Welcome to the Liberty Leather Goods blog!

Hello world :), this is my little nook of the internet, and adventure into leather craft. I’m just getting started and thought it would be fun to share the journey with others that are interested in it too. Maybe some of my research and many mistakes will help save you some time, or at least provide a bit of entertainment and a few laughs 🙂 as I learn how to make things with leather. I welcome all thoughts, ideas, and comments, let’s do it together.

I’m glad you stopped by, here’s a bit to get to know me: I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a really cool city that mixes the history of the old with the freshness of the new. The United States was conceived, founded, fought for, won, and established right here – I’m so lucky to get to walk around and explore the neighborhoods that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and many others lived in and walked around every day. They’re truly an inspiration. Below is a photo of the corridor to Ben Franklins house, he walked right through here!

Liberty Leather Goods - Ben Franklin Walkway to House - Old City - Philadelphia PA
Liberty Leather Goods – Ben Franklin Walkway to House – Old City – Philadelphia PA

So I’m a bit of a history fan. It’s so easy to escape into imagining the conversations the Founding Fathers of America were having at the time. New ways of thinking, built on old-world experience, creating something new that would last generations, and be useful to the people that had it. Great leather work shares a lot of these same values, and led to the name, Liberty Leather Goods. Great leather work should be timeless, valuable, crafted with the highest quality, and get better with use.

So here I am, looking for a new hobby. There are so many great crafts and trades, so the search was on. Some require really expensive shops with specialized tools, or produce final pieces that take up a lot of space. Others require long apprenticeships to acquire the right skills, or one to live in a specific climate or region.

Then leather craft caught my eye. It uses natural materials that have rich, unique smells, requires a skill that can be improved over time (I certainly have a looooooooong way to go! so that’s a fun challenge), it can be done on most any surface like a table, and only requires a basic set of tools to begin. Also, many leather goods are functional and can be looked at like they’re tools for daily life (belts, wallets, bags). It’s like using tools, to make tools – so cool! haha. I was hooked.

How Do I Begin?

Where do I start? Google of course haha. I searched for leather working, leather craft, leather goods and went down the rabbit hole of examples, tips, tools, methods, videos, materials, approaches, anything and everything leather. Whew, exhausting. Did I still like it that that point? Yep! So on I went; more videos, more blogs, more articles, tips, and examples. There are some really knowledgeable and experienced leather crafters out there, with great content to share. I was getting a feel for things and thought it would be fun trying to make something.

I got some tools and decided a belt would be a good start, pretty simple and hard to mess up too badly (I’ll share this project in another post). It was fun! Awesome. I also realized that I spent a huge amount of time upfront just learning and researching before making. It’s of course fun to get our hands on things and make as soon as possible, so I thought the lessons I learn along the way might be helpful to others out there, and this blog was born. Here is a photo of some of that initial work.

Liberty Leather Goods - Welcome Belt Project
Liberty Leather Goods – Belt Project

Truly, thank you for stopping by. I’m really, realllllly new to this, like 1 project new. So no expert here, I’ll take all the help I can get! – I’m eager to learn by doing and be a resource to others. The leather community is generally really open and supportive, which is awesome. I hope to be a small, positive contribution to that as interest in the field continues to grow. Do you have experience with leather craft and any tips for a newbie? Are you thinking about getting into leather craft and curious how to do it? Share it in the comments below.