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The Leather AirPods Case Handy Guide – Style and Protection

With the ever-increasing popularity of AirPods, more and more individuals are looking for the best way to keep track of their wireless earbuds.  Earbuds, typically used for all manner of reasons, with the most popular seeming to be that of wireless headphones for gamers.

There is one significant drawback to the AirPods that most any Apple customer can expound upon for all their popularity—they are not the most durable of products, and their case is somewhat slippery.  As a result, the clean, new, pristine plastic can easily scratch due to excessive wear.

Let’s take a look at the variety of leather AirPod cases currently available on the market.


What is a Leather AirPods Case?

One of the more popular styles, a leather AirPod Case is fashioned to protect and hold earbuds.  Usually constructed of the finest in cowhide, the leather ensures that the AirPods remain protected from scratches or shocks acquired from being dropped.  Leather AirPod Cases are most often available in either the style of a one-piece hinged type lid or a two-piece, which will pull apart.


Brown Leather Airpod Case - Liberty Leather Goods

Brown Leather Airpod Case

Types of Leather AirPods Cases

There are various styles of leather AirPod Cases on the market.  Some offer the choice of wireless versus wired charging, and then there are those styles that offer the convenience of a clip.  There are also a variety of colors from which to choose, while at the same time maintaining the rich look and feel of leather.


Leather AirPods Pro Case

Native Union offers an AirPod Pro Case that is similar in style to the Nomad Rugged AirPods Case but lacking the rigid polycarbonate interior.  This case, made of only leather, works towards presenting with a sleek and slimmer appearance.  Where the leather meets and is connected, this case features stitching that is intricate where visible.


Nomad AirPods Case

Nomad’s recently released AirPods Pro case is, like its predecessor, more than shows that thought was influential in the overall design. Rugged and straightforward, this case is one that you simply slide over the top of another case. The added convenience of having a two-piece construction leaves you with a plastic shell, wrapped in the rich feel and protection of leather.

The leather ensures that the AirPods remain protected.


Nomad Rugged Case for AirPods

This premium style case features a Horween premium leather covering.  Although the leather covering is beautiful, this particular case is not water repellent.  Sufficient for most everyday uses, this version would not necessarily be suggested as the first choice for that adventurous individual.


Leather AirPods Case with Clip

This style of AirPods Case still features a leather style skin wrapped around a hard body casing, offering superb protection for your AirPods from any drops or scratches.  What this case has that others do not is a handy keychain clip included to provide extra convenience.


Black Leather Airpod Case - Liberty Leather Goods

Black Leather Airpod Case

Personalized Leather AirPods Case

Constructed of 100% pebbled leather, this TDE brand case has it all.  Not only does it offer a protective cover for your AirPod case, but it also features a snapback seal, an exposed charging port, and, last but not least, the back of the case sports a small leather tab. With the added convenience of a detachable keyring clip, this durable case has the feature of personalization with the monogram of your choice.


AirPods 2 Leather Case

Handcrafted from Italian premium leather and offered up by Native Union, this case delivers on everyday protection.  Over time, the leather will age, giving the case its own unique, personalized patina appearance.  To top it off, this style of AirPods Leather Case offers no-hassle access to the AirPod themselves, ports for charging, and controls as well as accommodating wireless charging.


Black Case for AirPods Pro

Another superb offering from Nomad with a minimalist approach to construction is the Rugged Case V1.  The case design offers a two-piece construction, which allows a snug fit for your Airpods.  As with the previously mentioned style by Nomad, the V1 is constructed of rich Horween leather to provide the additional peace of mind when it comes to drop and scratch protection.


Brown Case for AirPods Pro

Designed with the intention of a classic and bold new look, the Nomad Rugged Case for AirPods Pro more than fits the bill.  Constructed with the companies well-known signature, two-piece style, there is an optical pipe light indicating LED charging.  There is also a point of attachment for a lanyard or an optional wrist band.  Lastly, the Horween leather, sourced from the USA, is designed to develop a beautiful patina over time.


Handmade Leather AirPods Case

If you are looking for more of a handmade style of case, you may want to check out Etsy’s offerings.  Etsy, an online marketplace for finding all things handmade, there is a variety of artisans that offer up a multitude of leather AirPod cases.  Everything from plain leather, to those with engraved monograms, and even styles that offer a keychain clip.  There are even a few styles inspired by top name fashion designers.


Black Textured Leather Airpod Case - Liberty Leather Goods

Black Textured Leather Airpod Case

Best Leather AirPods Case

As for our recommendations for leather AirPod Cases, there are three.  They consist of Nomad, Native Union, and Twelve South.

NomadNomad constructs its cases from aesthetic leather, which presents with both a gloss and a great feel.  With the cases made from Horween, premium quality leather means that over time, the case will develop a beautiful soft patina.
Native UnionNative Union offers its AirPods Pro case in both a dark black and a rich tan color.   Being constructed from premium Italian leather, this case is crafted with both aesthetic appeal and protection in mind.
Twelve SouthTwelve South offers an ergonomic design that is superb for both wired and wireless charging.  Made from a soft, full-grain leather, the natural texture give it a warm and soft feel.  Not only does this AirPod case look great, but it also presents with a portable, compact, and sleek design that lends to superior protection.



Where to Buy Leather AirPods Cases

Various retailers sell leather AirPod Cases.  A few are listed below.

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Nomad
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Native Union

As you can see, several retailers offer a variety of styles of the leather AirPod cases, or if you find yourself looking along the lines of something more unique, you can opt for one that is handmade.

Here is a fun video on how to make a protective Leather Case your can fit your current Airpod case in:




Either way, you decide to go, you can rest assured that your AirPods will be safely nestled in their new leather case home. If you have an iPad, click here for my guide to leather iPad cases. For exploring home furniture options, click here for my guide to leather beds. For exploring fun presents, click here for my article on choosing leather gifts.




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Can a Leather AirPods Case be Monogrammed?

Yes, leather AirPods Cases are available to be monogrammed.  Although not all retailers of the cases offer this option, there are several that will monogram.  Etsy would be a fantastic resource for a monogrammed leather AirPod case.


Does Gucci Make a Leather AirPods Case?

Yes, Gucci offers an AirPod case with a clip attached, enabling you to clip the case to a pouch or the strap of your favorite Gucci bag.  Constructed from rich, textured leather and details with Gucci’s signature “GG” plague and featuring a tab snap fastener.

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