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Leather Blazer – Your Guide to Bold and Traditional Style

A leather blazer is one garment that toes the line between bold and traditional. Leather is a material that seems to be in a league of its own. It can turn otherwise boring, average garments into something bold and exciting – including traditionally conservative, formal pieces. While leather clothing can seem out of place or too edgy for a professional environment, a leather blazer can work quite well.

A blazer is a type of structured jacket, traditionally based on a men’s style of jacket, intended to be worn in in casual to semi-formal settings. They provide a traditional silhouette to the body, can range in price from $20 to over $500, and are suitable for wear in cooler seasons and weather.

Let’s explore more about the style, options, and what to look for in a leather blazer.


What is a Leather Blazer?

A blazer is a type of structured jacket, traditionally a men’s style, which is meant to be worn in situations where slightly more formal dress is required – think professional settings, important social gatherings, or other similar situations in the “too casual for a suit” family. Blazers are more casual than suit jackets, but less casual than sport coats (though these all share the same basic structure).

These garments are a middle ground in terms of structured jackets; blazers are typically slightly fitted and structured without feeling stiff, making them perfect for dressing up or down. A leather blazer, then, is a blazer made of leather material, either faux or genuine. When made from leather, blazers can add instant edge or polish, elevating an otherwise simple everyday outfit.

Though most of their structure comes from tailoring, a leather blazer will most likely be made from either genuine leather or a higher-end faux leather to achieve the desired silhouette.Their style blurs the boundary between edgy and professional. They strike a traditional silhouette in an always fashion-forward, bold material, making them endlessly chic.

Depending on material and availability, a leather blazer can cost anywhere from $20 to over $500. They are less common than leather jackets, but can be an affordable alternative to wear for the earliest days of cool weather. Thanks to their timeless, flattering silhouette and wide availability, these instant classics are a perfect choice for your first purchase of leather clothing.

Here is a helpful video showing a range of popular looks and styles:


Types of Leather Blazers

There are tons of different types of leather blazers to choose from. No matter what your size or style, there’s a leather blazer with your name on it!

Womens Leather Blazer

As a rule, women’s blazers are slightly more fitted than men’s, and are also often a bit shorter. They may come in many variations that are unique to women’s garments, such as collarless or pocketless styles. As far as leather is concerned, it is far more likely to find a women’s leather blazer in faux leather. This is due to the tendency for these garments to be more fitted and worn as a fashion statement.

In the same vein, women’s leather blazers might be belted, cinched at the waist, or embellished. Women’s leather blazers are widely available, especially for the fall/winter fashion season. A blazer is an excellent choice for the working woman who wants her outfit to transition seamlessly from daytime workwear to a classy evening look.

These garments make any outfit appear put together and effortlessly cool, yet still maintain a classic, polished look.

Woman Wearing Leather Blazer - Liberty Leather Goods

Woman Wearing Leather Blazer


Mens Leather Blazer

Men’s leather blazers are often less fitted than women’s and have a boxier, slightly longer cut, along with larger lapels and pockets. These garments are available year-round from leather retailers and widely available during the fall/winter fashion season from designers and other retailers.

Men’s leather blazers are more often available in genuine leather, making them a long-lasting investment piece. Typically, men’s leather blazers do not feature any embellishments or unique finishes, but pieces with these features can be purchased at a high price from multiple designers.

A leather blazer can be an excellent choice for men who want a utilitarian yet polished garment that can work for multiple occasions.


Faux Leather Blazer

Faux leather is a plastic product, and while it will last for a long time, regular wear will cause it to break down relatively quickly. Still, a faux leather blazer is an affordable alternative to genuine leather. This material is more often used to make women’s blazers than men’s, since it is usually fast fashion retailers who choose to use faux leather.

Faux leather is widely available in an enormous selection of colors and finishes, some even mimicking highly expensive materials like alligator and snakeskin. If you’re looking for a fun, inexpensive piece to add a touch of sophistication and edge to your wardrobe, or if you’re hoping to reduce or eliminate the use of animal products in your wardrobe, faux leather is the perfect choice.


Black Leather Blazer

Black leather is classic, and when paired with the simple sophistication of a blazer, you’re looking at a perfect garment! Black leather blazers can be made from genuine leather or faux leather for any gender or style, and can be fitted or relaxed.

A genuine black leather blazer will be more expensive than a faux leather blazer, but will also last far longer. While all colors and finishes of leather can be worked effortlessly into an outfit, black is classic for a reason – it works with everything, ages beautifully, and shows imperfections, scuffs, or other accidental damage or wear far less than lighter leather finishes.

A black leather blazer can go from day to night, is wearable through the work week into the weekend, and can be styled for events that are formal, casual, or anything in between!


As a rule, women’s blazers are slightly more fitted than men’s, and are also often a bit shorter. They may come in many variations that are unique to women’s garments, such as collarless or pocketless styles.


Leather Blazer Jacket

Blazers are typically meant to be worn as part of an outfit, under an overcoat or another type of outerwear. They are usually unlined or very lightly lined, meant to lend only the slightest bit of extra warmth. However, it’s possible to find leather blazers meant to be worn as jackets

Thanks to leather’s strength and workability, many retailers offer leather blazer jackets, which are appropriately lined for use as outerwear. These garments combine the sophistication of a leather blazer with the durability and warmth of a leather jacket.


Vintage Leather Blazer

If you’re someone who tends to feel guilty about purchasing leather but loves the quality only genuine leather garments can offer, seeking out a vintage leather blazer might be the perfect choice. Vintage leather blazers are often beautifully soft and worn-in, with slight signs of wear which only add character to the garment.

Though they are secondhand, genuine leather lasts a lifetime with proper care, and by purchasing vintage you can feel better about owning a leather product knowing that you did not buy new.


Still, a faux leather blazer is an affordable alternative to genuine leather. This material is more often used to make women’s blazers than men’s, since it is usually fast fashion retailers who choose to use faux leather.


Leather Blazer Outfit

Outfit options for a leather blazer are endless. These garments began their lives as an “anything goes” choice between a sport coat (worn by men while hunting, fishing, etc) and a suit jacket as a way to appear more sophisticated without being overdressed.

Today, a leather blazer can be worn to work, a date, or any other occasion! Dressed up with black pants or a skirt or down with jeans or a casual cotton dress, a leather blazer makes any outfit special.

Here’s a helpful video demonstrating how to pair a leather blazer with Fall outfits:


Mens Black Leather Blazer

Men’s leather blazers are a classic choice, and choosing a black leather blazer makes the choice all the more timeless. Men can wear black leather blazers knowing that their garment will work with any outfit and any event.

Black is also less likely to show wear, imperfections, or damage, meaning men can feel confident that their choice will allow them to wear their leather blazer for years to come.


Plus Size Leather Blazer

Plus size leather blazers are readily available. These garments are ultra-flattering thanks to their tailored silhouette, making them a great choice for women who wear size 10/12 and up. Available in genuine and faux leather, plus sizes can look effortlessly sophisticated and bold in beautifully fitted, versatile leather blazers, too.


Tan Faux Leather Blazer

Faux leather is most often found in black, bright colors, or interesting finishes, but it can also be found in more natural colors and finishes which closely mimic genuine leather. Faux leather blazers in tan are an excellent choice for those who are looking for a genuine leather-like look, but are avoiding animal products or want the look on a budget.


Long Leather Blazers

While most blazers are fitted and cut either at or slightly below the hip, longer variants are available. Typically, oversized leather blazers are cut long for a relaxed look. In addition, these longer leather blazers are simply offered as a unique, fashion-forward alternative to the traditional blazer silhouette. These leather blazers are best suited for more casual occasions due to their tendency to be more relaxed-fitting.


Here is a video showing some great leather options for men and boys:



What to Look for in a Leather Blazer


As with other leather garments, consumers can choose between genuine leather (an animal product) or faux leather (a plastic product). Genuine leather can be expensive, but can last a lifetime with proper care and will stretch and mold to the wearer over time. Faux leather is less expensive and often comes in more colors and finishes than genuine leather, but has limited stretch and will not last nearly as long as the real thing.


Blazers have a specific look, and that look includes fit. Blazers are tailored to be fitted without being tight in order to flatter the body and give a polished, structured silhouette. Those who want a more relaxed fit should look into finding an oversized blazer, or may just want to purchase a size up for a less restrictive fit.


Genuine leather can be expensive, but can last a lifetime with proper care and will stretch and mold to the wearer over time.



A blazer’s style is quite specific, yet extremely versatile. It’s not likely that you’ll find a blazer that’s extremely unique (aside from color or finish), but a leather blazer is a garment that can be worn with a multitude of outfits and styles in countless ways.


For a proper, comfortable fit, a blazer should be fitted but not tight. It’s best to know your measurements when shopping for tailored garments like blazers to ensure that they are comfortable without being too large or too tight.



Where to Buy Leather Blazers

Leather Blazers from Zara

Spanish retailer Zara expertly bridges the gap between fast fashion and department store-quality goods. They offer both faux and genuine leather blazers in a variety of cuts and styles for all genders.

Fast Fashion Retailers

Fast fashion retailers like H&M, Topshop, and ASOS are great locations for shopping for faux leather blazers.

Department Stores

Department stores like Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Bloomingdale’s for both high-quality faux leather and genuine leather blazers for men and women.


Designers and designer-retailers like Net-A-Porter for high-price, high-quality genuine leather blazers for all genders.


Here’s a closer look at a popular faux leather blazer from Zara:




Leather blazers bridge the gap between traditional and modern. Once a high-society men’s fashion piece, blazers are now available for all genders and in a multitude of fabrics. In leather, blazers are wearable for every occasion, lending an effortless high-fashion look to any outfit and elevating your wardrobe to the sartorial heavens. No matter what your style, a leather blazer will take it to the next level. If you’re interested in leather accessories, click here for my article about leather rings or my article about leather duffle bags.



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