet, many men who travel often choose a slimmer card holder. Men’s card holders often include a money clip or strap to securely hold cash separately from cards for easier access to both.


Leather Card Holder Wallet

While some leather card holders are simple pockets, some are wallet-style folding card holders. These leather card holders often hold more cards than pocket-style alternatives, and their folded closure makes them slightly more secure.


Womens Leather Card Holder

Women’s leather card holders tend to be compact and stylish. These can be found in many colors and styles, but most are designed with a slim silhouette, keeping use with small clutch bags or during travel in mind.


Leather Card Holder for Phone

There are two types of leather card holders for phones. The first type is the card holder case, which is a phone case with a built-in card holder or wallet pocket. Some of these cases have simple open slots for cards or cash, while others may have a secure zipped pocket to hold valuables. The second type of card holder for phones is the separate card holder, which can be attached to either a phone case or directly to the phone itself.  


Personalized Leather Business Card Holder

Many leather retailers specializing in professional or work-related goods offer the option to personalize an item with a monogram or initials. For business card holders, this adds an extra air of luxury and professionalism.

Pink Leather Card Holder - Liberty Leather Goods

Pink Leather Card Holder


Leather Playing Card Holder

Believe it or not, many people travel with playing cards. They’re an easy way to pass time, a great icebreaker, and can be a fun hobby if you’re skilled enough. It’s difficult to efficiently travel with playing cards, which is why many leather retailers offer playing card holders. These can be found in many different styles, from multi-slot satchels to single-pocket pouches.


Leather Credit Card Sleeve

A leather credit card sleeve is perfect for travel. Most are designed to hold up to three cards, eliminating the temptation to bring every one of your valuable cards with you on your trip.


Leather Credit Card Holder for 20 Cards

While card holders are a very minimalist solution, there are still ways to beef them up for those who prefer to live large. Many retailers offer slightly larger, usually zipped card holders that can hold a massive number of cards – some as many as twenty at once! These card holders are great for international travel or for sharing a wallet with a loved one during a trip.


Leather Business Card Book

A business card book differs from a traditional card holder because it has multiple individual sleeves for cards. This is useful for those who work with multiple business owners at a time or prolific entrepreneurs whose many individual business cards take up a lot of room in a traditional wallet or card holder.


Slim Leather Business Card Holder

Professionals on the go need a secure yet unobtrusive way to store their business cards. Choosing a slim, compact leather card holder is a professional way to carry important cards.

Brown Leather Card Holder with Snap - Liberty Leather Goods

Brown Leather Card Holder with Snap



Saddleback Leather Business Card Holder

Saddleback’s leather goods are utilitarian and natural-looking, made for those who want a rugged, sturdy way to carry their business cards.


Leather Business Card Holder for Your Desk

While most card holders are meant for traveling, leather business card desk holders are designed to hold and display business cards.


Full Grain Leather Business Card Case

Leather business card cases offer a sophisticated solution to storing and displaying business cards, especially in high-quality full-grain leather.


Leather Business Card Stand

Professionals who want to maintain a high-end image need a way to display their business cards – and a leather card stand is a perfect solution. In leather, a card stand is durable and sophisticated.


Leather Card Holder with Monogram

Monograms are a popular and sophisticated way to personalize leather goods. On a leather card holder, a monogram shows classic style while adding a touch of embellishment.



Types of Leather Card Holder Accessories

Leather Phone Case with Card Holder

Today’s phone cases serve multiple purposes – they’re made with external batteries, incorporated into clutch purses, and designed to hold cards and cash. Card holder cases typically don’t hold many cards because they’re designed for essentials, but they’re a great purchase for those who hate carrying lots of accessories or for travel and going out. It’s also possible to purchase card holders that attach to the back of a phone or phone case.


Leather Card Holder Keychain

Card holder keychains are the ultimate minimalist solution to needing to carry money while avoiding lots of bulky accessories. These accessories attach to keys or bags and often have some sort of flap or zip closure for extra security.


Leather Credit Card Holder with Money Clip

Card holders with money clips have a few slots for cards and a single exterior clip or band to hold cash. Many leather varieties will use a leather strap to hold cash.


DIY Leather Card Holder Kit

The best resource for complete DIY kits is Etsy, where leather craftsmen compile kits with all necessary materials, plus templates and instructions. Kits range from simple, like this flap-closure card holder, to unique, like this adorable animal-shaped kit. In most cases, these kits are pre-cut and toilet and require only sewing and light gluing.

Brown Hand-Stitched Leather Card Holder - Liberty Leather Goods

Brown Hand-Stitched Leather Card Holder



Leather Card Holder Template Instructions

Makesupply An excellent source of leathercraft DIY how-tos is leathercraft sites themselves. In particular, leather workshop Makesupply’s site features a huge number of easy-to-follow DIY templates and instructions for simple projects like wallets and card holders. There, you can find templates and instructions for simple two-slot and four-slot card wallets, single-pocket card holders, leather card wallets with a cash strap, or even small no-sew envelope-style card holders.



Popular Leather Card Holder Brands

Louis Vitton Mens Card Holder

Louis Vuitton’s men’s offerings are subtle and refined, with sleek likes and sophisticated embossing.


Bellroy Micro Sleeve

The Bellroy Micro Sleeve is a cult favorite thanks to its ultra-contemporary look and incredibly slim design.


Leatherology Business Card Holder

Like all of Leatherology’s products, the brand’s business card holder is sleek, simple, and modern.


Hermes Card Holder Review

High-end design house Hermès offers many leather card holders, all in the brand’s signature crisp, flawless image.

Here is a helpful look at one of the popular Hermès card holders:


Gucci Leather Card Holder

Gucci’s card holders evoke a vintage feel with quilting and gilded embossed decoration.


Louis Vuitton Leather Card Holder

Known for designer bags, Louis Vuitton’s leather card holders evoke the brand’s vintage luggage and accessories with classic patterns and finishes.


Leatherology Slim Card Case

Another cult classic, Leatherology’s Slim Card Case is a simple, no-frills card holder with four card slots and a center pocket for cash. As with most Leatherology goods, it’s customizable with personalized embossed detail.



Best Leather Card Holder

1. Pedro Leather Card Holder

Card holders are meant to streamline the way we carry valuables, and this card holder is the best of the best. Available in three shades, including a beautiful emerald green, this card holder comes with a wrist chain for added style and functionality. These generally cost around $29.


2. Saddleback Leather Business Card Holder

Saddleback’s offerings are rugged and no-frills. This card holder is a unique card holder-wallet hybrid – it’s still low-profile and minimal, but offers a snap-flap closure for extra security and storage room. These generally cost around $49.


3. Hermès Calvi Card Holder

For high-end luxury leather, look no further than Hermès. This unique card holder is among the most affordable options and is available in a whopping 27 different colors. These generally cost around $335.



Where to Buy Leather Card Holders


Amazon’s offerings are typically faux leather, but they’re great for those who just want a simple card holder for special occasions or nights out.



Leather Business and Credit Card Holders Like all of Leatherology’s goods, the retailer’s leather card holders are simple, modern, and beautifully crafted.



Etsy is an excellent source for handcrafted card holders as well as DIY kits to make your own! Etsy is also the best place to commission a custom card holder.

Brown Natural Leather Card Holder - Liberty Leather Goods

Brown Natural Leather Card Holder



Bellroy’s leather card holders are super modern and affordable. With an average price of around $55, these little card wallets are a beautiful way to simplify your wallet game.


Saddleback Leather

If you’re looking for rugged, natural-looking leather goods, look no further than Saddleback. Their card holders are sturdy, made with thick leather and heavy stitching for a wallet the company claims will outlive anyone!

Here is a review of their slim leather card holder:


Neiman Marcus

At Neiman Marcus, you’ll find luxury and designer leather card holders and wallets. Because they’re a high-end retailer, leather card holders sold by this retailer will be significantly more expensive than most.


ASOS Leather Card Holders

ASOS offers some card holders and wallets, but options can be limited. These options may be embellished, depending on the season and trends, and made from either genuine or faux leather.





Leather card holders are a must for anyone who’s on-the-go, ultra-organized, or trying to live minimally. They’re space-saving, convenient, and more secure than simply storing cards and cash in a pocket.

Leather card holders are sturdy and sophisticated, a low-cost alternative to a pricey wallet that also helps keep you organized. If you’re a fan of minimalist style or you like to travel with as few accessories as possible, a leather card holder is probably the perfect solution! For other enjoyable and useful leather items, click here to read my article about leather gifts, or here for my guide to leather journals.




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