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Angelus Leather Paint Guide – Types, Options, and Finishes

Angelus leather paints are high quality paints that you can use to paint leather shoes, purses, jackets, or pretty much anything. It also works on pleather, canvas, and some vinyls, too. When prepared properly, your leather items will be flexible, water resistant and long-lasting.

Angelus Leather Paints come in over 100 colors, available in individual bottles (1oz or 4 oz), and sets. The colors are mixable, and can be sealed to protect the surface. Application can be made by brush, foam, or cloth, and useful on shoes, sneakers, clothing, purses, and accessories.

If you want to create a colorful pair of shoes—leather or canvas or even some plastic—try Angelus paints. They’re easy to use and economical—and fun! Let’s explore the different types.

What is Angelus Leather Paint?

Angelus leather paint can be used to paint leather, pleather, vinyl, canvas, mesh, patent leather, fabric, and certain plastics. When properly applied (more on that later!), it will be long-lasting and flexible. It won’t peel, crack or rub off. Plus, it’s water resistant (treat with water proofer if you need it to be water proof. 

Acrylic Angelus Leather Paints with Brush Set - Liberty Leather Goods
Acrylic Angelus Leather Paints with Brush Set

And, it comes in over 100 opaque colors. If that’s not enough, the colors are mixable, so you can make whatever color you want. They also make pearlescent colors. These are semi-translucent, so it’s a good idea to use a white undercoat. But who doesn’t love shimmery colors—I know I do!

If you like glitter, they make Glitterlites. Angelus recommends that you apply this over one of it’s opaque paint of the same color. You will also want to make sure that you buy the paint finisher. You can get it in gloss, satin or mass finish. And it will protect the paint and make it water resistant.

A lot of people use Angelus Leather paints for painting shoes and boots, and they’re great for that. But you can use them for all sorts of other things. Belts, purses, jackets, saddles

Types of Angelus Leather Paint

Angelus Leather paint is sold in 1-ounce jars, and some colors also come in a 4-ounce size.. When I looked around, I found that the single 1-ounce jars cost around $3.00 in most places, although certain colors cost a bit more. The 4-ounce bottles cost around $6.00- 6.50 per bottle.

Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint Starter Kit

The Angelus website had a starter kit for $28.95 which includes 3 colors of your choice (1 oz), acrylic finisher, cleaner, leather preparer, and 5 paint brushes and a cleaning brush. That looks like a pretty good place to start. 

Angelus Paint Kit

They also make a basics kit, which costs around $25. It includes the leather prep, 5 brushes, 5 colors of paint (white, black, red, blue, and yellow all 1 oz).

You can also buy sets of just the paints. These cost around $40 for a 12 color 1 oz. assortment to $60 for a 12 color 4-oz assortment. If you’re planning to do a lot of leather painting, these larger kits would be a good choice. But for a project or two, it might make sense to buy a starter kit and maybe some additional colors, if needed.

Acrylic Angelus Leather Paint Basics Kit - Liberty Leather Goods
Acrylic Angelus Leather Paint Basics Kit
Acrylic Angelus Leather Paint Basics Kit Details - Liberty Leather Goods
Acrylic Angelus Leather Paint Basics Kit Details

Angelus Acrylic Finisher

You’ll want to buy the finisher to protect your work. It comes in Matte, Satin or Gloss and can be applied with a flat brush or a rag.

Angelus Marker

You can also purchase empty paint markers, either singly or in sets. You add your paint to these markers. They come with a pump and you can also buy replacement tips. A set costs from $3-10.

Helpful Angelus Paints to Begin With

Here is an easy-reference table with paid links to items that I trust – these are a great place to start, taking you from prep and cleaning through finishing/sealing.

CleanerAngelus Leather Preparer DeglazerView on amazon
BrushesAngelus Paint Brush SetView on amazon
PaintsAngelus 12 Color Starter Paint SetView on amazon
SealerAngelus Matte Acrylic FinisherView on amazon

How Do You Paint with Angelus Leather Paint?

Angelus leather paints are easy to use and long-lasted if properly applied. Here’s what you need to do to create your masterpiece on leather (or pleather or vinyl or canvas)

1. Prepare Your Surface

If you’re painting leather, his first step is crucial to your success—Apply Anguelus Leather Preparer and Deglazer to your leather. You can apply it using a cotton ball or cotton pad, a paper towel or rag. And be sure to let it dry before proceeding. If you’re using a material other than leather, just be sure that your painting surface is clean and dry before you begin.

While the Preparer and Deglazer is recommended, you can also try acetone (such as aceton-based nail polish remover), rubbing alcohol, or ethanol.

Angelus Leather Preparer and Deglazer Jar - Liberty Leather Goods
Angelus Leather Preparer and Deglazer Jar

2. Mixing the Colors

If you are going to mix your colors, do that now. Be sure to mix enough to apply several coats. And remember that the color will look darker when it’s wet—it dries a little lighter. If you don’t like the color when it’s dry, you can always adjust it later. Depending on what colors you use and the color of your original item, you will probably need 3-6 coats to get complete coverage.

Dipping Brush into Blue Acrylic Angelus Leather Paint - Liberty Leather Goods
Dipping Brush into Blue Acrylic Angelus Leather Paint

3. Apply the Paint

Apply the paint to your item with a flat paintbrush or a sponge brush. Make sure to allow each layer to dry before adding the next. If it feels dry to the touch—not tacky or sticky, you should be good to go. Make sure to either rinse your brush thoroughly or wrap it in plastic—like a plastic bag or plastic wrap—to keep it from becoming dry and stiff between coats. And be sure to wash it thoroughly when you’re finished if you want to use it again.

Brushing on Blue Acrylic Angelus Leather Paint - Liberty Leather Goods
Brushing on Blue Acrylic Angelus Leather Paint

4. Apply additional coats

Apply enough coats to thoroughly cover your surface—usually 3-6 coats. For Shimmer Colors: If you’re using the shimmer colors, apply one to three coats of white before proceeding. 

Applying Yellow Acrylic Angelus Leather Paint - Liberty Leather Goods
Applying Yellow Acrylic Angelus Leather Paint

5. Add Glitterlites (if desired)

If you’re adding the glitterlites, do this after adding all the coats of the regular color.

6. Allow the paint to dry!

Let your painted item dry for at least 24 hours.

Yellow and Blue Acrylic Angelus Leather Paint Drying - Liberty Leather Goods
Yellow and Blue Acrylic Angelus Leather Paint Drying

7. Apply the Finisher

And then apply the Acrylic Finisher. For this you can use the same (cleaned) brush you used for painting your items or use a rag. Allow the finisher to dry – let your leather dry for another 24 hours before doing anything else to it—or using it.

8. Add a Surface Protectant

Finally, it’s a good idea to rehydrate the leather using Angelus Lustre Shoe Cream or a clear shoe polish like Angelus Shoe Wax Polish. Rub in the cream or polish and then buff with a soft cloth. You can repeat this anytime your project looks a little dull.

Carnauba Cream - Liberty Leather Goods
Carnauba Cream

Related Insights

How Long Does Angelus Paint Last?

If stored in a closed container at room temperature, the shelf life of Angelus leather paint can be up to 3 years.

What Does Angelus Finisher Do?

The Angelus leather finisher helps to protect the paint from minor scratches and scrapes. Since it comes in different finishes, you can also use it to make your paint more or less shiny. The finisher is water-resistant

Angelus Leather Furniture Paint

You can use Angelus Leather Paint to paint furniture. They can be used to touch up small repairs or areasof the leather that have been worn from frequent use.

Acrylic Angelus Leather Paints and Brushes - Liberty Leather Goods
Acrylic Angelus Leather Paints and Brushes

Angelus Paint White vs Flat White

The main difference is the the flat white is more of a matte—that is, dull—color. Both should work on any prepared surface, so it is mostly a matter of your personal preference.

White Acrylic Angelus Leather Paint - Liberty Leather Goods
White Acrylic Angelus Leather Paint

Where to buy Angelus Leather Paint

I’m Looking for Angelus Leather Paint Near Me

Angelus is a popular and high-quality brand. It can be found at many local art and craft stores. Walmart and Target may carry then locally, as well. Just look online or call to confirm availability.

I’m Looking for Angelus Red Suede Dye Near Me

This is another popular product that can often be found at art and craft stores, and big chains, too.

Angelus Paint Michaels

Michaels carries a pretty good variety of Angelus paints, as well as the Preparer and finishes. They charge $4.99 for 1 oz bottles of the regular leather paint.

Angelus Paint Joanns

Joanns sells 1 oz bottles of Angelus paint for $5.99 each. They have the finishers, but not the leather prep.

Blick Angelus

Blick has tons of colors, at about $2.95 for 1 oz, as well as kits, empty paint markers, prep and finishers.

Angelus Direct

Sells all Angelus products at a good price, including their full range of painting prep, paints, and finishes.

Dharma Trading Company

Dharma carries all of the colors of Angelus paints, as well as all the preps, finishes and adhesives. They charge $2.95 for 1 oz of the regular colors.

Angelus paints are high quality, easy to find paint for leather and lots of other surfaces. They come in over 100 different colors. With proper preparation and finishing, your painted shoes, coats, furniture, etc. will be flexible, long-lasting, and beautiful. If you’re looking to make a color-matched small repair, click here for my guide to leather fillers, and here for my guide to leather painting and finishing tips.

Related Questions

How Long Does it Take for Angelus Leather Paint to Dry?

It takes approximately 15-30 minutes for a layer of paint to dry. It is recommended to wait 24 hours before adding the finish, however, to make sure it’s fully dry.

Does Angelus Paint Come Off?

If you get Angelus paint somewhere you don’t want it, clean it off immediately. If you want to avoid getting paint on a certain part of your project, the sole of your shoes, for example, you can use painter’s masking tape to protect them. 

If you apply the paint correctly, it should be long-lasting. The paint and finishes are water-resistant, not waterproof. If it will be exposed to water, you can use a waterproof sealant, which needs to be reapplied from time to time. Angelus makes a waterproofer, as well.

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