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Leather Accessories for Pets – Amazing Styles and Fun Uses

If your dog is anything like mine and often chews through her collars, leashes, and toys, consider something more durable, like leather accessories for pets. I will discuss some types and styles of leather accessories for pets and why they might be an option for your pet.

Leather accessories for pets are collars, leashes, harnesses, and other leather products for various animals.  Originally used to show status and wealth in ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece, leather accessories for pets, offer today’s owners a durable and fashionable option for their pets.

Are you getting a new pet and want to get the best bang for your buck for pet accessories?  Do you have a pet that is too strong for nylon leashes or harnesses?  Let’s check out the pros, cons, characteristics, and costs of leather pet accessories.

What Are Leather Accessories for Pets

Leather accessories for pets are products for dogs, cats, and other animals, including collars, leashes, harnesses, and more.  Because these items are made of leather, they can be expected to last longer and be more durable than standard nylon or cotton pet accessories.  Leather accessories for pets include collars, leashes, harnesses, waste bag holders, ball holders, bow ties, coats, and dog carriers.

A Dog With a Leather Dog Collar - Leather Accessories for Pets - Liberty Leather Goods
A Dog With a Leather Dog Collar

History of Leather Accessories for Pets

In ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs and Queens would dress their dogs in flashy decorated leather collars as a fashion statement. As dog ownership became more popular, so did the ornateness of the dog collars.  Dog collars were also used in ancient Rome and Greece for canines defending livestock and companion dogs. 

These leather collars were often adorned with spikes and studs to protect the dogs from predators.  The Middle Ages saw leather collars with padlocks as a sign of ownership, with only the owner having the key. 

These collars were also lavish as a display of wealth and power, covered in precious metals and gems.  During the Industrial Revolution, leather collars were decorated with silver, brass, and gold and engraved with the dog’s name and sometimes silly sayings that described the pet.  

Types/Styles of Leather Accessories for Pets

Leather Dog Harness

Consider a leather dog harness for a more comfortable way to walk your pet on a leash.  These fit around the pet’s chest, front legs, and across the back rather than around the neck.  

Researchers Platten and Williams found that harnesses have a different effect on the dog’s gait than a collar, although more research has been recommended.  The leather can be simple or decorated with metal studs and cushioned on the inside with cotton or wool batting.  They’re adjustable and strong-built to last for many years.

Rolled Leather Dog Collar

A rolled leather dog collar is made of rolled leather that is machine-stitched.  It’s made to be durable and strong, able to withstand even the largest and strongest dogs pulling on the leash.  Rolled leather dog collars are excellent for long-haired dogs because their shape prevents fur matting and tangling.

Leather pet accessories are more attractive, more comfortable, and can withstand any pet pulling or chewing.

Leather Cat Collars

Leather cat collars are smaller to fit cats’ necks with the same features as a dog collar.  The best leather cat collars will have a breakaway section in case the collar gets caught on something.  These collars have options for bells, nameplates, and even rings for leashes.  They’re comfortable for cats and last a long time.

Leather Dog Collars

Leather dog collars come in various sizes and colors, excellent for every dog breed.  They’re strong and durable, comfortable for the dog, and customizable in many cases.  There are plain leather dog collars and some that are embellished with studs, jewels, nameplates, and more.

Leather Pet Harness

Whether it’s a dog, cat, lizard, chicken, or even a pig, there are leather pet harnesses for every pet you can imagine.  These pet harnesses are created to be strong, comfortable, convenient, and easy to walk any pet you choose.  You don’t have to worry about losing your pet with a leather pet harness because they fit snugly and are long-lasting.

Leather Dog Leash

For the ultimate in strength and durability, there are leather dog leashes.  These are great for handling large, strong dogs who like to pull on the leash.  The leather dog leash is perfect for training, water resistant, and still comfortable on human hands.  Leather dog leashes can be flat or braided, thick or thin, and suitable for any dog breed.

A Braided Leather Dog Leash - Leather Accessories for Pets - Liberty Leather Goods
A Braided Leather Dog Leash

Pros and Cons of Using Leather Accessories for Pets

Pros of Leather Accessories for Pets

Leather accessories for pets have better durability than nylon accessories.  The leather is more durable and much higher quality, meaning it will last longer and resist tears, stretching, and in my case, chewing.  Leather pet accessories are more attractive, more comfortable, and can withstand any pet pulling or chewing.

Cons of Leather Accessories for Pets

Leather accessories for pets require maintenance to keep them looking great and lasting for years.  Cleaning and conditioning should be done regularly, but this is mostly for physical appearance.  Leather accessories for pets are more expensive than traditional nylon accessories, but they last much longer.

Characteristics of Leather Accessories for Pets


The material for leather accessories for pets can vary from genuine to faux leather and metal accessories.  High-quality leather pet accessories can be expected to last for 20–30 years.  The metal accessories include studs,  rings, nameplates, and more, and they can be made from brass, stainless steel, or plated hardware.


Leather accessories for pets come in many different sizes.  Whether it’s a collar, a leash, or even a harness, there are options for varying widths of straps.  They also come in different lengths for small, medium, and large breeds of pets.


There are multiple variations of leather accessories for pets.  This includes leashes of varying types and sizes, harnesses, collars, pet carriers, and even waste bag holders.  

How Leather Accessories for Pets Are Made

Genuine leather accessories for pets are made with tanned and processed animal hides.  Tanning is done with either chrome salts or vegetable agents, during which hair is removed from the leather, and the material is preserved. 

The leather is then refined by eliminating defects, trimming to size, and inspecting.  After another tanning and ironing, the leather is cut into shapes for collars, harnesses, leashes, and more.  To complete the manufacturing process the shapes are sewn into products and prepared for sale to complete the manufacturing process.

Are you interested in learning how to make your own leather accessories for pets?  Check out this video from leather for pets.

Costs of Leather Accessories for Pets

The costs of leather accessories for pets can vary based on size, quality, embellishments or safety mechanisms, and brand.  The higher the quality, the higher the cost.  Here are some examples:

Leather pet collars range from $11.69 on Etsy to $375.00 from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Leather pet harnesses range from $5.12 on eBay to $680.00 from Pagerie.

Tips for Choosing Leather Accessories for Pets 

How do you choose the right leather accessories for pets?  Don’t worry-we’ve got some excellent tips to help you make the best choices for your precious pets.

  1. Make a choice based on quality and durability, not price – Sure, cheaper may be more affordable, but you may be back in the market in a much shorter time if you don’t choose the better quality.
  2. Measure your pet –  Get accurate measurements of your pet’s neck, shoulders, and circumference behind the front legs for the best fit.  You should be able to place two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck for dog collars.
  3. Choose the right product for your specific pet –  If they often get tangled up in things, choose a leather collar or harness with quick-release clips to prevent injuries.  If they pull on the leash, choose a leather harness over a leather collar for better handling and less neck pressure.

My Research on the Top Brands for Leather Pet Accessories

Many brands offer leather accessories for pets, but which ones are the best?  We’ve compiled this list of the top four brands for leather pet accessories.

  1. Mendota makes high-quality, chic leather dog collars and other accessories.  They have built-in safety measures for even the most naughty dogs.  Their products can be found on many pet supply websites and on Amazon.
  2. Pet Artist offers strong, easy-to-use handled leather dog collars for dogs needing extra handler control.  They offer many other high-quality pet accessories at reasonable prices.  Locate their products on pet supply websites and through Amazon.
  3. Tellpet has highly rated leather dog accessories also with safety measures built in.  They are priced right, and their products can be purchased on Amazon or their website.
  4. OmniPet offers cool leather pet accessories with flair.  These fashionable accessories are also highly functional, from studded dog collars to leather-handled chain leashes.  Find their products on pet supply websites and Amazon.

Leather Accessories for Pets Care and Maintenance

How to Clean Leather Accessories for Pets

Leather accessories for pets can be cleaned with a dry soft-bristled brush, soft cloth, or leather cleaners.  Avoid getting the leather too wet and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use with cleaning products.  Always test new leather cleaning products in an inconspicuous spot to test for colorfastness.

How to Maintain Leather Accessories for Pets

Clean and condition leather accessories for pets regularly to keep them looking nice and help them last a long time.  Protect leather from prolonged direct sunlight, moisture, and any substances that may stain the material.  Condition leather accessories every time you clean and every six months to keep them looking nice.

How to Store Leather Accessories for Pets

Leather accessories for pets should be stored in dry, cool spaces when not in use.  Don’t store them in direct sunlight or any place that experiences temperature extremes.  Take the leather pet accessories out periodically to clean and condition them.

Related Insights

Are leather accessories for pets durable?

Leather accessories for pets are highly durable — much more so than nylon, which can be easily stretched and chewed through.

Are leather pet accessories stylish?

Leather pet accessories are very stylish!  They can be simple and elegant or blinged out to the max-it’s your choice!

Are leather accessories for pets easy to maintain?

Leather accessories for pets are very easy to maintain.  Just clean and condition every few months; not only will they keep looking great, but they’ll also last for many years.

 Are leather pet accessories expensive?

Some leather pet accessories are expensive depending on quality and brand, but many are affordable and will last.

Final Thoughts

Leather accessories for pets are often the first choice for pet owners because of their quality and durability.  They’re built to last and be comfortable for your pets, which we know is your highest priority.  From lizards to large breed dogs, there are so many great leather accessories for pets to choose from.  Just keep in mind — the cheapest is not always the best, but neither is the priciest!

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