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Cricut Leather Projects – What to Make and How to Start

Anyone can create leather projects by hand and with the right leather tools, but sometimes I want more intricate cuts or patterns. This is where the Cricut machine can be a great tool – they’re not just for scrapbooking! I will discuss the basics of how to start creating Cricut leather projects.

Cricut leather projects are intricately cut, embossed, and engraved leather items that can be created with minimal effort. A Cricut machine can cut leather into personalized accessories like jewelry, coasters, and bookmarks. Cricut leather projects are great for home crafters.

Is there a leather project that looks intriguing, but you’re unsure what’s needed to accomplish it? Interested in learning what one can make with leather and a Cricut machine? Let’s check out what Cricut leather project can be made and how to get started. 

What Is a Cricut Leather Project?

A Cricut leather project is a creative new way to design and create stunning, intricately cut leather items with minimal effort. Cricut is a cutting machine that’s been used for many different projects, including scrapbooking, personalizing stickers and crafts, and designing inspirational t-shirts and signs. Imagine creating a one-of-a-kind design and applying it to leather craft with Cricut!

What We’ll Explore

  • Clearing up Myths & Misconceptions
  • Why Make Cricut Leather Projects?
  • Cricut Leather Projects Ideas Table
  • Cricut Leather Project Ideas
  • Cricut Leather Project Techniques
  • Best Leather for Cricut Leather Projects
  • Cricut Leather Project Tools
  • How to Cricut on Leather
  • My Personal Research into Cricut Leather Projects
  • Helpful Cricut Leather Projects Insights
  • Key Takeaways
Cricut Leather Earrings - Cricut Leather Projects - Liberty Leather Goods
Cricut Leather Earrings

Clearing Up Myths & Misconceptions

The Cricut machine is capable of many great projects, and one misconception is that with the standard tools it will work with any material, but this is not entirely true. Cricut can cut through leather, but it requires a deep-cut blade and the purple StrongGrip cutting mat to accomplish this effectively.

Regarding the leather industry, another myth is that it’s a wasteful industry that throws away excess leather material after it is trimmed into clothing, shoes, and other leather goods. However, these trimmings are saved and can be turned into smaller leather accessories using a Cricut machine or other methods rather than discarded. 

Why Make Cricut Leather Projects?

Crafting can be enjoyable, but why would one want to make Cricut leather projects? First, Cricut makes any project fun and easy with little effort. Second, leather is a great durable, luxurious, and beautiful material, and Cricut leather projects can be made unique and personalized to one’s preferences and uses.

From bookmarks to keychains, Cricut makes leather projects simple and special. Move over scrapbooking – it’s time for Cricut leather projects!

Cricut Leather Projects Ideas Table

Cricut Leather ProjectItems and Skill Level
Leather coastersMany designs for cutting, engraving, or embossing. Requires leather. Beginner level.
Leather earringsMany designs are available. Requires leather and earring hooks or stems. Beginner level.
Leather braceletsCan be simple or intricate. Requires leather, vinyl iron-ons (if desired), glue, and a chain or bracelet clip. Some experience is needed.
Leather keychainsSimple, pretty, or personalized. Requires leather, key fob, masking tape, and (optional) rivets. Beginner level.
Leather flowersRequires leather. Can be used for hair clips, bracelets, earrings, art, and more. Beginner level.
Leather bookmarksSimple, personalized, or pretty. Requires leather, glue, and suede string. Beginner level.
Leather artLimitless designs available. Requires a little experience and creativity. Requires leather, glue, and a frame.
Cricut Leather Project Ideas

Cricut Leather Project Ideas

There’s no limit to the Cricut leather project ideas that can be created other than one’s imagination! They only take a few minutes to design and personalize, then, using the right size leather sheets, cutting blade, and Cricut machine, one can make many different leather projects.

Some Cricut leather project ideas include coasters, earrings, bracelets, keychains, flowers (for jewelry, hair clips, and more), bookmarks, art, and much more. Many of these projects can also be diversified by using different types and colors of leather. Most Cricut leather projects require minimal experience, just knowledge and some practice with the machine.

Cricut machines are a great way to create even intricately cut leather projects.

Cricut Leather Project Techniques

Much can be done with Cricut and leather beyond cutting out simple projects. Let’s take a look at some exciting Cricut leather project techniques.

Embossing Leather With a Cricut Maker

Embossing leather can be done with a Cricut maker and the scoring stylus or pen tool. Embossing creates a raised surface on the leather to create designs.

The scoring stylus scores the leather, adding depth to leather projects and creating a 3-dimensional design that stands out from the leather surface. Embossing with Cricut is great for earrings, personalizing bookmarks or luggage tags, or creating a pretty design on a bracelet or coaster.

Engraving Leather With a Cricut Maker

Engraving leather with a Cricut maker carves out small pieces of the leather to create a design. The rotary blade is the tool used for engraving to make a picture, letter, or pattern really stand out on leather projects.

Lasers are used in the apparel industry for engraving leather and for cutting into shapes and designs, according to research on garment manufacturing by Nayak and Padhye, and some of these looks can be imitated with the Cricut. Engraving with Cricut is perfect for bracelets, luggage tags, jewelry, and more.

Debossing Leather With a Cricut Maker

Debossing leather uses the Cricut maker and debossing tool to make a thick, deep line. This process adds dimensional depth without affecting the leather’s backside, which is suitable for small leather projects like flat bookmarks. Debossing with Cricut looks excellent for coasters, art, jewelry, wallets, and anything personalizing.

Best Leather for Cricut Leather Projects

The foundation for all Cricut leather projects is leather, but what are the best types? Cricut has a line of leather and faux leather that works well with their machines and can be found in craft and fabric stores, but other types of leather will also work. Here are some of the best types of leather for Cricut leather projects:

  1. Realeather soft leather
  2. Genuine leather Faux leather
  3. Faux suede
  4. Tandy tooling leather

Cricut Leather Project Tools

When preparing to make Cricut leather projects, it’s important to use the right tools for the best results. Some tools required for creating leather projects with Cricut include:

  1. Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore machine
  2. StrongGrip cutting mat
  3. Scoring stylus
  4. Deep cut blade
  5. Debossing tool
  6. Rotary blade
  7. Cardstock for stencils
  8. Light or medium card stock for media
  9. Leather or faux leather

How to Cricut on Leather 

A few tips for the greatest success when using a Cricut to create leather projects are always to ensure your cutting mat is clean and the cutting blade is sharp. The StrongGrip cutting mat (purple) is best for keeping the leather stable for projects.

Leather should be placed with the smooth side down on the cutting mat and then burnished with the scraper to form a bond. The proper material should then be selected from the Cricut menu. Before beginning the actual leather project, you can perform a test cut to ensure all the settings and supplies are correct.

For more tips and tricks on creating leather projects with Cricut, check out this helpful video.

My Personal Research into Cricut Leather Projects

I asked friends and family if they have a Cricut machine and what leather projects they have made with it. Here is a table representing the percentage of their responses and what I learned from the poll about Cricut leather projects.

Cricut Leather ProjectTimes Selected
Bookmarks and coasters6%
Wallet and book cover10%
Glasses case and wallet12%
Don’t have a Cricut machine17%
The Most Popular Cricut Leather Projects

Helpful Cricut Leather Insights

Can a Cricut cut real leather?

Yes, a Cricut can cut real leather and faux leather, but not with a regular blade. Cutting leather with a Cricut will require a leather or deep-cut blade that can cut through thicker materials.

Which Cricut is best for leather?

Both the Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore can be used to design and cut leather projects. The best Cricut machine for leather can cut through thicker, denser materials.

How do you design leather projects with Cricut?

Leather projects can be designed with Cricut using their design software on the machine or a smartphone app. You can even upload your own design and images to cut with your machine.

What can I make with leather on my Cricut? 

There’s almost no limit to what one can make with leather on a Cricut. Keychains, cord keepers, passport covers, baby shoes, bookmarks, slippers, wallets, bracelets, and earrings are just the beginning!

Key Takeaways

  1. Cricut machines are a great way to create even intricately cut leather projects.
  2. Cricut leather projects don’t require a great deal of experience.
  3. Thousands of different leather projects can be made with the Cricut machines.

In Closing

Leather projects are great for friends, family, and even oneself, and Cricut makes it even easier to create personalized and intricately designed items. With the right tools and a little imagination, Cricut can make truly unique bracelets, including jewelry, coasters, art, book covers, wallets, and the list goes on! Which Cricut leather project will be your first?

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